Film: 10281

Feature Drama | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Part two of a feature film of the life of Jesus Christ see 10280 for part one. Very loose following of the four Gospels, text mostly taken from the Bible, although rarely in chronological order. Contains scenes not mentioned in any Gospel, such as Mark meeting Jesus. Despite not being accurate to the story in the Bible, good fun and great costumes for the rich and powerful! This half could be construed as anti-Semitic because of its focus on the guilt of the Jews for Jesus' death.
This half contains: Judas' bribe, the Last Supper, the Arrest, the Trial in front of Pilate, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Ascension.

Close up on Judas looking distressed, wrapped in a blanket. Caiaphas leans in towards him, speaking. Inter-title - '"No man dare take this Jesus openly … Dost thou swear to betray to us His secret place of prayer, that we may destroy Him?" Mark 14:2' Close up on Judas and Caiaphas, Judas nods in agreement. The priests smile as Caiaphas finishes slowly counting out the coins, Judas hangs his head in shame. Fade to black.

Inter-title - 'Now when Jesus knew that His hour was come, desiring to eat the Passover with His Disciples - He sat down, at eventide, for the Last Supper'. Jesus and His Disciples are sat at table in the same way as the painting by Leonardo da Vinci, Jesus stands with His arms outstretched to speak, Judas stares ahead, distracted. Close up on Jesus as He takes up a piece of flat bread and breaks it. Inter-title - '"Take, eat - this is My body which is given for you. This do in remembrance of Me." Luke 22:19' The two Disciples either side of Jesus (one is Judas) take the bread, break off a piece and pass it on, Jesus holds His hands together and looks towards heaven. Close up on Judas, who goes to eat the bread, but lets it fall before it reaches his mouth. Peter looks sad as he slowly passes the bread on. Jesus remains standing as one Disciple on His right eats and Judas sits still. Close up on Peter as he solemnly eats the bread and prays. Close up on three others as they do the same. Judas looks about him with an eyebrow raised. Five other Disciples eat.

Jesus takes up a large goblet of wine, the Disciple to His right watches intently, Judas stares ahead. Jesus holds the cup to His chest, looks up and then speaks. Inter-title - '"This is My blood of the new testament - which is shed for many, unto the remission of sins. Drink ye all of it!" Matt. 26:27-28.' Close up on Jesus as he lowers the cup. He watches His right Disciple drink from the cup as Judas on the other side looks down, head in hand. Peter drinks, then clutches the cup to his chest in despair before passing it on, then he looks up at Jesus. Jesus watches, lit from behind so that he glows slightly. Three Disciples drink sadly. Judas looks up at Jesus with pity. Jesus looks down on them and speaks. Inter-title - '"Little children, yet a little while I am with you. A new commandment I give unto you - that ye love one another, as I have loved you." John 13:33-34.' Jesus finishes speaking. Judas looks up in disbelief. Five Disciples look sad as the last passes on the cup. Judas looks at the cup with fear and does not take it, though it is pushed towards him. The Disciple passing it speaks to him. Judas takes the cup looking very scared. Jesus speaks to him. Judas raises the cup to his lips but does not drink, he lowers it again and looks very disturbed.

Jesus speaks. Inter-title - '"Behold, the hand of him that betrayeth Me - is with Me on the table!" Luke 22:21' Jesus continues speaking. Judas looks down at the cup and around him in fear. Three shots of the Disciples doubting themselves, looking worried and uncomfortable. Judas stands and talks to Jesus, touching Him and smiling, Jesus talks to him solemnly. Inter-title - '"That which thou doest - do quickly!" John 13:27.' Judas, scared, pulls away. The Disciples get up from their places and question Jesus as Judas slips away from the table. Inter-title - '"Lord, is it I?" " … is it I?" Matt. 26:22.' They continue questioning. Judas takes one last look in the door and leaves. Peter throws his head down on the table, Jesus puts His arm around him, outstretches the other and speaks. Inter-title - '" My peace I give unto you. In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be good of cheer - I have overcome the world!" John 16:33.' Jesus lowers His arms and they slowly leave the table.

Jesus walks over to where Mary His Mother is seated, she stands and embraces Him. Inter-title - "O my beloved Son - wilt Thou not return to Nazareth with me? Here, I fear Thine enemies!" Close up on their faces as they embrace and Jesus speaks. Inter-title - '"The Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many!" Matt. 20:28' He finishes speaking and moves away, Mary clutches His hand and shakes her head. Jesus descends the steps, followed by His Disciples, Mary turns away, crying. Peter lingers over the table, then leaves, a light shines from the cup, a dove appears and flies over the table before landing in front of the cup, the light gets brighter as the shot fades out.

