Film: 10095

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Steamboat Bill jr, part two.
Buster Keaton. Intertitle: 'Morning'. Bill walks into Willie's cabin. Willie is lying on his back, in bed, asleep. Bill looks at Willie then at a ticket in his hand. He looks agitated. Willie wakes and looks at his father who is pulling money out of his pocket. Bill shakes Willie to wake him, Willie pretends he is asleep still. Bill gets a jug of water and sprinkles water into his face. Still no luck so he throws the water into his face. Willie, shocked, sits up and has money and a ticket thrust at him. Willie opens the ticket, close up 'From River Junction to Boston, Mass'. Willie is exasperated. On shore Bill is shown a notice which states that 'the steamer Stonewall Jackson is unsafe and hereby condemned'. Bill tears the notice off the board and walks away. Willie is now dressed in his beret and striped blazer in his cabin and looking at the ticket to Boston. He throws the money his father had given him on the side, puts the ticket in his pocket and picks up his bag. Before he leaves he picks up the money and puts it in his pocket. King sorting through a table which has a sign 'Out of Town' (news) papers at one end. Bill approaches him, shows him the notice and asks if he is responsible. King replies that 'it ought to be condemned, the first good wind would sink it'. Bill shouts at him, points at him, King picks up a stone holding down the newspapers. Bill tells him to put it down, King threatens him with it. He throws the stone, Bill ducks, it goes through a window, Bill begins to strangle King. Two men look out of the broken window (shot from the interior) and see the King and Bill struggling. The barber lathering up a customer in order to shave him hears the commotion, puts the shaving brush in the man's mouth and runs off. The man sits upright with a black stopper in his mouth. The barber, accompanied by other, look out of window and see the fight. A crowd restrain Bill. The sheriff (he is wearing a star badge) runs to assist. The two men calm down. King is first to speak, 'This man not only threatened my life but had defied the law'. King walks away, picks up the notice and then returns to the sheriff handing him the notice. Bill is dragged away by the sheriff, struggling. King stands with his hands on his hips, triumphant. Willie and Kitty meet in the street. He removes his beret, Kitty walks swiftly past him. Willy, looking behind him, walks off. Kitty comes out of building, looks after Willie walking away, defiantly turns her back on him but then softens and looks after him again. The sheriff and Bill getting into a car which drives off. Willie walking dejectedly along the road. The car passes him and Willie spins, his bag has been caught on the car's running board. He runs after car. Car approaching camera, Willie catching it, bag falls off running board, Willie trips on it and does a cart wheel into the dusty road. The car stops at the jail, Willie dusts himself down and walks towards camera, Kitty is in background. Willie sees Bill being led into jail while sheriff states that King will ensure he does not get out 'for a while'. Willie looking, Kitty standing still in background. Willie pulls train ticket out of back pocket, he tears it up. Kitty runs up behind him, Willie starts walking backwards, Kitty turns and walks away, Willie turns and is now following Kitty. She walks sprightly, his head is bowed and he shuffles away. Newspaper weather report, 'Unsettled, wet and cloudy'. It is raining. Willie walking along street towards jail (and camera). He holds and umbrella over his head, he is walking through enormous puddles and mud. The rain stops, he takes down his umbrella, it starts again, he reopens it. Willie passes camera, he falls into puddle in road that goes up to his waist. He steps round another hole. Shot from front, gust of wind turns umbrella inside out and pulls Willie over. He stands up and continues to walk with the umbrella inside out and extended over his head. Bill in jail. Close up of hand tapping on door. Interior, sheriff goes to door. Great shot of Bill against bars, sheriff opening door and Willie standing in the rain with inside out umbrella over his head. Bill sees that is Willie and turns his back. Sheriff beckons Willie inside. Willie enters, tips umbrella, water that has collected in it pours over sheriff who grabs brolly and chucks it to one side then shuts door. Willie takes a loaf of bread out of paper and says he has brought it for his father. The sheriff goes to Bill and speaks to him. He tells him to throw him and the bread out. Willie insists, sheriff again asks Bill turning his back on Willie who indicate to Bill. But the sheriff turns to see Willie signalling. Willie pretends he has seen a loose thread on the sheriff's shirt and pulls it. Close up of sheriff's shoulder. Sheriff tries to get him to leave, Willie continues to offer bread, Bill shake his head, Willie paces and says he will wait around until he is hungry, he sits down. Bill looks round, sheriff sits next to Willie. Close up of 'The Prisoners song' pinned to wall (about having someone to love them). Willie reads song, his eyes shift about, he starts to sing the song while pointing at the bread and making signs. He makes his thumb disappear and reappear. He has his fingers walking across top of bread then blows kiss. Bill