Film: 10250

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Part Two see 10249 for part one

Police search for kidnapped baby while it is cared for at a "babyfarm". The kids there escape through swamps while kidnappers chased by Police. The bad guys end up dead, the baby is reunited with its father and he is so grateful he invites all the kids to live with him happily ever after.

Intertitle "Police Headquarters". Police chief walks behind desk whilst worried father mops his neck. Father looks desperate, gulping and staring into space. Door opens, old policeman enters with a paper he hands to the chief, father jumps up from his chair to see it. Intertitle "Here's the man we're after. The boys ought to bring him in before tomorrow". Father grabs paper from the Chief and examines it wide eyed. It is a reward flyer for the smartly dressed kidnapper, says "Joe Bailey, alias Stone". The father throws the paper down and gestures frantically. Intertitle "I can't stand this Chief - I'll pay them anything - I want my baby--". He slumps wearily back into his chair and puts his head in his hands, the Chief goes round behind and squeezes his shoulders consolingly. Intertitle "For many mornings old Grimes had counted his money contentedly and scoffed at his wife's repeated warnings. But now --". Grimes limps into his kitchen past his wife and son by the door. He puts a drinking jug on the table and starts sorting papers on the table. Ambrose looks over. Grimes reads the paper. There is a picture of the father and the kidnapped child. His wife comes over to the table and Grimes points it out to her, she picks up the paper. Headline says 'Net tightens, entire State Combed'. She sits down shocked and then berates him. Intertitle "Didn't I tell yer: didn't I? Now we're infer it!". Mrs G speaks, G shouts back pointing. Intertitle "Shut yer mouth! They won't never find her - I'll chuck her in the swamp tonight". They are talking. Ambrose listens. Kids are playing in a pool. Molly washing ones hair, uses soap to make it stand up. Baby standing by the side, sucks on bottle then points. Intertitle "Brakflg - Mama Molly!". Sucks bottle then puts hand over mouth. Molly looks adoringly at her and blows her a kiss. The baby throws an old shoe into the water and splashes Molly who wags a finger crossly. The baby stands grinning. Molly wipes the shoe down and throws it back on the bank. It lands by the child who gets splashed and wipes her eyes. Molly dunks the child whose hair she's washing under water to rinse it off. Ambrose appears. Kids playing in a pond. Ambrose heads towards them. Small kids happily splashing each other, then stop scared and turn. Ambrose walks over to the pool. Kids sink down to their necks. Ambrose picks the baby up by one arm. Molly wags her finger at him. He picks up the child and puts her under his arm. Intertitle "I'm goin' to chuck her in the swamp. Pa was aimin' to do it tonight anyways". He finishes talking and walks off, Molly looks horrified. He runs past the other kids. She climbs from the pole. He gets to the edge of the swamp and prepares to throw the child in. Molly rashes past the other kids with arms outstretched. She reaches Ambrose who tries to fend her off.

The crippled boy gets up. Molly grabs the child's legs and a tug of war starts. The lame boy comes over. He raises his crutch to hit Ambrose who lets go of the baby and punches him, Molly falls back. The lame boy falls backwards and looks stunned. Molly rushes away from Ambrose with the baby. She puts the child down and helps the lame boy up. Ambrose strides up menacingly. Molly comforting lame boy, Ambrose tells them off. Other kids creep from the pond. Molly, angry, squeezes Ambrose's' cheeks, he slaps her in return so she butts him in the stomach and knocks him over, he gets up and she does it again. Small kids, watching, laugh. Ambrose is up holding his belly, Molly butts him again knocking back out of view, she follows with her head down. He is standing at the edge of the swamp and Molly butts him so he falls in. Small kids look scared. Ambrose struggles. Looks scared and asks for help. Molly looks worried. Ambrose up to his armpits, shouting and struggling. She gestures to him to come out. He is struggling and almost loses an arm. Molly tries to get closer and reaches out but can't get near, she spins around with indecision. Intertitle "Get Walter - quick!". One of the small kids runs off. Molly says something to Ambrose and runs off. He looks very scared in the swamp, Molly gathers up a rope. She throws this to him and tries to pull him out but he can't hold on. She falls back. A small child runs into the stable and re-emerges pulling a horse. Molly has thrown the rope to Ambrose again. He ties it round his neck, by the only visible part. The child makes the horse stop. Molly picks up the rope and runs. She ties it around the horses neck. Grimes is talking to Mrs Grimes in the kitchen.