Inter-title - ''Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane' Matt. 26:36'. Jesus walks into a wooded garden followed by Judas, the Disciples and Mark, the Disciples disperse and Jesus speaks to Peter. Inter-title - '"Tarry ye here, and watch with Me, while I go yonder and pray." Matt. 26:38-36' Jesus finishes speaking and then walks away up a small hill, watched by Peter, Judas and an older Disciple.

A figure, stooped over with a cloak covering his head, carrying a lantern, descends stone steps to the basement of a palace where the two priests and Caiaphas' armed guards are waiting. The figure reveals himself as Judas and gestures at the priest before covering his face again. The priest points and Judas leads the whole party up some steps and out of a large wooden door.

Jesus slowly climbs the hill, then stops, arms outstretched. Inter-title - '"Father, if Thou be willing - remove this cup from Me. Nevertheless, not My will, but Thine be done!" Luke 22:42.' Jesus lowers His arms and falls to His knees, clasping His hands together in prayer. Close up as Jesus slowly raises His head, and pulls himself up, there are drops of blood on His forehead. Inter-title - ''And being in an agony He prayed more earnestly - and His sweat was as great drops of blood.' Luke 22:44.' Jesus looks up to heaven in pain and the slowly lowers His head. Judas looking bedraggled, leads the priests and guards into the clearing then suddenly stops. Close up on Judas looking pained, then he continues. Hundreds of armed guards carrying lit torches and spears follow them through the wood.

Jesus looks down on two sleeping Disciples, lying on the ground at the foot of the hill. Inter-title '"Could ye not watch with Me one hour? The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!" Matt. 26:40-41.' Jesus looks away. Judas leads the guards slowly by lamp-light through the trees. Jesus throws himself onto the rocks in despair. Jesus rests His head on His hand, speaking. Inter-title - '"O My Father, if this cup may not pass away from Me, except I drink it, Thy will be done." Matt. 26:42.' Jesus lays His head on His arms for a moment, then He gets up, speaking upwards. Inter-title - '"Father, the hour is come! I have finished the work which Thou gavest Me to do!" John 17:1-4.' Jesus stands on the rocks, arms outstretched, looking upwards.

Judas and the guards stop among the trees. Judas talks to the priest and turns to go, but the priest stops him and speaks. Inter-title - "What signal wilt thou give us?" Judas considers for a moment and then speaks. Inter-title - '"Whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is He. Hold Him fast!" Matt. 26:48' Judas looks about him frightened and then smiles nervously. He picks his way down watched by the guards. Judas approaches Jesus, puts his lamp down at the foot of the hill and raises his arm towards Jesus, speaking. Inter-title - '"Hail, Master!" Matt. 26:49.' Judas walks up to Jesus. Close up on the priests watching expectantly. Close up on Judas as he slowly moves up to Jesus and kisses Him on the cheek, Jesus turns and speaks to him. Inter-title - '"Judas - betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?" Luke 22:48' Jesus finishes speaking as Judas looks scared.

The guards rush forwards through the trees. The Disciples wake up and rush to their feet, pointing and shouting. Jesus watches from the hillock as they fight with branches. An old Disciple holds a soldier, while Mark beats him with a large stick. Jesus watches the fighting. Close up as Peter slices off a guard's ear with his sword. Jesus raises His arm to halt them. Inter-title - '"Put up thy sword - for all they that take the sword, shall perish with the sword!" Matt. 26:52.' Jesus finishes speaking. Peter stares at his sword in shame and lets it fall to the ground. The priests stride up to Jesus flanked by the guards, pointing and shouting at Him. Jesus holds out His hands to them and speaks. Inter-title - '"Are ye come out as against a robber, with swords and staves to seize Me? I sat daily in the Temple teaching, and ye laid not hands on Me!" Matt. 26:55' The priests turn to the guards and talk angrily, pointing at Jesus.

