Film: 1018

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Across Canada Journey from Liverpool to British Columbia, Canada 1930's

'Duchess of York'. Leaving Liverpool, incredible shot of the dock, packed with people waving farewell. Deck tennis. Deck Quoits, (Oluri Baring. Icebergs near Belle Isle, Quebec. Dr. Fasson. Tainish and others. In the St. Lawrence River. Quebec.
The Plains of Abraham, the cliffs from the river to the heights. Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) landing stage, Quebec City, Quebec.
Quebec Train bridge. Passing, the 'Duchess of Athol'. Toronto, unloading coal. The Harbour. The harbour launch.
North Shore of Lake Superior. Prairie- Harvest time. Prairie railway station. C.P.R. Locomotive crew, engineer hangs out the window. Another Prairie train station. Snow fences. Farm wagon crosses the train tracks. Virden Station. 'Baldheaded Prairie'. Passing eastbound train. Trainman working switch.
Hobos on a freight-train. Freight train.
Broadview hotel. Calgary station truck with luggage. Along Bow River towards the Rockies. 'Three sisters', three peaks in the Rocky Mountains. Indian teepees on a field. Banff, Alberta. Cathedral Mountain. Along the bow River. Canadian National Highway, or the Trans-Canada Highway.
The Great divide. CPR mountain camps. . Yoho valley. Field tunnels. Kicking horse pas and river. CPR mountain engine. Climbing to Field.

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