Film: 1007

Road Transport | 1970 | Silent | Colour


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Trams in Austria, around Innsbruck and also in a town in Greece 1970's

An electric tram drives down a street in Innsbruck, Austria, it is connected to wires that run above the street, the buildings are typical southern German Tyrolean gingerbread architecture. Another electric tram drives along a roadway, the conductor hangs off the back of it, it looks like a highway going over the mountains, it passes another tram streetcar going the other way, headed for Solbad Hall. Following the Solbad Hall tram along its track, the cameraman must be in a car. Passing the tram going into the town.
A wide street, probably Athens, a tram comes towards us, as it turns one of the passengers waves. Another tram in front of a government looking building.

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