Close up on the man Peter fought, lying wounded on the floor with his eyes closed. Jesus steps down from the hill towards the man. Close up on Jesus' hand resting over the man's head, the trickle of blood on his cheek disappears. Jesus stands back up and one of the priests looks amazed, the other bursts through the crowd and scowls at Jesus. The soldier opens his eyes and slowly sits up, he feels his ear with his fingers and looks for blood. A guard shows Jesus some rope and Jesus offers His hands to be tied, as they are bound, the priest folds his arms in satisfaction behind. Guards bind the hands of Peter and Judas in the crowd. Jesus speaks to the man who ahs just tied Him up. Inter-title - '"If, therefore, ye seek Me - let these go their way." John 18:8' Jesus finishes speaking and is pulled back by the ropes around His hands, the guard nods and goes, he is stopped by the priest but shrugs him off and continues. The soldier shoos the Disciples away, cutting their bonds with a knife, Judas says something to Peter ands then hurries away. Jesus walks in to the soldiers and is led off through the crowd with some of the Disciples following behind.

Inter-title - 'And they led Him away to Caiaphas the High Priest.' Two soldiers draw back curtains onto a vast room in which sit the Sanhedrin, Caiaphas is seated in a throne in the middle of a dais, flanked by a few guards on either side, forming a semi-circle are priests and elders holding staffs, all are in ceremonial dress, Jesus stops at the entrance and then slowly descends the steps into the room, the guards close the curtains behind Him.

Inter-title - ''In the morning they brought Jesus before Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea - who alone had authority to pass sentence of death.' Mark 15:1.' Pilate sits regally on a throne in a coloured toga and ceremonial cloak with a long train. The shot pans out to show that he is sitting in front of an enormous statue of an Imperial Eagle in a grand hall, on either side of him are short column topped with burning urns, Caiaphas approaches with his priests behind. Close up on Caiaphas raising his arm to greet Pilate. Inter-title - "Hail, Roman!" He bows. Pilate, sitting nonchalantly in his chair, replies half-heartedly raising his hand. Inter-title - "Hail, Priest!" He sits, looking bored.

A guard leads Jesus into the room. Close up on Jesus as He stands before Pilate. An angry crowd can be seen through the gates, guarded by Imperial centurions. Caiaphas tries to show Pilate a scroll but he dismisses it with a flick of the wrist, instead, Caiaphas points at Jesus and speaks. Inter-title - '"We found this Fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar - saying that He, Himself, is Christ a King!" Luke 23:2'. Pilate turns away to look at Jesus. Close up on Jesus standing bound. Pilate stands and walks forward grandly. He descends the steps, stands in front of Jesus and looks Him up and down, then he points at Him. Inter-title - '"Art Thou the King of the Jews?" Luke 23:3' Jesus does not answer, so Pilate turns away to look at Caiaphas. Caiaphas watches intently. Pilate asks again, shouting. Inter-title - '"Answer me! Knowest Thou not that I have the power to crucify Thee - or release Thee?" John 19:10.' Jesus answers the angry defiant Pilate calmly. Inter-title - '"Thou sayest that I am a King. To this end was I born - that I should bear witness unto the Truth!" John 18:37.' Pilate thinks about this and goes to walk away, then he turns back and asks Jesus a question, smiling. Inter-title - '"What is Truth?" John 18:38' He turns from Jesus and walks back up the steps.

Pilate leans on his throne and then speaks to the waiting Caiaphas. Inter-title - '"I find no fault in this Man - no cause of death in Him! I will therefore, chastise Him, and let Him go!" Luke 23:14-22' Caiaphas cannot believe this and says so to Pilate. The priests talk among themselves in disbelief. Pilate sits down as Caiaphas walks off muttering. Caiaphas goes back to the priests and they crowd in as he speaks conspiratorially. Inter-title - '"Bribe rogues to cry His death! Confuse the people Scatter His friends!" Matt. 27:20.' A few of the priests leave and the others talk to Caiaphas.

Pilate addresses a centurion in armour and helmet who salutes and then walks towards Jesus. Close up on Jesus as the centurion stands before Jesus, smiles and nods. He calls more soldiers forward and they line up behind Jesus with spears and shields. The crowd are clambering on the gates, shouting and waving angrily. The centurion waves Jesus on and He walks away followed by many pairs of soldiers.

One of the spy-priests is seen among a crowd of men speaking in hushed tones. Inter-title - "This Carpenter blasphemeth and pretendeth to be our King! Demand, therefore that He be crucified!" The priest hands out coins to a few of the men in the crowd. Another priest is seen talking to the crowd. Inter-title - ''Nay, do not our own Scriptures teach us that no man shall take a bribe against the innocent?' Psalms 15:5' The priest hands out coins to man. Judas hides behind a pillar watching what is happening in front of two centurions, he flinches twice at what he sees. Jesus is strung up by His hands against a wall with a pained expression. Soldiers stand around watching as a centurion limbers up and then sends his whip crashing down. From behind his pillar, an evermore desperate-looking Judas flinches and writhes.

