Film: 10358

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Part Two
The three, drinking from small cups; man at right stands up, then Juan and woman; Juan moves to left, checking his pocket watch, as man kisses woman's hand; man walks to left, as Juan walks towards woman and shakes her hand.

Woman: "I had hoped you would remain for dinner!"
Closer shot of the two shaking hands; she has huge white cuffs; Juan looks left as other man comes in, addressing her as he takes Juan's arm.
Man: "I have an engagement but I am sure Gallardo will be charmed."
Juan exchanges words with the man.
Woman: "Not another word, I command you! My uncle is away from the city - we will dine together en famille."
She talks, Juan exchanges words with the man, they look after her as she goes off right, Juan holding out his hands and following. Rear view of her walking away and upstairs, trailing her train. Juan talks to the man, anxiously.
Juan: "I shall not know what to do - what to say."
Longer view of them talking, as the man walks away to left, then turning to speak with Juan, who has followed; man leaves; Juan looks abandoned, looks after woman, then tugs at his waistcoat in resolution, stands in front of sofa; a Moorish-looking youth in a peculiar exotic costume [actually looks more appropriate for Flash Gordon] passes him and looks back, as Juan stares back at him, looking puzzled; fingering his lip, he looks round, then sits on the sofa, looking after the man and smiling.
An ornate mantle clock, Roman numerals on dial, showing 11:02.
Carmen, seated in a high-backed chair in front of flock wallpaper, looks sad as she reads the newspaper. Close-up of the start of the news story, which reads: "MARQUIS DE MORAIMA'S NIECE RETURNS TO SEVILLE. The beautiful Doña Sol returned to Seville last . . . It is rumoured that she no longer wears the ring which once belonged to Cleopatra - . . . That it now adorns the hand of a famous man - . . . ..ose who know the great lady and understand . . .'.
Carmen looks up, and lets the paper drop to the floor.
Dark scene of night watchman armed with pike standing below lamp and calling out.
Watchman: "A-ve Ma-ri-a pu-ri-si-ma! Eleven by the clock and all is well."
The watchman finishes, and walks off right.
Juan seated, smoking, with Doña Sol, coffee things on a low table in front of them. Close-up of Juan smouldering under his eyebrows. Doña Sol walks to left and pats her hair as she looks in the mirror. Juan looks after her. She walks round a harp, then sits at it, tilting it towards herself; she starts to play. Juan listens. She plays, and Juan appears, standing over her at right. His view of the back of her neck, and necklace. She plays, as he slowly approaches, reaches for her chair, then starts to bend down to kiss her neck; before he can, she looks round, then down at his hand or at the floor. A bright spot of light on what looks like a few flowers dropped to the floor. She turns to him, putting her hand on his, and asks:
Doña Sol: "What were you thinking just now, Gallardo?"
Mid-shot of the two gazing at each other, Juan slowly moving his head towards hers.
Juan: "I - I was thinking how beautiful you are."
She reaches up to his lapel and slowly pulls him towards her; inches away from her lips, he pulls back, looks away, and checks his pocket watch, speaking.
Juan: "It is getting late - I must say good-night."
She stands, pulling him towards her by the lapels; he shakes her hand and quickly walks off left, she looking after him, downcast, fiddling with the loop of beads round her neck which reaches to her knees. Close-up of her foot, standing on the flowers. She clutches at her bosom, then walks to left.
Juan, stationary at a column at the threshold, turns back to her; she walks towards him, then past, reaching for a flower in a vase. Close-up of her hand extracting a rose; a bronze statuette of a naked girl behind. Juan looking disturbed, as she comes in from left and attaches the rose to his lapel, softly fingering his shoulders and upper arms.
Doña Sol: "What wonderful arms you have - your muscles are like iron!"
Clasping her elbows, he looks anguished, first turning away from her as she continues to speak, then turning back, surrendering, kissing her, and enfolding her in a passionate embrace; fade.
Smoky bar, men in wide-brimmed hats playing dominoes. Juan seated at left, in suit and hat with wide hat band, tie with inverted horse-shoe device, smoking cigar; bony man at right, in suit with dark collar.
Man: "How that woman has changed you! I am not superstitious but on the day you first met her, there were nothing but signs of ill-omen."
He talks. Close shot of Juan looking troubled. The two, as Juan turns to him and replies.
Juan: "Santa Maria, you do not understand! It is torture to love two women! There is no one like Carmen - but the other woman - it is different."
