Film: 10280

Feature Drama | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Feature film of the life of Jesus Christ. Very loose following of the four Gospels, text mostly taken from the Bible, although rarely in chronological order. Contains scenes not mentioned in any Gospel, such as Mark meeting Jesus. Despite not being accurate to the story in the Bible, good fun and great costumes for the rich and powerful! First half contains: the healing of Mary Magdalene, Jesus welcomes little children, Jesus cleanses the Temple, the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the Passion, the Lord's Prayer, and Judas being bribed.

Inter-title - 'The events portrayed by this picture occurred in Palestine nineteen centuries ago, when the Jews were under the complete subjection of Rome - even their own High Priest being appointed by the Roman procurator. (signed) Cecil B. de Mille.' Inter-title - 'This is the story of Jesus of Nazareth' 'He, Himself, commanded that His message be carried to the uttermost parts of the earth. May this portrayal play a reverent part in the spirit of that great command.'

Inter-title - 'In Judea - groaning under the iron heel of Rome - the beautiful courtesan, MARY OF MAGDALA, laughed alike at God and Man.' In a large room in a sumptuous palace, men sit at a table feasting, next to them a woman lies on a chaise-long fanning herself as a servant fans her, behind her on the steps to the garden, a servant leads a leopard by a lead. A male servant draws beautifully decorated curtains across an alcove where veiled women play stringed instruments. As the men eat, they call to Mary on the sofa but she lies on her front ignoring them. Close up on one man in embroidered robes preening himself in a hand held mirror, a monkey in a crown and a gold sash jumps up onto the back of the man's chair and mimics him, the man turns in surprise and looks angrily at the next man. This moustachioed man, in a turban with feathers and lots of earrings and necklaces, laughs and gestures off camera. Another man laughs quickly and then continues to eat absentmindedly from the end of a jewel-encrusted knife. Close up on Mary's face as she smiles weakly whilst lying on the sofa. Close up on the leopard's face yawning. Mary smiles and claps to show that she wants to see the leopard nearer to her. The servant, who is dressed in fur and wears a leopard head-dress, follows the leopard on the lead across a small pond with swans on it. Three of the feasting men look on and one of them drinks from a small cup, they have many rings and bangles on. Mary strokes and embraces the leopard which paws her, as she lounges. A fat man with flowers in his hair and a hunk of meat in his hand looks surprised and points towards the camera. Inter-title - "Mary, if thou wilt give thy kisses to a beast - why not to me?" He points to himself, laughs, puts down his food and gets out of his seat. As Mary continues to stroke the leopard, the fat man staggers into view and falls into a chair by the chaise-longe drunkenly, he shoos the leopard away, he leans towards Mary as if to embrace her, she leans towards him and pushes him off the chair, raising her fist above her head triumphantly and pulling the chair towards her before the man can get up, he looks towards the camera, upset. Close up on the first man laughing. The fat man looks puzzled and pats the chair.

Inter-title - "But Mary, why keep the chair vacant - Judas hath been absent many days." The fat man tries to steady himself and get up as Mary covers the chair with her arm to protect herself. The first man leans across the table and talks conspiratorially. Inter-title - "Mary, I know the whereabouts of Judas!" Close up on his face as he speaks, smiling. A view of his back, Mary stalks over angrily and slams her fist down on the table. Inter-title - " - a woman!" Mary leans over the table angrily shouting. The man shakes his head and waves his hand. He wags his finger in Mary's face and she gasps outraged. Inter-title - "Her name - tell me, old Frog, or I choke thee!" Mary pulls the man onto the table and strangles him. Another man looks on, laughing and pulling faces. A younger man pulls Mary off and gestures that she should strangle him instead, she shrugs him off and looks hurt as the older man sits clutching his throat, Mary pushes him and shouts. Close up on the old man talking, still holding his throat. Inter-title - "Nay, 'twas no woman I saw him with - but a band of beggars, led by a Carpenter from Nazareth." He continues to speak. Mary looks confused and questions him. He replies. Mary claps her hands to summon her servants. One of the men looks on bemused. Mary runs to the dais behind the pool and defiantly strikes a candle-stick against a column, she throws it down, a servant appears and falls to his knees as Mary commands him. Inter-title - "Go fetch my richest perfumes!" Mary shoos the servant away as another comes forward and bows, she points and commands him. Inter-title - "Harness my zebras - gift of the Nubian King! This Carpenter shall learn that He cannot hold a man from Mary Magdalene!" Mary sends him away. One of the men talks and brings forward a heavy purse full of coins.