A drunken centurion throws a stone and the others raise their tankards and laugh and jeer. One, leaning against a wall, eating, smirks. As two stand talking, one of them cuts his arm on a thorny branch coming in the window, he tells his friend, then has a sudden thought and shouts to his friends. Inter-title - "A King should have a Crown!". He uses his friend's sword to cut off twigs of thorns and they strip off the leaves, laughing and smiling. As the soldier is raising his whip to strike Jesus, another centurion moves over and stops him, but two others stop him and talk to him, man comes forward with an old cloak and shows it to the man with the whip, one of the centurions points to it and laughs. Inter-title - " - a Robe for the King!" They all laugh and point as he hangs the cloak on Jesus' lacerated back. One of the soldiers at the table stands up and places it on the table upside-down, he points to it and laughs. Inter-title - " - a Throne for the King!" The others laugh and call Jesus over. Judas in the shadows, staggers and looks ill. The soldiers mock Jesus and jeer, they sit Him on the upturned stool and wave their tankards around Him, He hangs His head.

The two men finish their crown of thorns and walk forward. The man pushes through the others and stands behind Jesus to crown Him. Judas shakes his head in shame. The man moves to place the crown on Jesus' head. Close up on his face as he forces it down hard. Judas raises his hands to his head in alarm and closes his eyes. Close up on Jesus' face as blood trickles from the crown and tears well up in his eyes. One of the centurions (the one who tried to stop them) looks on, concerned. A man holds a bundle of canes, chooses one and holds it in front of him talking. Inter-title - "A King must have a Sceptre!" He places it in Jesus' hand as the others crowd round laughing and jeering. Close up on Jesus, eyes heavenward. The centurions bow and kneel around Jesus, mocking Him. Inter-title - "Hail, Thou King of Kings!" A few of them raise their swords and one sticks bread on the end of them.

The centurion who had been watching from a distance walks forward. He strides forward, pushing others out of the way and shooing them, they shrink back and leave until only he stands before Jesus, who turns to him. Close up on him and Jesus, who looks upwards, he averts his gaze in shame and then orders Jesus down from the table. Jesus stands and faints, the centurion catches Him as he swoons.

Inter-title - '' Now Pilate knowing that Jesus had been delivers up for envy, sought to release Him.' Matt. 27:18' Two soldiers try to hold back the gates as the crowd pushes forward, but the crowd bursts through and troops rush forward to keep them out. They hold the crowd back as Pilate emerges with Jesus on one side and Barabbas on the other, he raises his hand to silence the crowd. Pilate points to Jesus, speaking. Inter-title - '"Ye have a custom, that I should release unto you a prisoner at Passover. Which of the two will ye that I release unto you?" John 18:39' Pilate points to Jesus. The priest leads the crowd in shouting. '"Barabbas! Release Barabbas!" Luke 23:18.' The men shout and jeer. Mary Magdalene covers her ears in shock and horror. The soldiers struggle to contain Jesus' followers in the crowd as they shout. Inter-title - "No, no! not Barabbas! - but Jesus!…Release Jesus!" One man breaks through the crowd (a Disciple) and stands on the steps shouting before being dragged back down by a guard. Another priest leads the crowd shouting. Inter-title - "Barabbas! Barabbas!" They turn on a man who is not shouting for him.

Pilate, looking concerned, points to Jesus and speaks to the crowd. Inter-title - '"What shall I do then with Jesus, that is called Christ?" Matt. 27:22' Pilate stands, arms folded, looking stern, Caiaphas comes up behind him and speaks. Inter-title - '"Crucify Him!" Mark 15:14' Pilate listens. Jesus lowers His gaze. Pilate turns to Caiaphas. The priest and men shout, and wave their fists. A woman (Mary, his Mother possibly) tries to stop the shouting crowd, waving her arms ad shouting. Inter-title - "Nay, ye shall not crucify Him!…The High Priest speaketh not for the people!" A man holds her back and covers her mouth with his hand as she struggles/ The crowd shouts and waves looking up at Pilate. A centurion steps forth and salutes to Pilate, he points at Barabbas and orders. Inter-title - "Release him!" Barabbas (unkempt and poor in rags and chains) moves towards Pilate but is pulled back and taken away by soldiers, Caiaphas steps forward smiling.