Close shot of Juan shaking his head as he speaks, troubled. The two looking at Juan's hand as he holds his burning cigar against a matchcase, igniting the matches. Close shot of the burning matches, to left of Juan's hand with the cigar. The two, as the man addresses Juan, waving with his hand.
Man: "Impure love is like a flame. When it is burnt out there is nothing left but the blackened embers of disgust and regret."
The two, Juan looking up at the other, thoughtfully. In front of a building, a woman holding a baby as Carmen presses its hand to her cheek. The man draws Juan's attention to this, and they both observe, looking to left. Closer shot of the two women, Carmen caressing the child's face, then seeing him looking at her. Juan in close-up, looking lovingly. Carmen kisses the child's hand, gives a little wave Bye-bye, and walks off right, the child waving vigorously. Juan and the man, Juan turning to him agonised, clasping his hand and speaking.
Juan: "Nacional, help me to conquer this mad fascination!"
He looks down, as Nacional pats his shoulder, replying.
Nacional: "We will go to Rinconada for a few days to get away from her. Will you go?"
The two, as Juan thinks, nods, and they shake hands, Nacional clasping Juan's with both his own; fade.
At left, Doña Sol and bearded Marquis de Moraima are shaking hands of departing guests, Juan in background. Half-length shot of Juan in formal evening suit. Sol and Marquis, Sol waving left, then turning to Moraima, who chucks her under the chin, and nods. Medium distance shot of Sol and Moraima at left, Juan at right, Sol tapping Moraima with her feather fan, then Marquis walking right to shake Juan's hand, Sol following, Juan bowing; Marquis bows as he walks off left, Sol trailing her train as she follows him towards left; Juan follows, and she turns to him as he stops. Medium close shot of the two, as she strokes her cheek with a flower on a long stalk, and he stands awkwardly at right.
Juan: "I think we had better not see each other again."
She looks round thoughtfully, lowers the arm with the flower, then puts both hands on his shoulders, addressing him lovingly; he takes her by both wrists, and pushes both arms down and away, with a slight shake of his head as he speaks.
Juan: "I am going to Rinconada for a few days - I - I want to forget you."
They speak as he looks away.
Doña Sol: "Gallardo, you cannot forget me - take me with you!"
Clutching at his right arm, kissing his hand and pressing it to her cheek, she continues, as he shakes his head, still facing away from her.
Doña Sol: "Some day you will beat me with those strong hands! I should like to know what it feels like!"
Leaning her head on his shoulder, she takes his arm round her shoulders, holding his hand at her breast.
Doña Sol: "You love me, Juan - you know you love me!"
She kisses his knuckles, then bites passionately at the ball of his thumb; he reacts angrily, thrusting her down. Full length shot of him casting her down. He stares down at her, clutching his hand in pain. Close shot of him smouldering. He lunges at her, both arms open, a jardinière falling and smashing behind him. Close-up of the broken shards and flowers. She cowers as he stands over her, his left arm raised threateningly.
Juan: "Snake! One moment I love you - the other I hate you - serpent from Hell!".
Close shot of him bending over her shouting at her, her looking frightened. He storms back through the room, right to left. Kneeling, she appeals to him. He pushes aside a curtain at left, and leaves. She falls back into an armchair, her arms spread wide, apparently laughing hugely; fade.
Joselito writing in his ledger.
Intertitle: 'The sun was setting in a flaming glow when Gallardo reached Rinconada.'
Rural scene, a brick arched gateway in a wall, with an R in the arch, as a two-wheeled covered cart passes off to left, revealing a stationary car; a large car with a driver and four passengers approaches the gate and stops, all getting out and walking off left, after Juan poses in his cape, legs apart, for effect. The men hover round the car bonnet, as the uniformed driver fiddles with the engine; Juan, at right, in hat and cape, stops to light a cigarette. Juan, with cupped hands, lights the cigarette and takes a drag (at 9 mins 44 secs). A woman appears in the car window beside Juan - it is Doña Sol; he looks surprised and angered, asking what she's doing there.
Doña Sol: "I was on my way to my uncle's estate. How strange my car should have broken down - here!"
He takes off his hat and opens the car door for her. The scene at the car, as she gets out, and walks off right. Close-up of the men watching in dismay. Juan follows her off right. He enters at left as she speaks to him.
Doña Sol: "Surely, Gallardo, you will invite me to dinner while my car is being repaired."
Juan helps her into his car. The two other men exchange meaningful, disapproving glances. Turning round, Juan stops short as he sees their look. Close-up of Juan's thoughtful face. He waves to them, dons his hat, and gets in the car. They pile into the car, which drives in under the arch, followed by two people on foot; someone on a horse passes left to right.
