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Film Archiving Courses

Huntley Film Archives holds regular three-day residential courses on ‘The Practice of Film Archiving’ at its Herefordshire film vaults and archive facility

Whilst most of the media world concentrates its efforts on digitization, it should not be forgotten that for over 80% of the world, media may still be celluloid-based.

Much of this film is held in archives, production companies and in a range of other small collections. And yet the skills to handle such materials are diminishing fast…really fast.

The course teaches practical film handling skills.  By limiting the theory and providing lots of genuine hands-on time, the course will identify the basic skills needed for participants to apply preservation techniques to their own collections.

The course will look at 35mm, 16mm, small gauges, obsolete formats, film preservation and restoration, and how to exploit collections.  Archive films can provide a serious income stream.

Comments from our April 2014 course -

'Brilliant! This is a very valuable experience that you are offering and I hope you continue to do so for many years'

'A wonderful experience. You've given me so much food for thought and so much inspiration for the future'

For further information, apply to Huntley Film Archives on:
01981 241 580 or contact caroline@huntleyarchives.com