Mary Magdalene stands in the crowd, shouting and wailing. Inter-title - "His only crime hath been to heal your sick, and raise your dead! Save Him - ye may, yourselves, need mercy!" Mary pleads with members of the crowd to stop them, but they throw her off. The priest runs from his place in the crowd when he notices Mary. He pushes through to her, points at her and shouts to the crowd. Inter-title - "Would ye listen to the Harlot of Magdala, against your own Priests!" They shout in agreement as Mary protests. Pilate looks on concerned, he turns to Jesus and then addresses the crowd again. Inter-title - '"Shall I crucify your King?" John 19:15'. Pilate watches in earnest, Caiaphas taps him on the shoulder and speaks. Inter-title - '"We have no King but Caesar!" John 19:15' Pilate turns to the smiling Caiaphas with a troubled look and then looks at Jesus. Close up on Jesus' face in anguish.

Pilate still looking at Jesus, calls a servant, who comes forward and bows, and then sends him away. One of the priests and the crowd jostle and shout. Inter-title - '"Away with Him - crucify Him!" John 19:15'. The priest moves away from the crowd. Mary, the mother of Jesus, shakes her head and pleads for the crowd to stop. Mary Magdalene struggles in the crowd. Pilate turns away form Jesus as two servants bring a jug of water and a bowl, as Pilate washes his hands, Caiaphas speaks to him, pointing. Inter-title - "If thou, imperial Pilate, wouldst wash thy hands of this Man's death, let it be upon me - and me alone!" Pilate dries his hands and gestures towards Jesus as he speaks. Inter-title - '"I am innocent of the blood of this Man - see ye to it!" Matt. 27:24' Pilate storms off, Caiaphas smiles satisfied, as he is surrounded by his priests, centurions surround Jesus.

Pilate sinks into his chair in despair. Judas, looking mad and raving, dashes over to Caiaphas clutching his pouch full of coins. The soldiers take Jesus' robes off Him. Judas points to this and speaks. Inter-title - '"I have sinned in that I have betrayed innocent blood!" Matt. 27:4. Judas pleads despairingly, but Caiaphas just shrugs and comments. Inter-title - '"What is that to us? See thou to that!" Matt. 27:4'. Judas pleads for Caiaphas to take the money, but he just brushes him aside and leaves, the other priests follow and refuse Judas' pleas in turn, he lifts his arms in despair and screams, dropping the coins on the floor. The soldiers continue to remove Jesus' clothing and throw away his bindings. The rope falls against Judas and he looks at it. Close up on the rope amongst the coins at his feet. Judas leans down. Close up on his hand as he picks up the rope. Judas gathers up the rope looking desperate. The soldiers cover Jesus' body with a new cloak. The crowd shouts and waves as five men carry in a large cross above their heads, through the crowd. A centurion points to the cross, laughing and speaks to Jesus. The crowd hold up the cross and shout towards Jesus.

Inter-title - 'The Way of the Cross'. Close up on the end of the cross dragging along the street as people's feet go past. Close up on Jesus as He shoulders the cross, soldiers keep back the crowd and the man whips Jesus. Some people jeer at Jesus, others plead with Him from the crowd, a woman holding a baby approaches Him. Close up as she shows Him the child, He blesses it and she is dragged away by a soldier as He is driven on. Martha and Mary sit looking on in despair, one bows her head in sadness. A woman approaches Caiaphas, who is processing behind, but is fought back by his guards, they continue to walk.

Inter-title - ''And there were also two Thieves led with Him to be put to death.' Luke 23:32.' The thieves stagger through the crowd, in rags with signs hanging round their necks and their arms bound to large posts, the crowd throws vegetables at them and jeers. Jesus follows the soldiers through the town. The Disciples watch through a small window, many of them turn away in horror as the top of the cross passes by outside. Close up on Jesus' head and torso as he stops and looks up. His mother smiles and nods and the Disciple behind her hangs his head with sadness as she begins to cry. Jesus smiles weakly then walks on.

The centurions laugh as they watch in a large group. Close up on Jesus as He falls to the floor exhausted. Mark struggles against a man, trying to run to help Jesus, the man picks him up and lifts him onto the back of an ox. The man tries to calm the crying boy by talking to him and patting him on the shoulder. Inter-title - "If I was as big a man as thou art, I would carry His cross for Him!" Mark speaks and the man looks away. The centurion leading Jesus whips him and the crowd behind shout in protest. The man speaks to Mark and then walks away. He stops the centurion from whipping Jesus and pushes him into the crowd. Close up on Mark shouting encouragement. The centurion argues with the man and another comes up to sort it out. Close up on Jesus crouched by the cross. Close up on the man watching Jesus with pity. Inter-title - '"I will bear Thy cross, Friend!" Mark 15:21'. Same shot. Jesus slowly raises His head, then grasps the mans hand and looks up. The man looks down at Him. The man helps Jesus to His feet and then crouches to shoulder the cross himself as the centurions laugh. Close up on the man feeling how heavy it is, he gets up, looks at Jesus and smiles. With great strain he lifts the cross and follows Jesus staggering on, they are followed by the two centurions, the two Marys and a vast crowd.

