Film: 10085

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Haunted castle story.

Blackpool pier, busy with holiday goers queuing for pier games. Randle rolls up in a dapper, bold striped suit and skips the queue, emptying his cigarette down a woman’s cleavage as he saunters by. He then cycles around with a group of people on the pier.
The next scene shows him taking part in a large dance routine of the Hoki Koki, in which he goes wrong, ends up flinging his cane away by accident and generally being lost and confused.
Tessie O'Shea, taking tea at the boarding house. Randle and friend join her and sit either side. This is a good mid shot scene for Randle’s use of a cane and props to perform comedy across the table.
The main cast are preparing themselves in front of a dressing table mirror for a ‘Pier Pavilion’ performance. Nice shot of Randle and his friend reflected in the mirror pulling expressions and trying on different moustaches.
Evening time, Randle and O’Shea sit on a sofa and argue with each other

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