Film: 1019

Adverts | 1920 | Silent | B/W


A long advertisement for Trojan cars 1920's

Intertitle - "Now let us show you the Trojan of 1924"
The Trojan car is shown to be less expensive than walking. The price of socks and the resoling of walking boots is compared to the price of petrol and it's cheaper to have the car! Intertitle - "Has it ever occurred to estimate the cost of walking 200 miles?". A man's feet walking along the pavement, looking uncomfortable. He clutches a hat in one hand. Screen is split between the walking feet and the sole of his shoes. A pair of hands points to the wear and tear on the man's boots - "depreciation 40%!". A pair of hands handle the worn out shoes at the end. Intertitle - "Total cost of this little walk £1.16.0". A daily calendar going through the days it has taken him to walk from 1st to 10th April. Intertitle - "That by the Trojan, the journey would have cost only 16/2 for four people".
The Trojan is presented - "Here it is!". A Trojan car parked on the road, a man descends the steps of a grand house, gets into the car and drives off. The suspension is shown off. "The Trojan has wonder springs". A man bounces the car up and down. The car is driven through a bumpy country field, "..only a tank…or a Trojan could negotiate it". The Trojan is driven through a muddy forest and over rocky surfaces.
Close-up inside the car, showing off the gears and pedals. A man stands by an open gate in the middle of a hedge and swings the car back and forth with one hand - "exemplifying the ease of control". The car turns around in a narrow street and manoeuvres out of a tight parking space. Intertitle - "The Trojan , first away in waiting traffic". A policeman holds lanes of waiting traffic. He stands aside the Trojan gets away quickly.
Two men getting ready for a long journey. They lower the passenger seat so he can get in and lie back during the ride. Intertitle - "The joys of the countryside". A car drives around a country field. A family sit and have a picnic by their car. Behind them a horse is grazing and their dog runs around. Intertitle - "Putting on a coupe top, easily affixed, turns the Trojan into a luxurious town carriage". Three women put the coupe top on the car and drive off. Intertitle - "The brakes are powerful but in an emergency the reverse gear is as efficient as the Westinghouse brake of a locomotive". The car drives very fast down a hill and quickly brakes as the gates to a railway track close. The train passes.
Intertitle - "The ladies always chose. Buy her the car she wants!". A posh looking couple sit in a garden reading. He smokes a cigarette and she draws his attention to an advertisement in a magazine. Close-up of her pointing at a picture of the Trojan car. They drive along a country road (road sign points "to happiness") and she is at the wheel. They stop to kiss but aware of the camera the man motions it away. They then laugh and pull the coupe top over where they can kiss in private.
Intertitle - "The Trojan of today". Inside a factory, close-up of machinery at work. A woman drives along a road and then pulls up by the pavement. She opens the back to reveal the engine inside.
A row of various commercial vans with different names such as "Brooke Bond Tea", "Lion Crisps" and "Salmon's Tea".


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