Film: 1032

Railways | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Railways in Kent. Whitstable to Canterbury railway H class locomotives from Broad Oak. Rather good film about the history of his Whitstable railway 1950's

Stephenson's 'Invicta' locomotive on a plinth and surrounded by a fence. Caption introduces first passenger steam railway. The old harbour station and daily train. A couple of wagons of train approach camera. Two horses pull wagons. A wagon is turned on a turntable with the horse harnessed nearby. Harbour wall and two shots of open fishing boats arriving at the wall. They are steered with long tillers. Men on the quayside busy themselves with work. Man hauls something up from below. Bigger fishing boat in harbour - this one has a mast.
Railway train passing camera position. Tank engine. Uniform wearing railway man stands by side of track as train passes. Caption reads, 'The oldest railway bridge in the world, condemned by G. Stephenson in 1829'. Historical reconstruction of circa 1829 gentleman and lady walking under bridge. They stop and he points with his cane. Engine, 13 wagons and guard's van crosses the bridge. Newspaper item headed 'Crab and Winkle closes - end of world's oldest passenger railway'. Several newspaper stories. Engine 31010 steams into station. Large crowd waiting the witness closure of railway line. Steam engine and train move away. Smiling man in cab. People wander off.
Heading 'February 1953. The Great Flood. The Old Warrior Returns'. Newspaper headline 'The Dead Line Re-Opens'. Slow pan up beach at Whitstable in windy conditions. Beach has closely spaced groynes on it. Lots of stone on beach which has been partly cleared of sand. Steaming engine backs up to a level crossing. Man attempts to open gate as cars pass. Engine shunts empty carriages through level crossing.
Another heading - 'A Veteran Retires with Honour'. Man operates level crossing so goods train may pass. Scrap yard with jumbled assortment of wooden railway sleepers. Men working to tighten bolts on railway track holding pieces. A crane on a lorry drives up to the bridge we saw early. Parts of he rails are lifted away, as preparations for demolition commence. A boy walks his dog along a now dismantled section of railway line under a bridge. Quite humorous when the dog nearly pulls the boy over, and out of shot.

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