Film: 10235

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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See 10234 for part one.
The Squire and his painted ladies talk to the vicar's family. The Squire says he will finance the Vicar's son, George to buy his commission.
A country fair where the vicar's youngest son Moses is to sell a horse. He gets £15 for the horse but is conned into buying worthless spectacles with the money. He goes home and shows his father what he thinks was a good purchase, but the vicar tells him he has been conned.
Sir William still in disguise courts Sophie, one of the vicar's daughters. There is dancing at the Vicar's home and all are happy. The Squire is courting Olivia but he tells her that his rich uncle would never approve of their marriage so they would have to elope in secret. Olivia agrees to do it. But the wicked Squire intends it to be a sham priest and a sham license so he can leave Olivia when he gets bored with her. The Squire sends his messenger to arrange a sham priest to conduct the ceremony the next day. The messenger thinks it would be better to use a real priest and have a real marriage.
That evening Olivia leaves the house to meet the Squire and elope. They set off but are seen by a man who reports back to the vicar, who is distraught that Olivia has disappeared. The Vicar goes in search of his daughter.
The sham marriage that is really a real marriage.
Dawn, the vicar has been searching all night and he is tired. He is met by the Squires attorney who enforces the bond money that the Squire lent him to buy George's commission. The vicar can not pay the money back. The vicar is taken to debtors prison.
Inside the prison the inmates, men and women are fighting and behaving like savages. The Vicar enters and they mock him. He shows them the light and they all pray.
The banker who absconded is enjoying the high life and drinking in a fancy salon with ladies with powdered wigs. George enters, now in his commissioned officer uniform, and recognises the banker. He demands the banker repay the money he stole from his family. At gunpoint the banker reluctantly gives George back the family fortunes.
Sir William still in disguise calls on the vicar, but his wife tells him that the vicar has been sent to debtors prison. Sir William organises for the £40 bond be paid and the vicar is released from prison.
The Squire and his new wife Olivia are living in splendour, but the Squire has bored of her. He goes and seeks his friends and the painted ladies. Olivia dreams of home and is very unhappy. The Squire brings all his friends and the ladies back home with him and they all have a party. Olivia walks in and sees her husband kissing one of the painted ladies. She is outraged. One of the painted ladies puts her in her place by saying her marriage is a sham. Olivia is distraught. The party is over. Olivia leaves and the Squire is left along. Olivia starts to walk home. She walks until she collapses exhausted. She is found by some beggars who recognise her as having helped them in the past. They bring her into their home and lay her on a pile of rags on the floor which is their bed. The vicar is still searching for Olivia and he meets a man who tells him that Olivia is in the beggars house. The vicar wants to tell his daughter off for running away but he is too glad to see her. The vicar takes his daughter home.
The Squire now realises he does indeed love Olivia and he wants her back.
Back at the vicar's house Sir William still in disguise proposes to Sophie but the vicars wife will not hear of it as she thinks Sir William is a pauper. Sophie is distraught.
Sir William, as himself, is informed that his nephew has secretly married Olivia and that the marriage was not a sham as the Squire had thought.
George comes home with the money he has got back from the banker. Olivia comes home with her father the vicar. The vicar's wife is angry with her daughter and gives Olivia the cold shoulder. The vicar says they should forgive Olivia and she does.
The Squire arrives to try to get Olivia to come back to him.
Sir William without his disguise arrives and reveals to the family that he is in fact very rich. He announces that the Squires marriage to Olivia was not a sham and that he want to marry Sophie. This time the vicars wife agrees. Olivia goes back to the Squire.
The all have a family feast to celebrate.

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