Inter-title - "Mary, I wager this purse of gold, thou canst not take Judas from him! He hath some magic power - I, myself, beheld him heal the blind!" The man again offers his purse, Mary goes to snatch it but he keeps hold of it, cheered on by two others next to him. Inter-title - "I take thy wager - I have blinded more men than He hath ever healed!" Mary takes the purse from the man. In another corner of the room, surrounded by drapes, a young man is leaning over a chaise-longe preening himself in a large mirror held by a servant girl, another holds a tray full of silver cups and pots, two display fabrics behind him, they are all richly dressed in veils and jewellery, Mary brushes him off and sits down to take a drink. One of the men sitting at the table takes off one of his rings and gestures towards the camera. Inter-title - "Cleopatra's ring against thy boast! Thou hast no chance with magic such as His - 'tis said this Man hath raised the dead!" Mary turns away from choosing some food with a shocked look. The man stares intensely holding the ring in his fingers. Mary gives him a disparaging look and laughs, her servant girls smile. The man looks disappointed and looks around the table. The man in the turban and jewellery, with the monkey sat on his shoulder, laughs heartily. Behind the columns just outside the room a chariot appears pulled by zebras with striped plumes on their heads, the vain young man stands proudly in the winged chariot holding the reins. Close up of him standing in a loincloth, armour and a helmet. Mary walks forward from the sofa and two servants wrap her in a sumptuous cloak with a long train. Close up on one of the men at the table (the one who made the wager) looking very worried and tapping his fingers. The four zebras' heads can be seen all tacked up and fidgeting in their bridles. The man turns back from them, still looking worried. Mary takes up her cloak and strides forward, watched by her servants. She walks up the steps to the chariot and is helped up next to the driver by two male servants, she raises her fist triumphantly.

Inter-title - "Farewell - we go to call upon a carpenter!" Close up on Mary, arm raised, addressing those she is leaving, standing next to the driver in the chariot. The men rush forward from the table to the columns and waves to Mary, the servants tidy behind them. The chariot embarks with the two guards running behind. The men wave and shout.

Inter-title - 'And it was noised that He was in the house. And straightway many were gathered together - insomuch that there was no room to receive them, no not so much as about the door. Mark 2:1-2'. A town street in the Holy Lands, one main building with steps leading up to it and beyond, men dressed on rags, supported by crutches come up the steps, women guiding children hurry down and there is a small crowd gathering, in the doorway of the building, a man stands shouting and gesturing. Amongst the crowd, men lie on wooden stretchers and people mill about them, a blind old man and a blind child, with their eyes closed walk through. Focus on the blind child tugging in a person's clothes and pleading. Inter-title - "Take me to Him, please - I cannot find Him!" A cripple shakes his head and talks to the boy, leaning on a crutch, the boy turns away.

