Film: 1011

Social History | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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An Orphanage in Britain 1930's

Title: The Southern railway servants' Orphanage at Woking. Founded in 1885 by the Railwaymen themselves.
Intertitle: Entirely supported by voluntary contributions.

Intertitle: Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The boys illustrate the maxim.
Boys and master in busy washroom, threequarter back view row of dozen boys with shirts round their waists energetically using double sided sink fixture, first brushing teeth and then washing with flannels. Close up of boy vigorously applying flannel until transfixed by camera (seen through curtain of water jets which separate the sides of the washing fixture).

Intertitle: The boys and girls patronise and find recreation and instruction in the library.
Pan right on group of 15 girls in pinafores with a mistress, seated around table reading or playing draughts. One girl gets up to fetch a book. In background boys sit around two similar tables with a master.

Intertitle: The Laundry. 1800 pieces are dealt with each week.
Man and woman load up a rotary drum washing machine. She lets in the clutch of the overhead belt drive and sets a timer. Turning to another machine alongside, of slightly different design, she adds washing powder from a bucket. The first machine is stopped and the man assists her to remove the contents into a wooden trolley. Man rakes stoke holes of a vertical boiler hen adjusts some valve cocks on the adjoining pipework.
Two women working a large mangle, also driven by overhead lineshafting, one feeds clothes in from behind, the other takes them and folds them. Same to women ironing the pile of clothes produced by the mangle using electric irons.

Intertitle: Technical instruction in the carpenter's shop.
Eight boys at work in wood shop with their teacher. Nearest to camera is planing edge of a short piece seen through clamped chair frame in foreground. Boy screwing down lid of a box. Selection of woodworking tools in their racks.

Intertitle: The outfit with which each child is provided on leaving the orphanage.
Slow pan right across selection of men's clothing and a suitcase laid out for display in needlework room. Similar to above, ladies garments. End.

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