Film: 10247

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Two officers and a civilian on their way to the Army Training Centre find Randle asleep in the army truck meant to collect them.

They drive to a country pub. Good mid shots of Randle and his army colleagues at the bar talking, the main focus on Randle standing in the centre of the frame drinking and smoking. They laugh and his spits his drink out all over himself. Good for how he holds his cigarette

The civilian having escaped, Randle and the others chase down a passing car. Good example of the way in which Randle runs.

At the army training centre. Randle is questioned by superior officers in an office (he stands in the centre, a soldier on the left and the sergeant sitting on right) quite a long scene and good for facial expressions and banter. A single shot of him walking into the door on his way out of the office.

Frank and his colleague interview an number of new recruits. They sit behind a desk. This is a very good, quite long scene, in with lots of good expression and particularly for comedy duo interaction with his friend.

Randle wonders into a sergents bedroom at night, takes a swig of something on the dressing table , realises he shouldn’t have but there’s no where to spit it out. Very good facial expressions.

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