A building with a central chimney and external stairs, as the car drives in at right, towards us, a man hurrying down the stairs to help; people get out of the car, which drives off left, as they enter the building.
A large room with a central square table surrounded by benches, a range at the far end, hams and the like curing above; they enter, Juan removing his hat.
Doña Sol: "Such a dusty journey! May I tidy up a bit?"
She heads for stairs at left, as Juan directs the servant to follow with her bags; he follows her upstairs.
Man and woman hostel-keepers looking on open-mouthed; she is fat and frumpish; he has a short beard and wears a head kerchief.
The scene, as Juan follows Doña Sol onto the stairs.
The landing, the girl looking for a room; Juan comes up behind her, arms out. Quickly barring her access, he explains.
Juan: "That is my wife's room."
She smiles back at him, provocatively.
Doña Sol: "Really! If my car is not repaired in time, I may be forced to spend the night here."
She goes through the bedroom door, shutting it behind herself, as he stands back, hesitant, then looks round at the others.
Nacional and another man (porter) at the head of the stairs, Juan beside the bedroom door; the porter carries the bags into the room; Juan storms off left, and the others also leave; fade.
Domestic scene at Juan's home, Encarnacion standing, a man seated, another woman and Carmen at right. At left, old woman seated facing moustachioed man, Encarnacion standing smiling over them.
Man: "Strange that Doña Sol should choose the same time as Juan for her visit to her uncle's estate which is so near Rinconada!"
Close-up of Carmen, in floral top and crucifix, blinking rapidly and looking worried. Encarnacion sips a cup of tea, thoughtfully, as the two seated below her continue.
Man: "A man's home is the last place to hear of his indiscretions!"
The three speaking. Carmen looking troubled; fade.
Intertitle: 'Breakfast was of unusual interest at Rinconada.'
Man seated in kitchen; pots in alcove in wall opposite; man rushes in through door at right, telling of excitement outside; other man gets up from table and has a careful look out of the door. Two men and a woman hurry to a window, looking out.
The shabby courtyard, at right a man holding a mule, opposite a bandit with a rifle, resting one foot on a low table.
In the kitchen, the hostel keeper tells a man to do something, and he goes off left, while the keeper approaches the door.
On landing, porter in cummerbund knocks on Juan's door, and bows and points as Juan comes out, still dressing.
Porter: "Plumitas, the bandit!"
The porter explains as Juan adjusts his bolero.
Close shot of Plumitas; to right is a window with a metal grille.
Juan is followed by porter into reception area, where others open the door for him at right.
The dumb-looking couple (as earlier shot).
In the kitchen, Plumitas from behind; Juan sits on the table facing him; Plumitas lowers his rifle and claps Juan on the shoulder.
Plumitas: "I came for the pleasure of talking with you, Juan Gallardo. I saw you kill your first bull!"
Close shot of Plumitas & Juan talking, Plumitas still with his hand on Juan's shoulder.
Doña Sol descending the stairs towards the two men. They talk. She looks on. Plumitas looks round with a start, as Juan turns away. Doña Sol looking on. The three, as Plumitas takes off his hat to Doña Sol, bowing low. Doña Sol a step above Plumitas, who is holding rifle crooked in left arm, hat in right hand over left shoulder. Juan looks on, almost jealously. The three, as Juan goes over to side with Doña Sol. Half behind her, he cautions her.
Juan: "You had better breakfast in your room!"
She laughs dismissively at him.
Doña Sol: "Why not here with your guest?"
Looking at Plumitas, she descends the remaining steps, away from Juan.
As men work in background, Juan directs Doña Sol to a seat at the head of the table; Plumitas walks round behind.
A bright country lane, shady trees at right; a 2-horse wagon approaches, a mule carrying two people walks away from us.
The breakfast table, Juan at left, Doña Sol opposite, Plumitas at right; Plumitas rises, speaking.
Plumitas: "Señor Juan, you and I are much alike. We both live by killing - only you get the plaudits of the world while I oft-times go hungry."
Talking, he skirts the table to Juan. Clapping his hand on Juan's shoulder, he continues.
Plumitas: "We follow the only course open to a poor man to get money - by facing death. If God deserts us, you will be carried out of the arena feet foremost and I will be shot down like a dog!"
Juan looks down, and from side to side, uncomfortably. Doña Sol smiles sidelong. Plumitas shakes Juan's hand. All rise from the table, and Plumitas starts to don his poncho; Juan talks to him, his hand friendlily on his shoulder. Doña Sol looks on, the flower at her lips. Juan offers Plumitas a purse, but the Plumitas pushes it away, smiling and shaking his head.
