Film: 10070

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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"For hours the storm had kept Olga prisoner at the Hotel des Reves."
Interior of cafe restaurant with checked table cloths. Chairs lent against tables. Wall clock with pendulum time showing 8 o'clock. Carved wood clock with Roman numerals. Olga sat at a restaurant table smoking, wearing a large black hat. Shot of interior of restaurant. Small group in the corner eating. Exterior of the restaurant. Dog comes into shot, wet and dirty, and goes to door. Interior of restaurant. Second dog crosses to door. Olga follows and opens door to courtyard where the first dog is wet. Lobby of restaurant - dog comes through and goes into restaurant followed by second dog. Olga, restaurateur and maid follow. Wet dog goes to restaurant store. Olga follows and strokes him. She retrieves card from dog's collar. Close up of card - Olga reading card. She moves to phone on the wall. Gives phone a couple of cranks then speaks and holds ear piece. Mr Hughes in bedroom sat on bed holding a telephone.
"Your wife is safe with us at the Hotel des Reves. The storm has washed roads and bridges away. - "
Mr Hughes, sat on his bed, laughs
" - Dense marshes - slimy - sombrous - betraying - then - night".
Exterior shot, rain, light at window. Mrs Hughes lying unconscious moving fitfully. Sergius still in uniform tends to her. Old woman with him. Lightning flashes outside window. Close up on old hag laughing. She playfully pushes Sergius in the chest. He starts to put stocking onto Mrs Hughes' foot. She wakes and sits up.
"We must leave in spite of the storm - my husband will be worried"
"I'll have to be firm, your foot needs complete rest - besides it would be impossible to find our way in the storm"
Sergius stands to cover up Mrs Hughes who is still sat on the bed. The old had watches. An old woman on crutches makes her way across the room. The old hag passes clothing to Mrs Hughes. The Count starts to help her off with her cardigan. She stops him. The count crosses to cottage fire with a goat stood by it. Mrs Hughes starts to change. Sergius produces a cigarette case? from a pouch and watches her in the reflection. The goat's tail pushes into the count and he elbows the goat out of the way. Mrs Hughes is dressed in dusty rags. The old woman hangs Mrs Hughes' clothes on a washing line by the fire.
Two dogs enter a room at the hotel. Olga follows hotelier who carries a lamp.
Sergius lifts the goat from the bed and lays Mrs Hughes under the covers.
"Promise me you'll not worry about your husband - and try to sleep - "
Sergius kisses her hand. Sergius lights a twig to ignite his cigarette. Sergius smoking, talks to old woman on crutches with the goat in the background. Old woman asleep in wooden chair. Exterior of cottage. A figure casts a shadow in the window. A small door opens and am old man carrying an oil lamp enters. Sergius is caught kissing Mrs HUghes.
"Pardon - I saw your light. I have lost my way and must beg shelter"
Donkey with baskets briefly seen illuminated by the lightning. The old man is outside the cottage in the storm carrying a lamp. Old man looking at the window holding lamp. Old man moves forwards with his dog. The old woman id still asleep in the chair. Sergius and the old man watch each other. Two frogs croaking.
"Just before daybreak"
The sun seen between clouds.
"The Hotel des Reves"
Mrs Hughes and Sergius arrive back at the hotel on a donkey. Olga appears on the hotel balcony with one of her dogs. Mrs Hughes, Sergius and Olga travelling in a carriage.
"You poor dear - I'm so sorry this had to happen - "
" - and in spite of the fact that I hate lies - if your husband becomes too inquisitive, I think you had better tell him that we all spent the night at the inn - "
"And did Sergius behave himself?"
The carriage pulls up in front of the hotel. Sergius escorts Mrs HUghes into the hotel whilst Olga remains in the carriage with the dogs. Hotel lobby. Mrs Hughes makes her way to the lift. Mrs Hughes in the corridor. Mrs Hughes in a night gown moves to the door and spies through the keyhole. She carefully opens the door to see her husband asleep on the bed.
Olga and Sergius travelling in a carriage.
"And has Mother Goroupe's 'hotel' improved its accommodations, my dear friend?"
"I hope, in your zeal for the chase, you'll not forget it's the money, not the woman we want".
A clock as before. with Roman numerals, showing 10.45. Mr Hughes wakes, sits up and scratches. He crosses to his wife's bed, takes a strand of her hair and tickles her nose. She wakes and he kisses her.
"Thanks for having Princess Olga phone me last night"
"I knew you would worry dear"
"Send for my breakfast please"
"Are you reading that fool book through again?"
"I may"
Sergius sits up in his bed and pulls the tasselled bell ring that is beside his bed. Sergius smoking, climbs out of bed and a maid brings his clothes. Holding on to the carved wooden bed stead the maid leans back and then falls to the bed crying.
"Your excellency, when are you going to keep your promise to marry me?"
Later that afternoon a visit to Ventucci. A group of children watch a man pull a basket from a hole. Sergius crosses a street with steps and an arch in the background. Woman and children with baskets cross and go up steps. Sergius stands outside the door of Ventucci's whitewashed house. Ventucci inside the house crosses through the room. Light streams through blinds. He looks in on his daughter asleep on the bed. Sergius appears at the doorway smoking and watches the daughter. Sergius opens shuttered window and sees chickens in the yard below, woman and children washing clothes in an open-air laundry - women carrying baskets. Ventucci passes papers to the count. The count, still smoking, passes money to Ventucci. Ventucci and the count watch his daughter sleeping.