A bright, happy, young boy pushes through the crowd at the top of the steps showing his legs to the crowd and smiling. Inter-title - 'Young MARK … healed by the Great Physician; and destined to be one of the FOUR to write the immortal Gospels.' Mark continues through the crowd as they touch his legs and gaze in wonder, a man approaches and points to him. Inter-title - "What price did He ask thee for thy cure?" Mark says that it cost him nothing, pulls a face at his crutch and throws it away. The crutch hits a priest who is standing some way back on the head, reading from a scroll with another priest and a guard behind them. Inter-title - 'Spies of the High Priest - driven by the fury of religious hatred'. They look down with disapproval. Mark dances in the crowd as several men question and touch him. One of the priests gestures for the second (reading the scroll) and the guard to follow him. They approach Mark and the crowd shrinks back except one man knelling on either side of Mark, deep in conversation with him, the guard pushes one man away, they wait and then the priest pushes away the other, Mark stands slowly to face the priest, he points at Mark and speaks. Inter-title - '"Be warned! This Man is not of God!" John 9:16' The priest points behind Mark and talks. Close up on the priest as Mark laughs and slaps his leg. Inter-title - "This I know - that I was lame before, and now I WALK!" As the crowd looks on, Mark laughs, the priest takes up the crutch and raises it above his head to strike the boy, a large bearded man comes in behind the priest and seizes the crutch, the priest turns slowly and Mark stops cowering. Inter-title - 'PETER, the Giant Disciple - a fisherman, quick of temper but soft of heart.' Peter looks at the crutch in his hands and the priest in confusion. Close up on Mark smiling. Peter smiles back. Peter walks towards Mark, ruffles his hair, places his hand on Mark's shoulder and speaks. Inter-title - '"Who is he that will harm thee, if thou follow what is good?" 1 Peter 3:13' Peter smiles on the boy and turns to face the priest. He places the crutch on his shoulder and stares at the priest who looks at the floor. Close up on them looking at each other with hatred.

The blind boy pulls on another man's clothes but is turned away, Mark follows him and watches, then the boy pulls on a rag tied round a donkey's neck and talks to the space above him. Inter-title - "Please, Sir, tell me where He is - I cannot find Him!" The boy looks sad and continues to fumble forwards, Mark touches him but he pulls away, Mark then takes him by the hand. "Take my hand - I will guide thee to Him!" The boy agrees and they walk away smiling. Inter-title - 'And gathered in the house with Jesus, were others of His Disciples - men who were to fight the good fight of faith through sacrifice and martyrdom.'

Inside the building which is bare and unfurnished, men sit and stand in groups around the edge of the room. Inter-title - 'JOHN the Beloved, JAMES, his Brother, THOMAS the Doubter, ANDREW, a Fisherman.' The four men are shown huddled together in conversation. Inter-title - MATTHEW the Publican' Matthew, a middle-aged man, stands on his own. Inter-title - BARTHOLOMEW - and the other JAMES.' They sit together in silence. Inter-title - 'PHILIP - and THADDEUS.' The two men talk together conspiratorially. Inter-title - Simon the ZEALOT.' Simon talks to men crowding in the door. Inter-title - 'JUDAS ISCARIOT … the Ambitious, who joined the Disciples in the belief that Jesus would be the nation's King and reward him with honor and high office.' Judas stands on his own in a corner, scowling. A woman kneels in front of a large loom, weaving. Inter-title - 'MARY … the MOTHER.' She stops weaving and looks across at the men.

On top of an archway above the town a guard sounds the alarm through an animal-horn trumpet. Mary stops her weaving and gets up. The guard blows the trumpet again and raises his arm in proclamation. Inter-title - "Hear ye, all Israel! The sun hath set - the Holy Sabbath hath begun!" The guard turns back down.

Three priests stand around a sundial and one talks. Inter-title - 1"Let us watch Him, whether He will heal on the Sabbath day, that we may accuse Him! "Mark 3:2' One priest refers in agreement to the scroll he holds. Mary is sitting, feeding doves from her hands when they fly away, she turns. Mark is coming round the side of the building, leading the blind boy, he nearly touches a cactus as he feels his way, but Mark guides him past. Mary is sitting in the window with the doves all around her. Mark lifts the boy up to the window. He comes up and sits on the sill, Mary leans forward, smiling, and lets him touch her head and face, he smiles and talks to her. Inter-title - "Please, I have come to find Jesus." The boy finishes speaking and Mary looks into the room, then she lifts him up and carries him away from the window ledge, Mark pulls himself through the window and sits on the ledge to watch. Mary brings the blind boy forward and strokes the boy's hair as she speaks, arm outstretched. Inter-title - "My Son, this little one hath need of Thee." Mary talks to the boy and guides him forward. Close up on the boy's face as he pleads. Inter-title - "Lord, I have never seen the flowers nor the light. Wilt Thou open mine eyes?" Close up on the boy speaking. Close up on Peter and Judas looking worried and shaking their heads. The boy stands silently. Graphic of a beam of light. Inter-title over graphic - "I am come a light into the world - that whosoever believeth in me shall not abide in darkness." The boy stands still, face upturned as the light shines around him. Graphic of light getting brighter, Amidst the light, the boy's face appears, shouting. Inter-title - "Oh-oh! I begin to see - the light!" The boy claps his hands with delight. The light grows brighter, slowly Jesus' head and shoulders can be seen and the light becomes the halo behind his head. The light shines on the boy as he smiles and moves his hands. Jesus, dressed in pure white robes, nods and spreads out his arms. The boy opens his eyes and holds out his hands. Jesus takes the boy's hands as he looks about the room, they embrace, the boy smiling up at Jesus, who looks towards heaven and then pulls away and speaks to the boy. Inter-title - '"Go home, and show how great things God hath done unto thee!" Luke 8:39' Jesus and the boy talk, the boy marvelling at how much he can see.