Plumitas: "You may tender me a bull if ever we meet in the arena."
Plumitas claps Juan on the shoulder and turns away, towards Doña Sol; he bows his head, and she holds out her hand to be kissed. Juan looks on jealously. Plumitas bows as he kisses her hand. Doña Sol looks startled as she sees Juan's look. Juan seethes. Plumitas rises from the bow, and Doña Sol presents him with the rose.
Doña Sol: "My tribute to your bravery!"
Juan glares. Plumitas thanks her, bowling slightly, Doña Sol crosses in front of him, Juan says goodbye, and Plumitas leaves right, followed by two other men; Doña Sol's gaze follows him, then cautiously she turns back to Juan.
Doña Sol: "Your bandit friend is more agreeable than you, Gallardo. I would love to follow him!"
She caresses her fur stole as he clutches at her arm.
Plumitas on horseback gallops left out of the courtyard, as a man descends the exterior stairs with a suitcase, and two others wave after him.
Doña Sol looks at Juan as she caresses the stole.
Doña Sol: "I could follow him if I wished - because there was nothing the matter with my car last evening, my toreador!"
She smiles triumphantly as he looks shocked. A horse carriage pulls into the courtyard and people get out, as a man waits on the stairs with a case. Doña Sol wraps the stole round her neck, as the door opens and two women enter. Juan and Doña Sol look at them. The women enter and close the door. Close shot of Doña Sol eying up the women. Close shot of Carmen (one of the two) returning the gaze. Doña Sol turns to Juan. Juan looks down in shame and confusion. The three women. Doña Sol looking gleeful. Carmen turns away, hand down, her mother patting her arm. Gleeful Doña Sol. The three; Doña Sol picks up a purse and drops it on the floor; Carmen turns round: Juan steps forward. Carmen and mother look on outraged. Juan, unhappy. Doña Sol points to the floor, making Juan pick the purse up; he does; Carmen walks away. Juan, ashamed. Doña Sol talking to the other two, dangling the purse. Juan walks over to the door and holds it open for Doña Sol. Doña Sol stops at the door and Juan hands her handbag; she smiles at the older woman. The latter glares back. Doña Sol leaves. She enters the courtyard. Juan goes over to the dejected Carmen.
Juan: "No explanation I can make will suffice - forgive me!"
He pleads with open arms, but she keeps her back to him; he takes her by the hand, drops on one knee, kissing it and her forearm; he hugs her to him, but she still won't face him.
Juan: "Mi querida, you do not understand! In a man's life there is sometimes a good love and a bad love."
Close shot of him imploring her, pressing his cheek to her breast; she looks lovingly down on him, then away again, sorrowfully; he turns away sadly and gets up, using the table to help him rise; he reaches out to embrace her, but thinks better of it before he makes contact, and walks off right. He crosses the room to the interior stairs at left. Carmen, downcast. He goes upstairs. Carmen looks round and sees him gone. She slowly crosses to the foot of the stairs, looking up, then goes to the table when she sees him coming; hat in hand, he crosses to her, his arm out.
Juan: "The last bull-fight of the season is tomorrow. One can never tell - won't you say - good-bye?"
He pleads, but she keeps her back to him; he puts on his hat, wraps his cloak round himself, and crosses in front of her to leave at right. Seen from behind Carmen, he approaches the door, opens it, and leaves; fade.
Intertitle: 'What havoc a year had wrought! Scorned by the woman who had destroyed his wife's faith - the toreador's domestic problem and reckless dissipation were the gossip of Spain!'
Juan seated, in hat and horseshoe tie, looking sad. He is at a table with two companions, a bottle of wine in front of him, he holding a letter.
Juan: "A letter from Carmen - she asks me to give up the arena."
Smoking, he and his neighbour talk.
Nacional (?): "Cut off your pigtail before you are thirty? Impossible!"
His companions pat him on the shoulder and encourage him.
Man: "Why, you have saved nothing! It would mean sinking back into poverty!"
Juan and his three companions; the one at left lights a cigar, and Juan, puffing on one himself, gets up. Close shot of somewhat inebriated Juan. He staggers away from them and leaves at right; fade.
Intertitle: 'How fickle the world, how insincere its plaudits! The same voice that shouts success will croak as loudly - failure!"
From behind man in boater, huge crowd in arena. In front of brick wall, Carmen in black and Antonio in dapper suit and cane; he addresses her.