"She is not well - the head again. My poor Carrissima. Since her mother went to heaven, she has only me to care for her - "
Portrait if Ventucci's wife in frame. Ventucci kisses his daughter - both lit by streaming light from blinds.
"Pater miserero et dens titius, consolationes have porvalum infirman a lecto sigritidimus erigore"
"Father of all mercies and God of all consolations, rise up this child from her bed of sickness - "
"She is my one treasure Signor. And if anyone should harm her - "
Sergius descends steps in the street. Women and children follow. Man pulls basket from hole in street and throws water. Man emerges from the hole and the men replace the man hole cover. Screen irises in.
The count sat at a breakfast table. The maid appears. Exterior of whitewashed building with canopy over the breakfast table. The maid pours a finger bowl for Sergius. The count dips fingers in bowl.
"Please your excellency, you did mean it - when you promised to marry me?"
"Certainly my dear, But as you know my estates in Russia are still unsettled"
"I am now absolutely without funds, Maruschka - on the charity of my cousins"
"Maruschka, how long have you been serving?"
"I began when I was twelve - twenty years ago"
"You have been a frugal girl, I hope, Maruschka"
"I am sure you have a tidy fortune put away"
"Not much your excellency, only about two thousand francs"
"But even so small a sum may save me now - I, who have given all to my country"
Sergius dips finger into bowl and drops of water fall onto the table as if he were crying. Maruschka crosses through house passing hanging torch on a stand. Sergius brushes his nails. Masuchka returns with her purse and lays money on the breakfast table. The count picks up the money and puts it into his pocket.
"Evening - restful - cool - caressing - lamps growing - exquisite limbs - in high heeled slippers - frou frou of satin - muted violins, 'cor amore' and horns - and clattering horses' hoofs"
Exterior of Monte Carlo at night. Hotel lit up. Crowds in the square. Cars and trams in amongst the crowds.
"Hell's Paradise"
Well dressed crowds up steps into building.
"Salon de Roulette - the sound of rakes on green cloth - and chips on chips - rustling paper money - "
Interior of a casino. Crowds around gaming tables. Roulette wheel in the foreground. Crowd watching the wheel spin. Men in evening suits. Man stands shouting and waving his arms. A woman grabs his arm to restrain him. Well dressed gentleman and lady moving away from the tables.
"Faites vos joux mesdames at messieurs"
"Make your play ladies and gentlemen"
Gamblers place their bets. Roulette wheels spin. Sergius strokes old man's humped back. Mrs Hughes looks on and laughs. Crowds in the casino. Two old men in evening suits place their chips. Woman behind holding behind holding a fan and a pile money. Olga removes a bank note from her purse which she passes to Vera. The banker takes the note and examines it. Vera passes half of the change to Olga. Sergius scoops some chips and places then on a pile for Mrs Hughes.
"Fortune is with you tonight. She is a fickle Goddess - I am afraid I have lost her favour"
"Why, what is wrong?"
"I cannot tell you now - perhaps later - "
"Why don't you make the most of your luck - and dare a coup worth while - "
"and lose all this?"
"No - win a hundred thousand francs. To me this means life - "
"But sometimes it means death"
"Messieurs, faites vos jeux!"
Sergius places the chips on the table with a scoop. All the chips on number 8. The ball goes round and it lands in a hole. Mrs Hughes is elated as the banker passes the notes. Mrs Hughes shows the money to her husband and to Olga and Vera.
"I'm not going to let you forget Princess Olga that you promised me some poker tonight - I haven't had a game since I left home - "
"Indeed I have not forgotten - on Fridays we have a small casino of our own, for the amusement of our friends - and we are counting upon the presence of yourself and Mr Hughes - "
"Please excuse me - I've such a headache. But Andrew must go - just drop me at the hotel first"
Mr Hughes passes a pencil to Sergius who writes on a pad.
"Your new system, Count?"
"No - I am writing a love letter to your wife"
"Do you want me to play the postman"
"No thank you I'll give it to her when you are not looking."
Exterior of the casino at night, crowds passing, carriages along the road. Exterior of hotel. Doormen open doors for the party. Sergius passes a note to Mrs Hughes. Hotel foyer busy. Milling crowds. Everyone in evening wear. Doormen open the doors of the hotel as cars pass outside. Streetlamps are alight as cars and carriages pass the doors. Mrs Hughes enters hotel bedroom and takes Sergius' note from her purses. A dressing table with mirrors behind her.
"My life and honour are at stake. You can save me! Come to the villa tonight, I will wait for you at the gate. Your unhappy Sergius."
"At the casino in the Villa Amorosa, guests lost good money and won Ventucci's nice looking bank notes."
A party of people enter villa Amorosa. Inside Parties of people in evening dress stand and talk by the light of the lanterns. A large fire burns in the grate. A roulette table with crowds milling round it. More of crowds around tables. Vera, Mr Hughes and a man in uniform sit at a gaming table.
"Preparing to stalk the white doe - brass buttons were strong magic."
Sergius in his bedroom getting dressed for the evening.
"Open the tower room Maruschka and place refreshments. I expect a guest."
"A lady for excellency."
The count finishes putting on his dress uniform. Gambling table. Mrs Hughes leaves the hotel bedroom with her bag and gloves. At the front door she sees a soldier in uniform. He wears a medal and the camera pans to reveal that he has no arms. She picks up the coat which has fallen from his shoulders and puts it back.
"I'm so sorry. Can you forgive me?"
She takes the empty arm of the soldier's uniform and kisses the badge.

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