Intertitle "I'll git her away from that Molly - an' when it gets dark enough--". He gestures and turns away. Molly gets the horse to gallop off. Ambrose pulled from the mud. He is pulled along the ground through the laughing kids. He is pulled past crops. Molly watching, still concerned. The horse trots back into the barn. Grimes out and watches. Ambrose gets up just outside the barn. He is covered in Mud, feels his neck and grimaces. Grimes comes over. Molly rushes over too. Ambrose holding his neck and complaining. Molly runs through cornfield calling, stops suddenly and looks concerned. Grimes reaches Ambrose. Molly ducks out of sight. Ambrose telling his tale to his father. Molly crawls back through the field. Ambrose points back and Grimes walks over. Molly crawling through the corn. Grimes comes round edge of field. Molly crawling. She crawls out in front of Grimes who watches. He looks curious. She gets back to the others. Grimes starts over. She picks up the baby, smiling at it, then her expression dulls. Grimes arrives. He stares. Molly looks worried and turns baby away from him. He crooks his finger and speaks. Intertitle "Give me that baby!" Grimes speaking. Molly replies. He asks again. Molly hugs the baby close and refuses. Grimes looks grim and starts forward. Molly runs round the tree. Molly runs through the yard holding the baby. Grimes limps after her. She runs into the barn. She spins around indecisively. He is approaching. Molly puts child down and grabs a pitchfork. She confronts him at the door. He steps back amazed. He tries again but she stops him, and again. She speaks. He demands the baby. She tells him to get back. He looks down at the pitchfork. She tells him. Intertitle "You can't have her! I know what you're goin' to do!". He looks surprised and gulps. She says something. He shakes his head and tried to smile. Intertitle "Don't talk crazy! I was goin' to let her sleep in the kitchen----but now--". He walks off, Molly still holding pitchfork. He limps away behind a tree. She goes back into the barn. He peers out from behind the tree. In the barn Molly picks up baby again but still indecisive. Grimes creeps round the side of the barn. Molly sees him and mounts the ladder into the loft taking the pitchfork. Grimes gets to the door and peers in. Molly stands guard in the loft. He comes up to the base of the ladder and looks up. She shouts down from the top. Viewed from above, he starts up the ladder. Molly grabs the baby with one hand. He is coming up the ladder. She prods downwards. The prongs almost hit him. She shouts down. He shakes his fist at her and starts up again. She prods down. He evades. She prods down. He evades. She shouts down. He retreats off the ladder and shouts back. She looks worried. He looks at the ladder and grins. She sees the ladder beginning to move and drops the pitchfork to grab it.

Grimes is struggling to take it down. She finally has to let go. He moves the ladder out of the barn. Other kids arrive through the field. He puts the ladder down by the house. The kids rush out of the field. He limps off. The kids arrive in the barn and shout up to Molly. She replies from above. Kids looking up. Molly points to the ladder. Kids hide. Grimes arrives with large dog and chains him outside the barn. Kids hiding. He closes the barn doors. Kids inside. Dog noses at door. Grimes pats him and goes off. One of the kids climbs up to look out of window. Barking dog jumps at him. He falls back in surprise. Dog jumps up at window. Kids pull away, scared, boy shouts. Intertitle "Aw, chase yourself - y' big bum!". Dog barking at the window. Molly looks concerned and looks around loft for inspiration. Mr & Mrs G at kitchen table, he talks. Intertitle "That Molly knows too much - it would save us a heap of trouble if she disappeared too". Mr G talking animatedly to his wife. Intertitle "Meanwhile, the law was sure it had cut off every road of escape for the kidnappers---- But the kidnappers didn't need roads". Small motor yacht with 2 men sails up a river. It docks at a landing stage and the men get out. 4 men sit in the police Chiefs office, he walks around talking, door opens and the father walks in dressed in hat and coat. Intertitle "I'm licked - I've sent them word I'll pay the ransom". Father explains to Chief. Two men walk along the landing stage. Father and Chief talking. Intertitle "They'll never get it - we're hot on their trail!". Chief tells father. The Grimes' at home, he looks out of window. Dog sniffing at barn doors. He turns from window. In the barn the kids stuff straw into sacks. A little boy peers out through a crack. The dog sniffs at the door and tries to get in. Kids stop and look at the noise. Molly calls them to help pull some planks off the wall. An Office brings a small boy into the Chiefs office.