Peter and Judas look on, Peter looks concerned as Judas speaks. Inter-title - "Would He but shun the Poor and heal the Rich, we could straightway make Him King - with me on His right hand!" Judas continues speaking as Peter turns to him. Jesus picks up the boy in His arms and carries him off.

Outside the crowds flee as Mary Magdalene's chariot comes galloping into the town, under the archway. Side shot of the chariot stopping and the amazed crowd behind. Mary looks around and a beggar offers up his bowl to her, she addresses him, arms outstretched. Inter-title - "Where is this vagabond carpenter?" She brushes him aside and he points to the building behind, Mary orders her guards to clear the way, one pushes back the crowd with his spear, while the other lays out a rug for her to walk on. Mary steps down from the chariot and surveys the sick and destitute lying on stretchers at her feet and standing around her, she stalks off. The first priest gestures towards her, while talking to the other and smiles in a self-congratulatory way.

Mary bursts into the room and Judas approaches her. He looks across at the others before asking May what she is doing there, she replies. Inter-title - "Where is this Man who holdeth thee from Mary Magdalene?" Mary points to herself as she speaks. Jesus turns slowly away from the people He was speaking to. Inter-title - '"Ask, and it shall be given you - seek, and ye shall find!" Matt. 7:7.' Mary, standing very close to Judas, turns away. Jesus continues to talk to some people. Mary turns back to Judas and then stalks down the steps into the centre of the room. She strides over and confronts Jesus, He looks at her, she shies away, but turns back to Him smiling. Judas looks on intensely. Jesus stands and Mary turns as though about to leave, but she is drawn back and moves away from Jesus facing Him. Close up on Mary hiding her face with her arms.

Close up on Jesus' face as He speaks. Inter-title - '"Be thou clean!" Matt. 8:3.' Jesus continues to speak. Mary lowers her arms as an apparition appears at her shoulder and whispers in her ear. Inter-title - "I am LUST! Hold me fast, Mary - my arms are the gates of life!" Mary looks pained as another apparition appears and paws on her, whispering. Inter-title - "I am GREED! I drain hearts, but I fill thy purse - let Him not destroy me!" Mary looks distraught and pleading as the demons stroke her and tempt her. Close up on Jesus' face as He speaks. Mary cowers in distress as a proud semi-opaque ghost talks to her. Inter-title - "Keep me, Mary - I am PRIDE! Through me thou hast enslaved Kings!" Mary looks desperate as the vision talks. Close up on Jesus as he watches. Mary looks more dishevelled as more spectres swirl behind her and one speaks over her shoulder. Inter-title - "We are GLUTTONY - INDOLENCE - ENVY - ANGER! We teach thee to forget, and to hate, and to consume!" Mary tries to resist as the demon talks, Peter looks on, distressed, a woman from the crowd asks him what is happening, he replies. Inter-title - '"He doth cleanse her of the seven deadly sins!" Luke 8:2' Peter continues to talk to the woman. Mary stands looking upset as the semi-opaque fading figures writhe around her. Mary slowly raises her arms as the figures fade away. Jesus lowers his arm. Mary, restored, holds out her arms and begins to smile. Jesus stares for a moment and then walks away. Mary looks down at herself and realises to her shame that she is semi-clad, she pulls her cloak across to hide herself.