Inter-title - ''And when they were come to the place, which is called CALVARY, there they crucified Him - and the two Thieves - one on the right hand, and the other on the left.' Luke 23:33' Jesus stands by the cross opposite the soldier with the whip who is now holding a mallet and nails, he gestures for Jesus to mount the cross, He moves towards it. The scene is viewed from above, the crowd swarm at the bottom of the hill, the thieves are already on their crosses, tied up, not nailed, a servant pours a liquid into a cup which is then handed to a centurion, he offers it to Jesus. Inter-title - ''And they give Him to drink wine mingled with myrrh, wherewith to lessen His pain - but He received it not.' Mark 15:23.' Jesus shakes his head and the centurion reluctantly takes the cup away, the other one strikes the cross with the mallet and Jesus moves towards it.

A crazed Judas scrambles up a mountainside. Close up on his Disturbed face. The centurion's stern face is seen as he strikes a nail. Judas exclaims in horror. Mary (His Mother) does too and Mary and Martha cover their faces and fall to the floor. The hill is seen from Judas' viewpoint as Jesus' cross is raised. Close up on Judas' face in agony. Jesus is seen being hoisted up, from through the trees, and the men take away the props. Close up on Judas wrapping the rope around his neck. As the crowd looks on, a few men gather at Jesus' feet. Caiaphas is among them as they bow in mock admiration. Close up on Jesus hung on the cross. Mary nods. Jesus looks down on the crowd. The cross is seen from behind as Caiaphas looks up at Jesus. Caiaphas points up at the cross and speaks. Close up on the sign above the cross, it is written on in three different scripts, they fade to read 'Jesus of Nazareth The King of the Jews'. Caiaphas continues to speak. Inter-title - '"If He be the King of Israel - let Him now come down form the cross, and we will believe Him!" Matt. 27:42'. Caiaphas nods.

Close up on Jesus raising His eyes to heaven. Inter-title - '"Father, forgive them - for they know not what they do!" Luke 23:34'. Jesus looks about Him with pity. Two shots of Martha and Mary in anguish. Jesus is seen on the cross. Two shots of the Thieves taunting Jesus and laughing. Inter-title - '"If Thou be Christ, save Thyself and us!" Luke 23:39'. Two shots of the Thieves talking. Inter-title - '"Dost thou not fear God? We receive the due reward of our deeds - but this Man hath done no evil!" Luke 21:40-41'. One of the Thieves speaks to Jesus. Jesus looks up to heaven and closes His eyes. The thief speaks again. Inter-title - '"Lord - remember me when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom!" Luke 23:42'. He looks at Jesus. Jesus looks across at him. Inter-title - '"Verily, I say unto thee - today shalt thou be with Me in paradise." Luke 23:43'. Close up as Jesus looks at the thief. The thief gives out a last cry and dies. Jesus looks down. His Mother, Mary, comes to the foot of the cross and stretches up to reach His feet. Jesus is seen, from below, looking down. Mary rests her cheek against the cross.

Inter-title - ''Now from the Sixth hour there was darkness over all the land, until the Ninth hour.' Matt. 27:45' Caiaphas, the other priests and soldiers look about in confusion as it becomes dark and the wind begins to blow. Close up on one of the priests, the wind blowing his head-dress back, talking to Caiaphas. Between guarding soldiers, the crowd looks scared and one man stands up high and shouts pointing towards the sky. Dark clouds gather. As the wind picks up, the man continues shouting and another steadies him. Caiaphas indicates Jesus and speaks. Inter-title - '"He trusted in God! Let God deliver Him!" Matt. 27:43'. Caiaphas finishes speaking and the priests nod in defiance. Lightning breaks through the clouds. Caiaphas and the priests look around suspiciously. Lightning flashes in the sky and thunder claps. The wind blows harder and Caiaphas speaks to one of his priests. Jesus on the cross opens His eyes slowly and speaks. Inter-title - '"It is finished! Father, into Thy hands I commend My spirit!" Luke 23:46'. Jesus looks up towards heaven. Close up on His Mother's face as she weeps. Jesus looks up to heaven and then drops His head, dead. Caiaphas stares upwards at Jesus and the spy-priest looks down in fear. Mary (His Mother) drops her head in grief. Mary Magdalene kneels with Mary and Martha standing behind her, they hide their faces as she bows her head.

