Film: 1015

Railways | 1940 | Silent | Colour


'The Hurkers' are a couple of low lying rocks up the coast from Eyemouth in South East Scotland 1940's

Amateur home movie. Small fishing boat or trawler going out to sea and passing Hurker rocks near coast. Eyemouth harbour and fishing fleet. A record of the bridge repair and replacement by McAlpines and restoration of steam railway services on the LNER branch from the main Edinburgh line to Eyemouth. Eyemouth inlet with steam train steaming along one side of inlet and out of shot. Sign reading 'Eyemouth viaduct, re-opened July 1949'. Steam engine, tender, single carriage, and guard's van cross viaduct. Pan from large sign 'Sir Robert McAlpine and Sons' to the viaduct. A tracked cane at work at base of viaduct. Close up of crane operator moving levers in cab.

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