Close up on Judas looking on amazed. Mary covers her head with her cloak too and walks forward. Mark leans over Jesus' Mother Mary's shoulder and speaks to her, she holds his hand. Mary Magdalene walks over to where Jesus sits with a few disciples, kneels before Him and bows her head, He turns to a disciple and speaks. Inter-title - '"Blessed are the pure in heart - for they shall see God!" Matt. 5:8' He removes his hand and looks at her.

Inter-title - 'The Roman appointee CAIAPHAS, the High Priest - who cared more for Revenue than for Religion - and saw in Jesus a menace to his rich profits from the Temple.' In an official-looking room, with a large mirror on the wall and ornaments, Caiaphas is sitting in a throne with his feet up, another man sits opposite him, he is talking to his servant. Close up on Caiaphas as he gesticulates as he speaks. The two priests that he was addressing stop consulting a scroll and the one holding the scroll answers him. Inter-title - '"Perceive ye how we prevail nothing? Behold, the whole world is gone after this Man, Jesus!" John 12:19' The other priest agrees. Caiaphas is not pleased with this answer. The entrance to this room is seen, shrouded by curtains, as the priest that watched Jesus strides in, flanked by guards. Caiaphas turns to greet him, pleased. The priest enters and if followed by another priest and a guard. Caiaphas leans forward in his chair (which can now be seen in front of a fire) and greets the priest as he bows before him, they speak. Inter-title - '"Before our own eyes He broke the Sabbath! And He said, also, that God was His Father - making Himself equal with God!" John 5:18' The man finishes speaking and Caiaphas nods his head, sitting back in his chair. Three men look on in horror. The priest carries on speaking to Caiaphas. Inter-title - '"We would have laid hands on Him, but we feared the multitude - because they take Him for a prophet!" Matt. 21:46' Caiaphas angrily rolls up his scroll and throws it to the ground, he stands and accuses the priest. Inter-title - '"Are ye also deceived?" John 7:47' Caiaphas storms off. Close up on Caiaphas thinking, looking at the floor and shaking his head.

A group of guards appear at the entrance, the leader drags a very dazed, delirious Mary Magdalene, clutching her cloak, along with him, as her reaches the entrance she falls in a faint and he lets go of her so that she falls to the floor, he carries on walking and leaves her, a heap on the floor in front of the laughing guards. The guard walks over to where Caiaphas is stood thinking and talks to him. Inter-title - "This woman hath been convicted of adultery. Wouldst thou that we stone her to death?" The guard continues to speak as Caiaphas turns to him with a look of contempt, Close up on Mary looking distraught, lying on the floor pleading. Inter-title - "-mercy!" Close up again as Mary pleads. Caiaphas dismisses the guard with a flick of the wrist. The guard pulls Mary to her feet by the arm and then leaves, dragging her behind him. Caiaphas suddenly realises what he has done and shouts stop and points in the air, behind him the Torah is open on a shelf and wine is laid out. Caiaphas pulls back a curtain, calls back the soldier and summons one of his priests, he talks to them. Inter-title - "Take this woman before Jesus in the Temple - His own words shall convict Him!" The three man talk. Inter-title - "Make Him judge her! If He free her, He breaketh the law of Moses, and may be stoned in her stead!" Caiaphas dismisses the two men and then rubs his hands together with glee.

inter-title - "The TEMPLE … to the Faithful of Israel, the dwelling place of Jehovah. But to the High Priest, Caiaphas, a corrupt and profitable market-place.' The great courtyard before the temple is seen, huge columns rise up around the square and the main archway leads through, up some steps, to the temple, there are market stalls on either side and many people ,milling around, through the centre approach a procession of men (backs to the camera), two-abreast carrying trumpets, after them comes a casket being carried by men on either side, the trumpeters stop in the centre of the square and sound their trumpets, this causes all the people in the yard to kneel.