The wind, now very strong, whips past the body of Jesus on the cross. Judas stands on a crag with the rope round his neck tied onto the branch of a tree above him, a the wind gusts past he shields his eyes to look into the distance, past the dark ravine he stands on. Lightning lights up the clouds. Caiaphas raises his arms as the priests flee from all around him. The centurions move the crowd back from the foot of the cross as the wind gets worse. The crowd scramble down the hill in chaos. As they run and tumble, lightning strikes and a tree crashes down in the foreground. Much more lightning. The spy-priest struggles against the wind and pushes forward. The guards clear the top of the hill so that only Mary (His Mother) remains clinging to the cross as it gets darker. Judas is seen hanging dead form his noose. As the people struggle on a rock outcrop, lightning strikes and the rock breaks in half, people plunge downwards. A vulture pecks at Jesus' arm as he writhes in the wind. One of the women calls out to Jesus in the crowd. The light dims on Jesus' body on the cross.

Inter-title - ''And the earth quaked - and the rocks were rent.' Matt. 27:51'. The hill face falls away and the mountain splits in two and pulls aside, the crosses can be seen in the distance. A section of the crowd fall down the new gully and a sandstorm engulfs those hanging on above, a tree falls, through the sand people can be seen falling and clinging onto each other. Caiaphas shouts and screams in terror at what he sees. He presses his back against the rock in the wind, as people fall down the rift. People cling on to the rocks as another large section of the hill falls away behind. Caiaphas clings on to a bush and shouts. One of the priests is clinging on to a rock face when it suddenly breaks off with him. The rock is seen falling away with others from the hill. Two shots of people plunging down the holes. More of the hill breaks away. The tree on which Judas hangs falls down the gully.

Mary clings to the cross, a Disciple watches, a centurion comes forward with a spear and looks up at Jesus. Light illuminates Jesus in familiar stance on the cross. Mary pleads with the centurion but he drives the spear up above him, Mary and the Disciple (who is cradling a woman) cover their eyes in distress. The centurion who had helped Jesus before, steps forward from his section in anger. He pushes the other soldier who falls to his knees, Mary and the Disciple bow their heads in grief as the centurion raises his face to heaven and speaks. Inter-title - '"Truly - this Man was the Son of God!" Mark 15:39'. The same scene as the centurion finishes speaking. Close up on Jesus on the cross, head bowed.

Caiaphas rushes up the steps of the Temple, before the curtain, in the wind. Inter-title - ''Behold, the Veil of the Temple was rent from the top to the bottom.' Matt. 27:51'. Caiaphas struggles against the wind to look up, hands clenched together before him. Lightning flashes across the clouds. Lightning strikes the curtain and an illuminated cross is seen as it splits leaving behind large burning holes, Caiaphas is prostrate on the steps in front. Close up on Caiaphas kneeling, praying and shouting to God. Inter-title - "Lord God Jehovah, visit not Thy wrath on Thy people Israel - I alone am guilty!" The, now standing, Caiaphas shakes his head in despair. The figures on the hill are seen in silhouette writhing in anguish.

Mary holds her arms up and shouts to the sky. Inter-title - "O God - give us back the Light!" Same shot as she finishes speaking. The sun breaks through the clouds slowly. The light shines on Jesus' body on the cross. A man I the crowd raises his arms and stares in wonder. The figures on the hill and the crowd, draw back, arms raised as the light shines on the cross. Mary and Martha in the crowd look up in wonder. As the light shines, the picture fades so that the crucifixion is the last thing to be seen.

Inter-title - 'After three days of Death … He had promised to rise … but the tomb, sealed by the Priests and guarded by the Romans, lay silent under the first Easter dawn!' The sunrise is seen though the clouds. A rope of centurions are gathered round a campfire drinking and cooking food, behind them, another stands watch by the boulder blocking the tomb, he steps forward and yawns. Close up as he speaks to a second centurion and he indicates for them to leave. As they walk down the steps, the first centurion stops and points to the boulder, a pale light is coming from its centre beneath the ropes that holds it in place, the other soldier stops and stares as the light gets brighter. They both look very scared and the first walks off, shouting to the others. Close up on the rock, as the light gets brighter. The watchman runs through the group of centurions who get up from their fire, stand back and cover their eyes. The light gets brighter still. The centurions run away until there is one left who slowly turns then runs too. The light gets brighter, then the stone rolls away ad the ropes break, inside Jesus in His white robes stands arms outstretched bathed in light, He walks slowly forward and brings His hands up to his chest, the light returns to normal as He descends the steps slowly and opens out His hands. The sun breaks through the clouds.

