Film: 10086

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Haunted Castle story.

Scene in a bedroom with Randle and Tessie O'Shea (who plays his wife) in twin beds. Their friend enters in striped pyjamas and a slapstick routine ensues in which tea is served in various beds, a liquid of some kind is thrown over the two men from outside a window and Frank jumps into bed and it collapses under him.
Randle’s family are packing to go on holiday. In the hallway he ends up sitting on a sandwich which is promptly scraped off of his bottom by O’Shea and the scene unfolds with him falling down the stairs with his friend and breaking various pieces of furniture.
The family area gathering in the car outside their house, Frank arrives in an old fashioned all in one leather driving suit and hat and winds up the car.

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