In another courtyard, the priests are sacrificing animals, two pairs of priests raise a bowl and a knife to the sky before bending down to cut the animals, behind, two priests are hanging carcasses on to a large frame. Inter-title - 'The Temple Veil - guarding the awesome approach to the innermost shrine, the Holy of Holies.' The veil is a vast curtain covering the entrance to the temple, it lifts slowly as two priests stroll down the steps that lead to it, doves fly across the shot. Jesus, Mark and a few disciples are walking past some goat pens when they turn, distracted by the noise. The guards burst into a courtyard surrounded by pillars and burning torches, they push through the crowd which gathers to see the leader force Mary against a column and point her out. Close up on Mary still clutching her gown to her chest, leaning against the column to steady herself. One of the disciples begins to lead Mark away. A priest pushes the crowd away from Mary, in the confusion, a man carrying a crate of doves gets caught up in the crowd, they begin to hand rocks around. The priest walks up to Jesus and gestures towards Mary. Inter-title - '"This woman hath been taken in adultery. In the law, Moses commanded us to stone such. What then sayest Thou of her?" John 8:4-5' Jesus looks at the priest and slowly turns away from him. Close up on Mary looking scared and confused. Two shots of Jesus moving away from the priest. Mary cowers on the floor as the people crowd round carrying rocks, a woman walking by drops a jug which smashes and sand pours on the floor, she points to Mary and blames her. Close up on two women gossiping in the crowd. Two men in the crowd hold a rock each, one takes the other's rock and as the other looks on, annoyed, weighs the two in his hands before handing the lighter one back. The priest pushes through the crowd and points at Mary, laughing, the crowd jeers and waves their rocks. The priest signals with his arms for the stoning to begin, but Jesus appears from within the crowd and raises his hand to halt them, he speaks. Inter-title - '"He that is without sin among you - let him first cast a stone at her." John 8:7' Jesus speaks, pointing at Mary. Two shots of different people raising their arm to cast a stone and then realising that they cannot do it.

Jesus kneels down in front of Mary. Close up on a man throwing a rock to the floor and dusting off his hands. A man approaches Jesus and offers to cast a stone, Jesus writes in the sand at his feet. Close up on Jesus' hand writing symbols in the sand. The image changes to spell the word 'THEIF'. The man reads the word, drops the rock and runs away scared. Jesus continues writing as another man approaches looking proud and well-dressed. Close up on Jesus' hand writing in the sand. The image changes to become 'MURDERER'. Close up on the man looking around shiftily. Jesus writes in the sand as behind him in the crowd, a rock falls to the floor. Slowly the crowd disperses, leaving their rocks on the floor, until only Jesus (still writing), Mary (still cowering) and the priest are left. Close up on the priest as he speaks. Inter-title - '" God, I thank Thee that I am not as other man are!" Luke 18:11' The priest looks down and speaks. Close up on Jesus' hand writing in the sand. The image becomes the word 'ADULTERER'. The priest looks alarmed. As Jesus kneels, another rock drops behind him. The priest runs away, Jesus looks after him but remains an his knees.

Close up on Mary cowering and trembling. Jesus walks round her in the now empty courtyard and extends His hand to her. Inter-title - '"Woman - where are thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee?" John 8:10' Jesus opens His arms to show the retreat of the crowd as Mary lifts her head. Close up on Mary realising that she is alone with Jesus and beginning to smile. Inter-title - '"No man, Lord!" John 8:11' Jesus offers Mary His hand and helps her to her feet. Close up as Jesus holds Mary's hand and pats her on the head, He speaks to her. Inter-title - '"Neither do I condemn thee - go, and sin no more!" John 8:11' Mary slowly lifts her head, smiles at Jesus and walks away, hiding her face.

Inter-title - '"And it came to pass, that He went throughout every city and village, preaching and showing the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God!" Luke 8:1' An olive grove is seen, small children collect olives while up ladders and sitting in the branches, whilst others hold baskets at the bottom of the trees for the olives to fall into, Jesus and the disciples, led, by Mark, approach in the distance. Close up on toddlers collecting olives from the floor and dropping them into a basket. Jesus tugs at a child in the tree's leg playfully and takes on olive from the child's basket. Mark climbs up a ladder into a tree to tell the children that Jesus has arrived.

