Film: 10050

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Intertitle: "A city -- like all others: Stone, smoke, and sometimes the sun"
Smoky city.
Intertitle: "And paupers -- their eyes dim with longing… "
Two street kids sitting in the stairs.
Intertitle: "And beggars -- beaten by life--
An old woman beggar.
Intertitle: And homeless-- those who have lost touch with things.
People gathered in a square.
Intertitle: And into the city came the three salvation hunters, weary, discouraged -- poor children ignorant of the treasure carried in their souls".
The Boy, the Girl and the Child walking up a street. Two men with suits and hats standing on the street (they look nasty).
Intertitle: "Man's worst enemy is the man. A city is full of enemies…"
The two men look at the Boy, the Girl and Child walking (they look tire). The Girl stops and complains. One of the men stares at the Girl, he approaches them, talks to the Girl and then to the Boy. The Boy shows him he is empty-pocket. The three of them follow one of the man and they all go into a building.

Close up of a woman's ankles, his feet are mowing upwards and downwards.
Intertitle: "A woman fallen as low as her stockings"
A woman with a dressing gown looking at all of them coming up the stairs, the Child stays behind.
The man threatens the woman with the dressing gown and pushes her into her room. Medium close of her looking suspicious.
The Boy and the Girl get into a room followed by the man. The Boy goes to pick up the Child, he is playing on the stairs. The Girl stays with the man. The Boy and the Child come back to the room. The man and the Boy talk.
Intertitle: "Stay as long as you like. I'll see that one of you gets a job soon"
they shake hand and the man leaves and closes the door very slowly..
The Boy, the Girl and the Child sitting in a sofa. The man goes to the room of the woman with a dressing gown, he removes a "star" from the door. He places the "star" on the door were the three of them are staying.
The Boy, the Girl and the Child look lost in their minds.
The woman in the dressing gown (with s tray with milk and glasses in her hands) walking towards the door, the man stops her and takes the tray away from her. She explains to her that...
Intertitle: "Hunger will whisper things into their ears that I might find troublesome to say"
Close up of "star" on the door. The Girl, the Boy and the Child still sitting in the sofa, the Boy embraces the Child, looks at the Girl, she is looking away from them.
Intertitle: "The first evening went quickly, for the boy's voice, strong with hopeful dreams, rose high above the tricky murmur of hunger".
A candle burning. The Girl walks impatiently, the Child is sleeping in the sofa, the Boy takes out his shoes. Close up of Girl looking miserably. The Boy taking care of the child and watching him sleep. The Boy says...
Intertitle: "Good night"
and leaves the room. The Girl stands up, opens the door and calls him back. He is sitting on the hall stairs. They talk.
Intertitle: "They'll talk about us" (the Girl)
Intertitle: "I do not want them to think that you are not a good girl" (the Boy)
Intertitle: "Who put you in charge of my morals?… You fool!" (the Girl)
Intertitle: "… get down to earth and a find job… let me look after myself... " (the Girl)
The Girl is furious and the Boy just moves his head.
Inside the room, the Child is sleeping, the girl gets into the room and sits next to him. The Child wakes up and embraces her.

Intertitle: When the night is over, a long road must be travelled from pleasant dreams to painful fact. That was the boy's road -- a failure looking for work!

Men with suits and hats queuing for employment outside buildings, the Boy is coming out of these buildings.
The Girl and the Child are in the room. The man is waiting outside the door. The Child makes faces to the Girl, she smiles and she holds him.
The Boy picking up a newspaper from the street garbage.
The Girl and Child looking bore and impatient.
The Boy drinking water, walking in busy street.

The Girl desperate. Aerial shot of the Dredge, the claw is throwing mud in the deposit. The Girl looks disgusted.
The Boy coming back to the building. The man still outside the room. The woman with a dressing on the door, as if trying to listen what is going on outside her room. The man wants to come in but he hears the Boy arriving up the stairs. The Boy finds pictures of Boxers hanging from the wall in the hall and imitates positions. The man laughs and comes to talk to him. The Boy shows the man how strong he is.
The Boy goes into the room, looks as if he explains he did not find a job. They all looks miserable.
The man notices that that the woman in the dressing gown have been listening through the door, enters her room and confronts her.
The Boy takes out a chewing gum from his pocket and shares it with the Girl and the Child.
Tilt down from a sign "God Bless our Home" to the Boy, the Girl and the Child sitting down on the sofa chewing gum.
Close up of the Boy smiling.
Intertitle: "On the wing of his imagination…."