Mary Magdalene, dressed in black, hurries up to the tomb, but stops at the open door, she touches the boulders doves fly around her feet and then creeps through the entrance. Inter-title - ''And when Mary Magdalene found the tomb was empty, she remained beside it weeping.' John 20:11'. Mary crouches outside the door of the tomb, crying, a dove flies out of the open door. Close up on two doves sitting together on a branch. Jesus approaches Mary and stops, looking at her, before speaking. Inter-title - '"Woman, why weepest thou?" John 20:15'. Mary slowly raises her head, still not looking at Jesus. Close up on Mary speaking. Inter-title - '"They have taken away my Lord - and I know not where they have laid Him." John 20:13'. Mary lowers her head with grief. Jesus holds out His hands and speaks. Inter-title - '" - Mary!" John 20:16'. She slowly raises her head to look at Him. Close up on Mary's face as she begins to smile. Inter-title - '" - Master!" John 20:16'. She falls to her knees and goes to embrace Him, but He stops her. Inter-title - '"Touch Me not - for I am not yet ascended to My Father, but go say to My brethren, I ascend unto My God and your God." John 20:17'. Mary gets up and goes where Jesus points leaning back towards Him and blowing kisses. Inter-title - '"He is Risen - He is RISEN!" Matt. 28:6'. Mary exits and Jesus waves.

Inter-title - ''That same day, when the doors were shut - came Jesus and stood in their midst.' John 20:19'. The disciples sit and kneel inside the house, each alone in his own grief, Peter stands comforting one man. Close up on the door, the wood on which makes a cross shape, a light begins to shine feigntly from it. Close up on an old disciple staring ahead. The light gets stronger and is shining from the cross. Peter turns round in astonishment. Jesus slowly appears in the fading light. Close up on astonished disciple. Jesus holds out His hands and speaks. Inter-title - '"Peace be unto you" John 20:19'. Jesus smiles and looks about. Close up on Peter and the old man saying 'Master' and smiling. Jesus turns round to all the disciples who stand around Him in awe. Inter-title - '"Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I, Myself. Handle Me, and see: for a spirit hath not flesh and bones - as ye see Me have!" Luke 24:39'. Peter and another kneel by Jesus and embrace Him, others throw their faces and arms up to heaven.

Thomas enters the door, face down in grief, slowly he raises his head. Jesus looks across at him as He embraces Peter and Mark the boy. Thomas stares amazed and walks forward, the two Marys follow him through, a little way behind. Thomas moves Peter and Mark away, Jesus turns to him and holds out His palms to show Thomas, he kneels and slowly touches the wounds and the disciples watch, Jesus bares the wound on His chest and Thomas touches that too. Close up on Thomas' face as he smiles. Inter-title - '"My Lord - and my God!" John 20:28'. Thomas begins to cry and shields his face. Jesus touches his head and speaks. Inter-title - '"Thomas, because thou hast seen Me, thou hast believed. Blessed are they that have NOT seen, and yet have believed!" John 20:29'. Jesus speaks with His hand on His chest.

The two Marys watch smiling. Jesus turns to let the other disciples touch Him. Peter smiles, then looks down in shame. Two shots of Jesus greeting the disciples. Close up on Mary Magdalene smiling. Peter takes Jesus' hand and kisses it then looks up at Jesus smiling. Inter-title - '"Feed My Sheep!" John 21:17'. Jesus finishes speaking and Peter falls to his Knees, Jesus strokes his head. Mary, His Mother, watches and then moves forward. Mark watches. Mary and Peter embrace Jesus as Mary Magdalene moves away. Peter and Mary move back reluctantly as Jesus moves away, waves and then lifts up His arms. Inter-title - '"As My Father hath sent Me, even so send I you. Go ye, therefore, and teach all nations - and preach the gospel to every creature!" Mark 16:15'.

The disciples hold out their hands as Jesus stands before than, they fade away as Jesus is seen surrounded by mist and lit from behind, the silhouette of the Jerusalem skyline appears and Jesus' halo can be seen, He looks down on the city and slowly moves His hands, words appear in front of Him reading 'Lo I am with you always', this fades to show the skyline, fade to black.

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