Film: 10165

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Intertitle: 'The world's everyday religion is service. No man can serve his neighbor and be wholly bad. Responsibility for the lives and happiness of others makes anyone a better man.

Intertitle: 'The lonely mountain station of Benbow, an important nerve center in the great system of the Western Continental Railroad.'

Isolated railway station, as train pulls in from L. Very dark scene - a man walks in through the only light patch. A man in a peaked cap, at L, receives a package from a bearded man at R.

Intertitle: 'Matt Foster, forty years a 'rail', had never stayed with one road long enough to earn his pension. - Sam Allen.'

Close shot of the bearded man talking. The two talking together; one nods, as the other rolls a cigarette. Close shot of man sealing the cigarette paper with a lick. The two together. Man looking out of the doorway, seen from outside - difficult to see.

Intertitle: 'A stranger of the night, especially interested in lonely way stations. - Gaston Glass.'

Dim shot of Glass, in cloth cap. Other two talking, as one faces just L of us. Glass ducks back, quickly. Obscure shot. Long shot of steam train passing over high frame bridge, L to R. Interior scene of people moving. The bridge. Obscure scene - man in cloth cap. Interior scene, man comes in from L and turns out the centre light. Obscure scene, a man moving.

Intertitle: 'Twenty miles back, on the main line, a hot box delays the fast mail.'

Two men standing, only their legs clearly visible.

Intertitle: 'Jim McGrath, veteran engineer of the road's fastest train. - J.L. O'Connor.'

Close shot of McGrath talking, a pipe in his mouth, a visor on his head; behind him the MAIL OFFICE sign.

Intertitle: 'We'll never pass the Limited at Benbow tonight. Better wire the dispatcher right away.'

Three standing men - one, carrying a lamp, walks off R.

Intertitle: 'The brain of the great railway system - - the dispatcher's office.'

Dispatcher, seated at desk, facing us, in shirtsleeves, as man comes in from R.

Intertitle: 'Hal Reynolds, the general superintendent's only son - chief night dispatcher. - Richard Holt.'

Close shot of Reynolds lighting a cigarette. The man gives Reynolds the message. Reynolds reads it, and passes it back, addressing him.

Intertitle: 'Get Benbow, and tell Foster not to hold the Limited for the mail to pass.'

Reynolds hands the message back, and the man leaves to R; Reynolds is also in a visor; he draws on his cigarette and rests an elbow on his desk. Obscure scene, people moving. Reynolds smoking as he reads a letter; another man seated at R. Very dark obscure scene. Close-up of the telegraph key tapping. Indiscernible scene. An open safe or cupboard. Head of man with moustache. Man. Glass, looking furtive, shaking his head. Man with revolver drawn; he loosens his grip, and the gun points down. Darkness. Close-up of telegraph key tapping - label is W.U. Tel. Co. Man comes in from L, gives message to man seated at R.

Intertitle: 'Benbow doesn't answer.'

The two men.

Intertitle: 'Foster's holding up the entire system - - I'll report him tomorrow.'

The two men.

[Cataloguing abandoned at this point - film too dark to follow.]

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