Intertitle "Here's the kid one of the search parties rounded up. He says there's a baby farm down in the swamps". Small boy looks around frightened. The father gets down on one knee to ask him a question. Intertitle "Is there a little baby girl there - about so big ---?". He gestures and points to eyes, boy replies. "S-s-sure! They g-g-got 'em all s-s-sizes". Father gently shakes boy. Molly helps girl climb down from loft. Grimes is lecturing Mrs G in the kitchen. Kids getting ready to leave. Intertitle "Better bring that rope!". Molly rushes out. Officer takes boy out of Chiefs office followed by all the other men. Grimes turns away from Mrs G. Police getting into cars and drive off. Kids throwing straw into sacks, Molly dragging a box. Grimes comes out of house. Boy keeping watch runs back. He warns the kids who turn to look then work on. They push the box out the back of the barn into the swamp. Molly steps on it then places straw bags in a line. Kids in the barn hand straw bags to Molly. Grimes reaches barn door with the ladder. Molly steps out onto bales with the planks and drops them down. G puts the ladder against the upper window of the barn. Molly puts the baby on her back. G climbs the ladder. Molly tells kids to be quiet then they gather handfuls of straw and head out. In a line they cross the bales and planks. Close up of feet on rocking walkway.

Last girl looks out of barn at the others. Grimes opens the barn upper window. Molly and kids struggle on. Last girl still standing in the barn crying. Molly ushers kids on to solid ground. G gets into the loft to find it empty. Molly struggles onto firm ground. Last girl shouts for her. Molly turns surprised. Little girl is crying. Grimes hears the sounds. Little girl looks out of barn and holds out her arms. G looks down through hatch and shakes his fist. Molly starts back to the barn. Grimes heads back to the window. Molly struggles over sinking path. Grimes coming down ladder. Molly reaches girl but sinks to her knees at last step. G opens barn door, stops startled. Molly has grabbed girl and starting out again. G rushes forward. Molly struggling through swamp, G appears at door. He stands there shouting. She ignores him and goes on. He tries to follow but can't. View of box sinking out of sight. G looks around. Molly stumbles. G smiles evilly. Molly makes it to the firm patch. G laughing, waves at them. Intertitle "Go on, little fools--you're savin' me a lot of trouble!". He laughs. Molly waves him away as kids set out through trees. G laughing and waving his arm in delight. 2 men walk up a path. Grimes struggles to rocking chair in the kitchen, falls back into it laughing. Mrs G looks amazed. Molly leads kids in a line through swampy water. Mrs G approaches her cackling husband and asks what the matter is. Two kidnappers walking along path. Grimes explains. Intertitle "They're makin' fer the Moss Creek Road. If the mud don't git 'em, the'll make a good meal for the alligators!" G still laughing. Alligators lounge in the swamp. Kids, covered in slime, climb out of the water on to firm ground again. Mrs G leads the kidnappers into the house. Mr G sitting at the table when they enter, smartly dressed one addresses him. Intertitle "Where's the kid?". He is questioning G who laughs and waves his arm. Kids getting out of water. Grimes grinning holds up a drink for the kidnapper who angrily knocks it away spraying liquor in the air, then points at G. Intertitle "You fool - her father's comin' through with the money. We'ew got to get her back!". G astonished, stands up grabbing the other guys coat, then holding his head and waves away questions, then bangs his fist on the table, he has an idea and moves away. The kids cross a patch of water in a line. The Grimses and kidnappers come out by side of swamp. The guard dog is barking and jumping. They argue, then G says. Intertitle "Its one chance in a million-- but if they do git out, we can catch 'em at the Creek Road!". They turn and run off. Kids walk along holding to a log. The kidnappers open the farm gate and cross the log causeway on foot. Kids cross tree roots. Molly looks despairing, she looks around. Large patch of open water in front of them. She looks for a route then points. Intertitle "I'm afraid it's too deep!". She looks up then talks to the others. Intertitle "Give me that rope". Kids pass the rope and one slings it over his shoulder. The dog still barking outside barn. Mrs G has an idea. She runs over to the dog and unchains him. The kidnappers are running on the road through the swamp. Kids are pointing up at a tree branch. Little boy crawling along it, he slips. Kids look scared. Boy struggling to recover. Kids encourage him.