Antonio: "You had no business to come! Wait here - I will find Juan!"
Juan, in matador's costume in arena, approaches nearside fence and is given sword. Watching are Doña Sol and a man; she pats her lips, as if yawning. Juan looks round and spots her. She looks down on him, then to her companion, smiling. Juan looking up; he turns away. The watching crowds. Juan looking back, then away, clearly thinking 'Huh! I'll show her'.
Antonio enters, in front of the brick wall, and beckons to Carmen, who follows him in from left. Crowd waving hats. Antonio dashes off right. Crowd waving hats; Juan goes over to receive their applause.
Plumitas and another man, watching. Juan looks up. Plumitas and the man. Juan takes his hat off in salutation to Plumitas.
Juan: "This bull is for you, comrade!"
Juan dedicating. Plumitas nods acknowledgment, and takes off his own hat to Juan. Carmen addressing a man at left.
Carmen: "Juan is in danger - I must pray for him."
Closer shot of Carmen shaking her head, and the man, who is in cloak and hat and has his back to us; she leaves. Juan leaves the edge of the arena. From the side, he enters the arena. Framed by an archway; Carmen kneels in prayer in a chapel.
Bullfight, barbs in bull's neck as matador attacks. Close shot of matador, from above. Plumitas and friends clapping and cheering. Man watching through monocular, beside Doña Sol. Two matadors conferring anxiously.
Matador: "Damn that woman! I have never seen Juan so reckless."
The two matadors. Plumitas clapping, and getting up excitedly. Two policemen spot Plumitas. Plumitas sees them, and rushes off right, his neighbour rising and looking after him. The crowd rise, all racing right. The exit gangway, as Plumitas rushes out. Two policemen stop in a corner, raise their rifles and fire. Plumitas jerks as he is hit. Juan looks round, distracted by the gunshots. Plumitas falls back against the gangway wall. Policemen run off left. Man and Doña Sol watch. Looking down on Plumitas as he collapses on the ground and the two policemen run in from below the camera, and stand poised over him, their rifles pointed at him. Doña Sol taps her umbrella handle as she talks, smiling, with her companion. As four policemen bend over Plumitas, a man comes in from right and tries to raise him; Plumitas turns and cries out.
Plumitas: "Take care, Gallardo. God has deserted - ".
Close shot of Plumitas in arms of bearded man in hat; he expires, falling forward.
Left profile of Juan, shocked, composing himself then striding forward. Huge crowd. Juan with sword poised for the kill; he lunges. The bull, as it is stabbed in the neck. The bull gores Juan, throwing him down. Juan is dashed to the ground, doubled up in pain. The crowd rise to their feet. Juan appears to die, collapsing sideways. Long shot of Juan, lying just beyond the dead bull, as people start to rush in. People rush to Juan's aid, he is lifted and carried off left.
Doña Sol, touching up her lips unconcernedly, in her compact mirror, as her companion looks on.
The trail left in the arena sand as the bull carcass is towed off; two men hurriedly rake the sand over the bloody trail.
In the chapel, Carmen rises as people rush in. Close shot of her clutching her face in horror. They pull out a bench or pew, and two men carry Juan in and lay him on it; Carmen kneels at the bench, her arm round his neck. Close shot of Carmen's face in profile as she speaks to the lifeless Juan.
A throng outside, looking over as someone points. A goaded bull charges into the arena. Doña Sol and companion watching; a man in a boater bursts in, greets the man, takes off his hat and speaks to Doña Sol.
Man: "Gallardo is dying!"
He leaves; Doña Sol waves her arm dismissively.
Antonio and others waiting by stadium entrance.
Carmen bends over the dying Juan, who speaks. A priest praying, looking heavenwards. Carmen and Juan; he reaches for his ring. Close shot of him taking off the serpentine ring. The ring falling on the floor. Carmen looks towards it, then back to Juan, holding his head and kissing him.
Juan: "Mi querida - forgive - I - I love only you."
He dies, his head rolling towards us.
Antonio dejected, outside, as a man addresses another.
Man: "Poor matador - ".
Man in cloak and bow tie, on step, speaking to matador below him.
Plumed horses pull the bull's carcass out of the arena.
The matador and the cloaked man (Joselito), as the latter raises his arm towards the bull.
Joselito: " - poor beast!".
The two men. Hat-waving crowd. The two men.
Joselito: "But out there is the real beast - a beast with ten thousand heads!"
The crowd. The chapel, Carmen slumped over the dead Juan, the priest at left.
In the arena, a man sprinkles sand over Juan's blood.

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