Film: 10144

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Hollywood stars entertain and wait on servicemen at a fictitious nightclub during World War Two.

For details of the stars included and the numbers performed see film 10145 which is Part One of this film.

Part Two
Harpo Marx plays the harp. The servicemen return for another night of entertainment and dancing at the Stage Door Canteen. They talk again with the young ladies they met there the night before. A message orders the marines back to barracks as they are going on active service. Everyone stands and sings them out of the canteen. Judith Anderson checks that the remain servicemen are still having a good time. 'Sleep Baby Sleep' number. After the dance the girls talk to the boys that they have met. It is hard to say goodbye. Gypsy Rose Lee does a song and dance routine while removing various pieces of clothing and showing off her legs to the boys. She removes her petticoat and throws it into the crowd, she flirts with the crowd but leaves them wanting more. Big band number and they all dance. There are more servicemen than girls so some cut into the dance. There are black and Asian servicemen too. Some Chinese soldiers are also called away for active service and they have to return to barracks. The crowd sing 'ol lang sine' to see them out of the canteen. Benny Goodman, with some wild dancing from some of the couples, particularly a man who dances all camp and jazz.. Flight of the bumble bee performed on the violin. Slow dance to 'goodnight sweetheart'. Some servicemen and their girls talk, some are falling for each other and discuss what could happen after the war is over. The canteen empties. One couple decide not to wait until after the war and they agreed to get married the following day. Next day, Katherine Hepburn overhears the good news of the coming marriage. Girls dance with sailors. Stage Door Canteen is packed again. The girl to be married is waiting for her man, she pushes her way through the crowd but it is not him but a messenger that has come for her. Her boyfriend send a message that he will not marry her until after the war. She prays that he will come back alive. Katherine Hepburn overhears the girl and comforts her. Katherine gives a very patriotic speech saying that he has had to go to fight, that they are all at war. She asks the girl why she volunteered for a job at the Stage Door Canteen and the girl says that she wanted to help, to cheer the servicemen up and give them some fun before they have to go to fight. Katherine says that she must go back into the Stage Door Canteen and be happy and fun for the other servicemen. The girl understands.
Narrator says that it is their duty to give a momentary escape and until victory they will offer laughter, beauty, music and something to remember.
The End

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