Boy gets back on branch and pats his heart. Molly looks relieved. Kidnappers still searching. Boy sits on branch, ties on the rope, then throws it down. Molly catches the end. Boy tightens the knot. Molly swings across the water to other side, almost falls back, recovers and turns. Lame boy calls for rope. Molly throws it. He catches, hands it to a girl. He pushes her over, Molly catches her. Mrs G unchains dog and sets him into the barn. It runs straight out into the swamp. Mrs G runs through to watch. Dog bounds on. She shouts and points. Intertitle "Tree 'em boy - tree 'em!". She points and grins. Dog pushes through mud. Boy tries to get last little girl to use the rope, she is crying. Molly encourages from the other side. Boy tries to get girl to grab rope. Boy on branch encourages her. Intertitle "Grab that rope, scared-cat, 'fore I smack you one!". Boy still trying to get her to take rope. Dog splashes on. Girl won't take rope. Molly implores her. She takes rope and is pushed off. It looks like she won't make it. Boy on branch swings rope. Molly reaches down and grabs girl. Dog splashing on. Molly hugs girl. Dog still coming. Last boy swings over. Dog other side of water, barking. Kids shout at it. Dog barking in water. Boy on branch slides down the rope, knocking over group. They get up. Dog barking. Kids move out, Molly helping lame boy. Dog barks, his chain caught on a branch. Molly follows the others. The dog continues to bark madly. Kids splash through water, unable to see an Alligator waiting. The 'gator grins. The kids splash up to the tree hiding the 'gator. The dog barks & splashes. Molly sees the 'gator and looks scared, it starts to move. The 'gator is moving. Kids look scared. Dog going crazy in water. The dog breaks free and comes on forward. The 'gator crawls over tree roots, kids climb the tree. 'gator is moving. Kids climbing. Molly helping the kids up. The dog bounds forward. Molly looks terrified. 'gators mouth open. Molly, scared, begins to climb again. Molly helped into tree by other kids. 'gator at bottom 'yawns'. Dog comes rushing up to base of tree, barking. Kids & Molly pray. Intertitle "Oh lord! This is us again!" All praying. Dog looks down at 'gators surrounding it. Kids start to move in tree. Dog runs away. Dog running through water. A branch stretches above 'gators, boy appears on left. Close up of feet on crumbling bark and cracking branch. 'gators wait below. Molly kneels on the branch. She waves for others to follow. Branch cracks again. Kids in a line on the tree and the branch shakes. More kids follow, bark crumbling away and branch breaking away from trunk. Molly leads as branch shakes and 'gator rears up below. She escapes on to tree. Line of kids on branch as it shakes. Close up on boy catching girl who falls off. 'gators rear up. Molly looks worried and waves her finger at the boy. He tries to haul girl back. 'gators wait. Girl clambers back on. Molly calls them to come quickly. Kidnappers still searching. Last 3 kids almost safe. Branch splits off at base. Molly screams. Branch sinks down towards 'gators. 'gators circle. Molly hauls them to safety. Kids head off along a branch. Girl pulls down pants of boy in front, he slaps her. Intertitle "Leave go my pants" He tells her off but crawls forward with his bum showing. Kidnappers run through woods, searching. Molly comes to end of branch & leaps to dry land. She turns and encourages others. Catches them as they come down. Police cars roll along a road in the woods. Mary counts kids, one is missing. Small child clambers through branches. He swings down and kids start to run off, Molly calls them back and makes them kneel to pray. Molly praying. Intertitle "Thanks Lord, we won't never forget your kindness". Kids praying. 'gator in water. Molly looks down, screams and points. 'gator in the rushes opens and closes it's mouth. Kids run off as 'gator snaps, little boy stops and returns. He stands on the bank. 'gator snaps. Boy thumbs his nose and runs off. He chases the others. Cars driving along the road. Kids arrive by side of road. Cars driving. Headlights appear so the kids hide, headlights come around the corner. Car stops near them and man uses spotlight to try and find them. Molly just about visible as kids try to hide. Man puts light away. Kids hiding. Cars drive on. 3 kidnappers still searching. Kids head away down a lane. Kidnappers see cars coming and hide. Hiding. Car drives past. They emerge. They run off. 2nd car catches men in the open.