Exterior of a big wealthy building, a fancy car arriving with the Boy, the Girl and the Child ( all of them richly dressed), three men dressed as guards are sitting in the back of the car, one man standing outside the car, it seems as if all of them are sunbathing. They all get out of the car and walk towards the building. The Boy, the Girl and the Child stayed outside the front door and three of the guards march towards them and into the building.

Back into the room, the Boy is acting the part and walking around the room as if he was in his little palace, he bows. The Girl looking very serious, the Child talks to her…
Intertitle: "I am hungry"
The Girl stands up, puts on her chal, stands in front of a mirror, takes out the gum and saves it for later, lights a match, with the burnt part paints her eyebrows, she looks distressed. She leaves the room and knocks at the woman's door. The woman opens the door and hands her a pot of lip gloss, the Girl puts some on. The woman closes the door and talks to the man.
The Boy goes out of the room and tries to go and look for her but the man stops him and pushes him back into the room. The Girl goes down the stairs and out to the street. She passes by a derelict window with a sign "Jesus Saves". The silhouette of a man.
The Boy looks worried.
The Girl comes back, goes up the stairs, a silhouette follows. The man is waiting on the hall. Now we see that a man with a moustache is walking behind her. The Girl is trying to say no to the man, but still they both enter the room. The man with a moustache looks confused when he sees the Boy and the Child sitting there. The Boy stands up and pleads to the man, the Girl holds his hand...
Intertitle: "Let him think what he likes!"
The man with a moustache takes out a note and tries to pay it to the Girl, she remains static, so he gives it to the Child and leaves the room.
The man waiting in the hall talks to man with a moustache as he leaves the room, he gives him his card, man with a moustache reads it and destroys it, they continue talking.
The Child runs out of the room and down the stairs (sliding trough the hand-rails).
The man goes into the room to talk to the Girl. The man with a moustache waits outside. The Girl finally says yes, the Boy reacts with sadness. The man leaves the room and tells the man with a moustache that the Girl has accepted. The Girl is just going to leave, she hesitates, turns around to look at the Boy, she closes the door.
The man and the man with a moustache are surprised.
The Girl sits down with the Boy.
The man comes into to the room to look for the Girl, he sees them sitting together, he leaves the room. The man with the moustache is not there anymore, he goes to the woman's with a dress gown room. He talks to her…
Intertitle: "I'll take her out for a ride in the country and let romance do a little work… although I suppose I'll have to take the whole crew, even you".
The man goes to the room to talk to the Girl and the Boy, the Child comes in with groceries and pushes the man away. He opens a bottle of milk and some it splashes, the Boy and the Girl laugh.

Intertitle: "Romantic nature, glorified here and there by real state signs"

Countryside, a big sign " HERE, YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE"
A car with the man, the woman, the Boy, the Girl and the Child stopping next to the sign. They all go out and help each other to climb into the forest. They all walk, the Girl and the man go separate ways to the Boy and the woman. The Child runs . The woman and the Boy sit down and chat. The man and the Girl sitting down on a branch of a tree and talk. The Child climbs a tree.

Intertitle: "Dreams…"

The man seducing the Girl. The woman reading the Boy's hand. The Boy looking at the man chatting with the Girl. The Girl looking at the Boy talking to the woman. The Child comes to talk to the Girl, the man pushes him away. The Child insists and the man pushes him to the floor, the Child begins to kick him, the man hits the Child, the Girl protests and the man pushes her. The Boy stands up and runs to defend the Child. The Boy tries to talk sense to him, but the man pushes him to the floor. They fight violently. The Girl worried but pleased. The Child looks at them with pleasure. The Boy now is the strongest and hits the man very hard. The Girl and the Child run towards them. The man and the Boy are now next to the big sign, The Boy is hitting harder and harder…
Intertitle: "The boy is not beating him. He was conquering the harbour, the city, the mud, all the forces that had held him down, and most of all his own cowardly self"
The Boy knocks out the man and throws him into the car.

The Girl, the Boy and the Child leave the scene and walk on the fields. They all hold hands.
Intertitle: "Behold! They have fought and won a mighty battle, over themselves!"
They look happy, optimistic, the Girl holds the Boy's arm and kisses him in the cheek.
Intertitle: "It isn't conditions, nor is it environment, our faith controls our lives… Watch them walk!… Heads up, eyes shining with glorious confidence!… Nothing can stop them now or make them falter!… Ready for happiness… away from mud… towards the sun".
The three of them walking briskly.
Intertitle: "Children of the Sun!"
It is dark now, the three of them still walking….
Intertitle: "And like these three all of us can face the future unafraid".


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