looks but raises his eyes and looks away thinking he has a fool as a son. Willie picks up stone from desk, drops it on the floor. Picks up another and throws it through window. He looks down at floor and the first stone. The sheriff falls for it and thinks someone has thrown stone through window from outside. Sheriff looks through window. Willie tears open bread and shows Bill the tools that are hidden inside. Bill gasps, sheriff looks suspiciously at Willie then at stone in his hand. Willie stands saying that he had better go. He goes to open door, Bill says he wants the bread now. The sheriff stands, still suspicious. Willie turns and says he does not think Bill wants the bread, he goes to leave again, Bill insists. The sheriff continues to survey situation. Willie is going to hold on to bread. Bill enlists the sheriff's help asking him to talk to him. Sheriff approaches Willie and asks him to give Bill the bread, he pats Willie on the back. Willie is now very nervous. The sheriff gets his keys and goes to unlock the door to Bill's cell. Willie approaches but because he is holding the bread upright the tools fall out onto the floor, spanner, screwdriver, files. Sheriff bends over and looks, walks round Willie and looks closer, meantime Willie shuffles towards his dad. He hands bread over, shakes his hand, nods to sheriff, side steps him and attempts to walk away. Sheriff grabs his jacket tail and pulls him back, takes bread from Bill and looks at it, shows it to Willie who looks down hole and says, 'that must have happened when the dough fell into the tool chest'. He hands bread back to sheriff who knocks it to the ground. Sheriff pulls him by his coat tails to the other cell. He lets him go to unlocked door. Willie runs to door immediately followed by Sheriff. They look at each other, the sheriff walks towards him, Willie picks up ring of keys, gives them to sheriff who shoves him. Bill shouts 'Don't let him do that, bust him on the jaw'. Sheriff says, 'What, this shrimp hit me?'. Sheriff points at Willie then himself. Bill states that if Willie were to hit the sheriff he would break his jaw. Sheriff sticks his jaw out for Willie to hit it, he points at his jaw, Willie declines because he might hurt him. Sheriff pushes him and insists, again pointing at his jaw. Willie throws a punch, and hits him in the stomach. The sheriff bends up and collapses. Bill is joyous, sheriff lies unconscious on floor. Willie celebrates, Bill pats him on back. He looks for keys, steps over sheriff, steps on sheriff, picks up keys. While trying each key he sits on sheriff's face. Sheriff begins to return to consciousness. Bill tells Willie, Willie punches sheriff in stomach again. He returns to sheriff's face which he uses as stool. Close up of Willie trying to fit large key into small hole, then cork screw into keyhole, then the right key. Bill steps out of the cell, they pull the sheriff into it and lock the door. Bill throws the keys on the floor and leaves the jail, beckoning for Willie to follow. However, his trousers have been caught in the cell door and he cannot get free. Bill disappears into some undergrowth (it is still raining). Willie cannot reach keys on floor. He tries with hand and foot. The sheriff is beginning to wake up. Willie pushes trousers down, puts legs up against wall and reaches for the keys, he gets them. Outside the sheriff's men have pulled up in a car. Willie pulls his trousers back up, opens cell door, frees himself, leaves cell door open and flees. Outside he sees the men getting out of their car. He pretends that he has just realised it is raining and walks back inside. He comes out again with his damaged umbrella. He is called back by one of the men, he returns. Bill spies from the undergrowth. Sheriff comes out of jail with pistol drawn, Willie explains to sheriff's men unaware of sheriff. Sheriff goes to hit Willie with pistol. Bill looks shocked. Sheriff bundles Willie into car and says to the driver 'Take him to the hospital'. Willie's legs can be seen sticking out of the back of the car, he crosses them as the car pulls away. One of the sheriff's men comes out of the jail with rifles. Bill comes out of the undergrowth, the sheriff's men point their rifles at him. Bill passes them and turns the sheriff so that he is looking at him, he then punches him, the sheriff falls down. Bill puts his hands in his pockets, walks into the jail and straight into the cell He takes his hat off and brushes himself down. The cell door is closed behind him. He sits on one of the two beds and it collapses (it is attached to the wall. Willie's car is still on its way to the hospital. Willie has regained consciousness, opens the car door and steps out. He falls, somersaults in the middle of the muddy wet road. He stands and staggers off. The driver stops, turns to get Willie out, is shocked to see him missing. He gets out of the car and as he walks through the hospital entrance Willie is walking past, he therefore pulls him in after him.
[There is a section missing between this point and Willie battling against the wind and attempting to avoid it]. Eventually he holds on to the tree but that is blown into the river. The jail is blown into the river as is Kitty's house. Willie climbs on to the SJ, saves Kitty, rams the jail (saves dad) then saves King whose steamboat has sunk.

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