Film: 1004

Aviation | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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French launch of Concorde in 1967. Rolling out ceremony and speeches.

Union flag with equivalent French text and flag, “St Martin du touch Toulouse” below. Large military band is send formed up under a set of French and Union Flags outside on airport tarmac, some spectators are seen nearby. Narrator introduces today as “a historic date in the history of civil aviation”. Buses of people are seen moving around large hangars. Parade bands in blue uniform march past the camera, narrator explains this is the St Martin aircraft factory. Narrator explains both the RAF Band and the French Regional Band are here. French banner carriers prepare for the ceremony. Hawker Sidley HS-125 Jet taxis towards the camera; an aircraft marshal is guiding the plane. Suited guests exit the plane, guided by two workers in white overalls; the narrator explains these are the British manufacturers, airline owners and government officials that worked on Concorde. Sud Aviation Caravelle jet in Air France livery is guided in by a marshal while some pilots walk past the cameras. Two men in suits shake hands in front of a car with French flags, the narrator explains these two are the President of Sud Aviation and the French Transport Minister, there are other officials and cars in the background. More officials exit another HS-125. A large crowd is gathered around the Caravelle. A large group of reporters are queued up following a sign reading “presse”. Close up of a sign reading “information” in both English and French. Officials move into covered stands as the narrator explains the temperature was low but the sun was out. Vickers Viscount in Cambria livery is guided in. Short shot of RAF Band standing ready. The Mayor, Sheriff and Reverend of Bristol, the sister city of Toulouse exit the Viscount. Standard bearers form up in preparation outside a large hangar. A Vickers VC10 in BOAC livery is guided in. An operator wearing headphones is filming using a large camera labelled “3” in front of a hangar. Sir Giles Guthrie, head of BOAC, leaves the aircraft with guests. More military band members are formed up in front of the camera, behind them is a large scaffolding gantry where the press reporters are viewing from, the camera pans right, showing the extent of the gantry. Military person have formed a guard of honour in front of a hangar and salute the guests as the walk through. Close up of the two flags, which then pans down and out to show the crowd in the stands, the band can be heard playing now. Cameraman with the “3” camera again. White car with “Sud Radio” on the side is seen parked by others in a field; the narrator explains they are here to provide worldwide coverage. View of the open boot of a blue car, showing film equipment inside. Close up of this car’s windscreen, which reads “BBC TV News”. The VIPs walk towards the camera, which the pans to the left as they sit in the stands, microphones can be seen in the foreground. Close up of Julian Amery, British Aviation Minister when the project was started, he is waving towards the camera. “3” Cameraman is filming the VIPs. Brian Trubshaw and Andre Turcat, the chief test pilots, are sat down in the stands looking towards the camera. Dr. Russel, chairman of BAC Filton division, looks towards the camera from the stands. Wide shot of the aircraft hanger, the doors open upwards to reveal Concorde, with a large Union Flag left and French Flag on the right of the aircraft, the camera pans to the right, showing the guests as they watch Concorde. The president of Sud Aviation stands on a blue podium in front of Concorde, giving the official opening speech (in French). Close up of a “Presse” sign fixed to a ceiling. View of the reporters sat in the stands, some have blankets over them de to the cold. The Sud Aviation President finishes his speech and walks down from the podium. The Chairman of the BAC takes the podium, and talks about the second Concorde prototype. Various shots of the Chairman making his speech. View of some guests sat observing the speech. The Chairman walks back to the stands while the crowd claps. Another wide shot of Concorde. The French Transport Minister gives a speech about the engineering team (in French). Wide shot of one of the bands in front of Concorde. Wide shot of another band, the press gantry can be seen behind them. The Transport Minister walks back to the stands while the crowd applauds. Anthony Benn, Minister of Technology, gives a speech about the feats Concorde can achieve. Various shots of members of the crowd listening to the speech. Close up of the two flags flying. The group of VIPs walk towards the camera away from the stands. The two ministers cut ribbons inside the hangar, surrounded by the other VIPs. Various short shots of crowd capping and people shaking hands. Wide shot of the military bands, the narrator explains that the British band is playing the French anthem and vice versa, in a display of internationality. Photographers are taking pictures of the VIPs stood in front of Concorde. Wide shot of the press in the Concorde hangar. A large yellow tractor reverses into the hangar. The VIPs shake hands with designers and engineers in a line inside the hangar. Close up of two workers in white overalls attaching the tow bar from Concorde to the tractor. Camera pans down a line of pilots and stewardesses, the narrator explains they are from airlines that are interested in purchasing Concords. More wide shots of the VIPs shaking hands with the pilots and stewardesses. Sweeping close up of Concorde from below, there is one worker looking at the camera. Wide shot of the guests in the stands. The tractor pulls Concorde out of the hangar with the band behind it, who are playing “those magnificent men in their flying machines”. Close up of the tractor driver. View looking up from under the nose of Concorde. High shot looking down on Concorde, with the band and guests visible around it. Another close up of the tractor driver. Two workers unhitch Concorde and the tractor drives off to the right. Another sweeping shot of Concorde. View from the back of the plane and crowd, clearly showing the tail number F-WTSS. The two test pilots shake hands in front of the plane. The two ministers clime the stirs into the plane to inspect the cabin. View looking down the inside of Concorde, it is filled with flight test equipment. Another shot looking down on Concorde and the crowd.

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