Film: 10337

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Kismet part two.

At the court of Caliph. Hajj dressed as a magician. He produces two doves from thin air. Calliph is impressed. Then the magician produces a metal pot from thin air followed by a twig. He puts the twig in the metal pot and it grows into a rose in bloom before their eyes. Caliph bends down to smell the rose and Hajj produces a knife and tries to stab him in the back. He is grabbed by the guards. He is sent to prison to await the blackest of deaths. The king also orders the arrest of Wazir Mansur.
Hajj is thrown against the prison wall.
Calliph is told that the thief has repented and should be released. In jail, Hajj sees Jawan, his old enemy. They fight and Jawan pulls out a knife. They struggle but Hajj wins and he strangles Jawan. Then Hajj swaps clothes with the dead man. The guards come to release Jawan but release Hajj dressed as Jawan.
Hajj's daughter is brought before Wazir Mansur. She is to be his wife though she is not very happy about it. She says she will kill herself first. Mansur says she will stay as his wife tonight and tomorrow she will be tortured.
A man is nearly killed but at the last minute his attacker sees his pendant. It is the other half of the assailant's pendant. It proves they are father and son. As the assailant kneels before his father, he is stabbed in the back. Injured he falls into a pool where he is then drowned. The murderer is banished from Baghdad.

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