They try to hide. Police get out and one points. A kidnapper fires a shot. Police draw revolvers and fire back. Kidnappers shoot. Kids running down lane, Molly waits to help the lame boy. Kidnappers shooting. Police shoot, then charge. Kidnappers run off, Grimes into the swamp. He is running through trees. Hits his head on a branch and stumbles off. Kids find the landing stage. Grimes has fallen into swamp and sinking, he tries to grab a branch but can't. First police car drives through Gate of Grimes' farm. It stops outside the house. 4 men alight and enter. Grimes sinking and grabs a tree root, it breaks off and he flounders around looking desperate. Mrs G shouting and complaining is led away. The father left holding the child's blanket. 2 kidnappers running, shooting behind them. Kids on landing stage flee towards boat. Close gate behind them. Climb onto cruiser. Go down below. 2 kidnappers reach landing stage still shooting backwards. Policemen shooting at them. Bailey heads for boat, gets hit and is helped on by the other man. Police rush after them. Kidnappers reach the boat. Molly looking through the porthole, turns and warns others to be quiet. Kids hide under bunks. Criminals get boat going and drive off. Molly looking out. One kidnapper hangs off side shooting back. Police run onto jetty. Molly standing in cabin. Police firing after the boat. Cups breaking in cabin. Molly startled. Kidnapper shooting backwards. Police still shooting. Molly scared but still at porthole. Intertitle "Harbour Police". Police coat cruises along. Kidnappers moving fast. Police searchlight swings around. Criminals lit up. Police fire cannon. Water splashes near motor boat .molly still looking through porthole. Escaping boat sails on. Police boat from a distance. Explosion in water in front of criminals again. Molly terrified, tells kids not to make a sound. They peer from beneath bunks. Kidnappers boat escapes out to sea. They look determined. Molly gives a commentary. Close up of smart kidnapper steering. Molly below. Police prepare big gun. Police boat with searchlight blazing. Criminals lit up again. The police fire. Near miss. Molly looks terrified. Police boat fires again. Another near miss. Close up, Molly terrified. Long view of police chasing criminals, fire another shot. Cabin. Boat rocks violently. Molly holding on. Criminals continue. Police following. Kidnappers drag up a row boat to the side. Molly running around terrified. 2 criminals are in the small boat and cast off. Molly makes sure kids are hidden. Kidnappers in the small boat trying to row. Police come round a corner. 2 policemen by the cannon turn and shout back to wheel house. Guys in row boat not making progress. Police come round corner. Guys in row boat look horrified and raise hands in self defence. View of sharp keel approaching. Policeboat runs them down. Police on board look around for source of noise.

Debris and 2 kidnappers in the water. Molly rushes around then looks into cockpit. No-one at the wheel! Their boat running erratically. Molly rushes out on deck. She looks around, astonished. Police boat behind, policemen drawing pistol. Molly rushes to wheel and tries to control it. Boat still erratic, starts to circle. Police watching. Cruiser circling as police approach. Police discuss what is happening. Molly's boat weaves around police. They turn heads to watch it. Police cross deck to follow. Molly circles. Police move again. Molly rocking, police confused. Get alongside and board. Policeman with drawn pistol enters cockpit. Molly turns, hands up, looking scared. Policeman talks. Molly protests innocence. 2nd policeman enters. 2 kidnappers in water drowning. Molly still protesting innocence, points behind, police look, one goes below. In cabin he orders kids out. On deck they gather round Molly. Policeman looks astonished. 2nd Officer comes up and says they were all below. 1st officer asks whose they are, Molly replies. Intertitle "they're mine - all of 'em". Still talking. Officer laughs. Molly astonished at laughter. Policeman talks. Intertitle "Wheres your husband?" he's asking. She looks downcast. Intertitle "I ain't never got married - there's just me an' the kids!". They crowd around. Officer laughs again. She's angry and gathers them in. He laughs. She protests. Intertitle "Out of the swamps - and into the morass of the Law". Kids sit in a line on bench. Small ones asleep. Group of men study them. Molly looks worried, strokes boys head. The father rushes in. Molly listens in. Chief points father to Molly. She looks scared. He goes over and tries to take baby, she resists. Intertitle "You can't have her -- she's mine!". She hugs baby. Father smiles and moves forward. Molly dodges away until caught in a corner. Still fends them off. She keeps tight hold. Chief looks her in the eye and speaks. Intertitle "It's all right - this is the baby's father!". Close up of Chief. Molly looks stunned. Father looks happy. Baby speaks and points, Molly looks at her then at father and looks sad. He comes forward and picks her up, kisses her. Molly looks sad. Father smiling. Molly laughs and smiles, then looks sad again. Baby kisses and hugs her. Chief looks on. Father speaks then moves away, men follow him leaving Molly alone in corner. Chief catches up with happy father. Molly standing sadly alone. Father shakes chiefs hand and leaves. Molly looks wistful and sad. Intertitles "Morning --- and a very discountented baby." Nurse, father and doctor bent over babies crib.

