Film: 10234

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Vicar gives his wife's dress away to a beggar.
The vicar's banker absconds with all the vicar's money. The Vicar's eldest boy George calls and the bank and discovers the banker gone. George goes home and breaks the bad news to his father. The vicar is destitute. He tells the rest of the family while they eat their supper. The Vicar prays.
Sir William Thornhill hears of the vicar's plight and offers him a job for £15 per year and a home on his estate. Sir William also decides to make his nephew Squire of the estate. But he wants to see how his nephew behaves so Sir William tells the Squire he is going away. In reality Sir William disguises himself so he can find out what his nephew gets up to in the town. Sir William gives his last coin to a beggar. When three men ask for money Sir William can not pay so they set about him. The Vicar comes to Sir William's rescue and pays the men off. The vicar does not know that the man he has helped is the man who has given him a job and saved him from ruin. The Vicar and his family arrive at Thornhill estate to take up residence and for the Vicar to start his new job. Their new house is poor compared to their old one. The Squire pays the vicar a visit and starts wooing the vicar's daughter Olivia. The Squire has designs on Olivia. Sir William nearby is talking with another of the vicar's daughters Sophie. Sir William has designs on Sophie but when he sees his nephew the Squire nearby he leaves or else his disguise would be known. The vicar's son George comes in. He wants to buy a commission for £40. The vicar cannot afford it. The Squire says he will lend the vicar a bond to buy the commission for George. The Squire is with two very painted ladies of ill repute? He is going to take them to the vicars house and he tells them to talk to Olivia and convince her that life in the town is wonderful fun. They 'ply her with stories'.
End. See 10235 for part two

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