One of the disciples is talking to Jesus in the grove, the children begin to arrive and each one tugs at Jesus' clothes to get His attention, he pats them on the head and smiles at them, but the disciple wants to talk, so he picks one child up and places him out of the way, he tries to shoo the others away, but Jesus places His hand on his shoulder to stop him. Close up on Jesus and the disciple as Jesus speaks. Inter-title - '"Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not - for of such if the Kingdom of Heaven!" Mark 10:14' The disciple gives up and walks off, Jesus sits down nearby and welcomes the children to sit by Him and embraces them, the other disciples stand around Him.

Close up on Jesus talking to a small girl. Inter-title - "Mark saith thou canst mend broken legs!" The child laughs and brings a wooden doll out from behind her back. Close up on the girl as she pulls the broken leg away from the doll and hands them to Jesus. Jesus takes the doll and thinks, them looks over at the disciples. Two disciples look on smiling. Jesus holds the doll's leg in place and reaches for a twig whilst a few children watch. Close up on Jesus' hands as He wedges the twig into the broken joint and then tests the now mended leg. Jesus shows the girl the working toy and she takes it back, smiling. The two disciples look at each other and nod. Jesus kisses and embraces the little girl.

From a clearing outside the grove, two women hurry forward in black veils and dresses. Inter-title - 'Whether with broken dolls or broken hearts, those who loved Him came to Him. So came MARTHA and MARY of Bethany - mourning their brother, LAZARUS.' The two women go up to Jesus, who is surrounded by His disciples, one falls to her knees, hands clasped together and appeals to Jesus. Inter-title - '"Lord if Thou hadst been here, my brother had not died. But I know that even now, whatsoever Thou wilt ask of God, He will give it Thee!" John 22:21-22' The woman pleads on her knees, Jesus helps her to her feet and the two sisters stand before Him pleading and looking sorrowful, Jesus speaks to them as two disciples look on. Inter-title - '"Thy brother shall rise again!" John 11:23' The disciples behind the women look confused as the women gesture for Jesus to go with them.

Inter-title - ''Then when Jesus came, He found that Lazarus had lain in the grave four days.' John 11:17' Jesus slowly descends some steps into an underground tomb, followed by Martha, Mary and the disciples, the walls are rock and there is a large casket in the centre, one of the women shows Jesus the casket while the other covers her face and cries, Jesus calls his disciples to come and lift the lid. Close up on the woman warning Jesus that he is four days dead, Jesus remains calm. A priest and his guards enter the top of the tomb to watch. Jesus directs His disciples to open the lid. The priest and his companions smile knowingly. Close up on two of the men as they lift the lid. Mark and two disciples shrink back and huddle together in fear. A group of people do too.

Jesus folds His hands on his chest and speaks. Inter-title - '"I am the Resurrection, and the Life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live!" John 11:25' Close up on Jesus closing His eyes and then opening them again. The spies watch from a distance. The sisters kneel before the open casket and the disciples stand around, Jesus raises His arm. Inter-title - '"Lazarus - come forth!" John 11:43' Jesus stands arm raised. Close up on Lazarus' body wrapped in a shroud, slowly his arm moves up and out of the shroud. Close up on one of the sisters shrinking back in fright. Close up on the two priests, barely able to believe their eyes. As the sisters, Jesus, and the disciples watch, Lazarus begins to sit up very slowly.

Mark rushes round the two disciples he stands with and crouches, frightened. One of the sisters falls back against Jesus in amazement as Lazarus sits up fully in his casket. The priest covers his face in horror and they run out of the tomb. Jesus looks down on the sisters and speaks. Inter-title - '"Loose him, and let him go!" John 11:44' the sister at Jesus' feet looks hesitant but then begins to rise at Jesus' suggestion. The small crowd watches in fear. Lazarus' sister reaches over to touch him and then pulls away, then reaches out.

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