Close up of crying baby. Intertitle "Xdhfgty - Ma-Ma - Mol-ly!". Baby crying. Father tries to get her to take bottle. She refuses and cries. Intertitle "Zkdtbl - Ma-ma - Mol-ly!". Father appeals to doctor who replies. Intertitle "Its nothing serious. She'll be all right as soon as this MaMa Molly gets here." Father looks bewildered. Large car stops at front door of mansion, chauffer gets out but Molly gets out other side and walks round to front door. She knocks and looks around, it opens and butler appears, Molly wipes her feet and enters. Baby still refusing bottle. Molly in large hall searching for sound of baby. Baby crying and resisting. Molly shakes head then rushes to nursery door. She runs in and throws coat off then picks up baby, looks up at adults and speaks, then sits. On armchair with baby in lap, strokes its face, turns its over and checks nappy, then speaks again, she turns it right way up and looks disapproving. Intertitle "why she's all empty! She needs about a gallon of milk!". Father hands her the bottle. She takes it and looks disapproving, examines it. Adults confused. Molly unwrap old bottle from newspaper and holds it up. Adults watch as she takes top of milk and hands it to the father. She pours milk into her old bottle. Nurse tries to stop her but doctor blocks her. Molly finishes and hands the empty milk bottle to the father. He examines it. Molly tests milk on her wrist, not impressed, speaks again and then makes baby smile and gives her the bottle which she sucks, molly looks up and speaks. Doctor congratulates father, picks up bag and leaves, as does Nurse so father hands the nurse the milk things. Molly watches Nurse leave. Intertitle "she don't know nothin' about babies". Father looks down at them, then picks up Molly's coat and puts it around them both, molly cuddles baby. Father looks down. Molly gazes at baby feeding. Father turns away and scratches head, he turns back and points. Intertitle "Ho would you like to live here ---- and take care of the baby?" he smiles as he talks. She looks up unbelievingly. Intertitle "you mean -- to sleep an' eat - an' everything?". She looks hopeful. He nods. She smiles but then struck by a thought and says beseechingly. Intertitle "I can't cause I got my own kids to take care of ---- but maybe you'd like us all to come". She speaks hopefully. He speaks. Intertitle "How many are there?". She looks hopeful, then counts. He looks worried. She looks up. Intertitle "Only ten - countin' me an' Splutters". He looks startled and repeats number. She nods. He laughs, then rolls eyes. Intertitle "Ten children living in this house? Why they'd wreck it!". He waves arm, she tries again. Intertitle "Oh no, they wouldn't - they're perfect little angels--" She enthusiastically says. Vision of father playing organ while crowd of scrubbed and well dressed kids sing beautifully. Close up of singing kids. Song is 'Shall We Gather at the River?'. Close up of Molly and baby singing. Little boy turns to her and says. Intertitle "Say Molly, them Sparrows ain't got nothin' on us now.". She nods and they carry on singing. Back to nursery with her describing scene. He laughs. She looks worried. He laughs again. Intertitle "You win, mama Molly --" She looks incredulous. They talk to each other. He turns and points. Intertitle "-- and we'll build a new wing on the house--". He's getting excited, she puts her finger to her lips and strokes babies head, he puts his head in sleeping sign and tiptoes off. She smiles and looks down at baby, then into distance dreamily.


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