Film: 1003

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


An Englishman's Trip to Paris. Good steam train and boat scenes 1904 by Cecil Hepworth

Man runs across a busy street with a suitcase in his hand. Buses pulled by horses go by. At Charing Cross railway station, London, people with a lot of luggage stand in a queue to buy their tickets at a ticket booth. Steam train (SECR train 'D' 4-4-0 no 745) pulls out of the station while a guard leans against a post on the platform. A passenger waves with a handkerchief out of the window. On board a paddle steamer to Paris, France, the man walks on the deck and waves his handkerchief and hat at the camera. He's a very jovial character. The boat sails across the sea churning up the waves as it goes. View from the side of the boat looking back at the sea. A man with a cap and moustache sits reading on the deck and other passengers mill about. Our traveller walks along the deck talking to a man and stumbling about. The man helps him keep his balance. He goes to the railings and hangs his head over. He shows his ticket to the guards after descending the boat. Street scene in Paris, he holds a map and asks a woman for directions. He walks around, not looking where he is going and falls over when he bumps into a man. He stands and they shake hands. He talks to a policeman. He walks past the Arc de Triomphe. He buys a balloon from a street vender but loses hold of it. He takes a seat at a street café outside and calls a waiter who brings him a drink. He happily drinks from a large glass of foaming beer.

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