Film: 10248

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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In a corridor at the army training centre, Frank and a recruit argue over a tea trolly, both of the men are usually in the same frame. Frank ends up flinging tea over himself and then emptying the water over his companion too. A cleaner arrives and the argument escalates into utter chaos.

A pre-wrestling match shower scene in which Frank is prepared for his fight in the ring. He is laid on a table and surrounded by men in pants trying to prepare him for the trial; he doesn’t want to go and kicks up a fuss. Filmed from slightly above looking down on the group. Frank manages to get up and fight his way from them (much slapstick in the process) but they all get covered in water and are eventually interrupted by a sergeant.

Inside the match ring. Diana Dors is also inside the ring. Against all odds, Frank wins the fight by sheer speed and cheating. Even Dors gets involved and fights the opponent.

Outside in the leafy grounds of the training centre, Dors and Frank (both in army uniform) talk together, he is smitten. Medium close-up.

Dors’s birthday party. Interior of her home. Frank, in full Scottish kilt attire picks up the birthday cake (putting a glass of wine on the top first) and then unsteadily manouvers it across the room of party goers, spilling the wine off the top but managing to save the cake. He and four soldiers then address the room. Shortly afterwards, and the last shot of the film, Frank on the floor looking to the camera.

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