Film: 10028

Religion | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The scene is set in a Judean village between Jericho and Jerusalem. Various kinds of villagers are shown … the devout scribe who spends his time reading the Law … his two sons both of whom have joined the Zealots, the older being a more level-headed leader and the younger ready to plunge into immediate revolt. You see Roman soldiers hated by the people and ready to use cruel force, a tax gatherer and the ordinary farmers. Then comes a report of One in Galilee who is working wonders and may be the looked-for Messiah. The leader of the village Zealots is won over to Jesus' way way in spite of Judas suggesting that they should force the Master's hand to make Him lead the revolt. The Zealot saves a Centurion's life. His life, in turn, is saved by the Centurion who was the man who had pierced Jesus' side as He hung on the Cross. The village Zealot and the Roman Centurion are won to obey the Great Commandment and follow Him who taught it. Jesus is not seen in the film, except His outstretched hand … but His voice is heard.

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