Film: 10405

Feature Drama | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Hired female assassins seduce then murder several men.

Suburban street, a chauffeur waits outside a detached mock Tudor house beside a car, the front door opens and a man wearing a suit comes out carrying a briefcase and coat, his wife is behind him carrying a child, they kiss goodbye and he walks up the path and gets into the car, he says he'll bring her back some duty free Miss Dior, they drive off as his wife waves goodbye, close up of wife and daughter, they go into the house and the door closes.

Opening credits over the car pulling up at Heathrow Airport building, the man and chauffeur get out of the car as taxis, buses and people go past, the man walks off towards the terminal building. Aerial shot of the man walking towards the check in desk with his luggage, other people are waiting. Close up of another man walking away from the check in, followed by our man, he hands his ticket to the woman at the desk and puts his suitcase on the rack. We see her hands putting a luggage tag on it and it moves off on the conveyor belt.

The man looks at magazine racks in the airport shop, we see the back of the head of the cashier sitting at the till, he picks up two magazines and pays for them. More credits over shots of passengers in the airport, waiting at passport control, including the back view of a man kneeling on the floor. Signs for International Departures and British Airways. Our man shows his passport to an unsmiling man wearing a brown suit, he looks at the passport, looks at the man and hands it back.

People walking across the glass enclosed bridge, planes on the ground below, further credits. View of aeroplane through the viewing window, our man walks past. He walks upstairs, we see people sitting in the terminal building. He takes a seat with his back to the viewing area and looks at the magazines, we see people reading newspapers near him. Shot of person asleep on seats. Roger reads his magazine and a woman's hand holding a cigarette comes into view, we hear her voice asking for a light and we then see her, she is wearing a hat, shiny mac and a lot of jewellery and speaks with an Italian accent, Roger lights her cigarette and tries to read his magazine as she speaks to him, she offers him a cigarette which he eventually accepts, they introduce themselves as Roger and Luisa and find they are both on the 9.20 flight to Rome and she suggests they sit together.

Woman and child asleep on a bench. Luisa listens to the announcement and says it's their flight, she stubs out her cigarette, stands up, we see Roger sitting in his chair looking dead, Luisa takes his cigarette and puts it out and walks calmly off. People walk towards the gate. A woman approaches Roger, assuming he's asleep, she touches him on the shoulder and gasps as he slumps. A British Airways plane takes off.

A hallway with tiled floor, wood panellings and paintings on the wall, a woman wearing a headscarf calls upstairs to her children to come down for breakfast, her husband comes downstairs wearing a suit, she follows him into the kitchen where the table is laid for breakfast with orange juice, jam, cereal, he looks at his Daily Telegraph and comments on the lastest terrorist attack.

A boy and older girl in school uniform come downstairs and go into the kitchen. The children argue and fight over the box of Shredded Wheat cereal, their mother tells them off. The father looks at the headline about "IRA Funeral Blitz".

A table in a florist's shop, close up of a woman arranging flowers on a table, the camera then pans back to show the shop.

A woman wearing a jumper and long necklace is sitting at a desk in an office in front of a typewriter, she opens letters with a letter opener, reads one and shakes her head.

A dark bedroom, a man and woman are in bed, he stirs and switches on the light, strokes her back then gets out of bed naked and returns wearing Union Jack underpants, with the light fully on, she languishes naked while he tries to persuade her to get up for an audition, he walks off to the kitchen and she gets up.

A secretary takes down a dictated letter in an office from a man in a grey suit and glasses, the subject is insurance, another man enters the office and stares at the secretary as she leaves, then he sits down and lights a cigarette, he addresses the man as Roger. They have a conversation - Roger is very worried as the company is insolvent, the other man, Andy, is not at all bothered and tries to reassure Roger that everything will be alright, that they should not make any outgoing payments. Andy leaves.

There is a vase of daffodils on the window sill behind him. Roger looks thoughtful for a few moments then picks up the newspaper, finds a telephone number and dials it. He has a conversation with a woman sitting at a small table with a yellow telephone. He wants to enquire about a "liquidation". She says they cannot discuss it over the phone and suggests they meet that afternoon. Close up shots of both of them on the phone. Roger strokes his lip nervously. The woman tells him where to meet up and hangs up. He looks worried then also hangs up and continues to look worried.

A hand picks up a statuette, it is the woman from the telephone, she is wearing several necklaces, another woman stands beside her and they discuss the ornament, the other woman tells her it was brought in by an Italian woman. They appear to be in an antique shop.

We see hands typing on a typewriter then answering the telephone, it is the woman who was opening letters, she is wearing pearls, she has a conversation about a disposal then hangs up. The intercom buzzes and she is summoned by her boss, she stands up and leaves. Shot of the typewriter.

A group of women are having tea in a restaurant with large wicker chairs, Roger is at another table and is joined by the woman from the antique shop. They order tea from a blonde waitress wearing a long black skirt. Roger looks uncomfortable as the woman talks, the waitress brings a pot of tea and a plate of cakes. The woman talks about the need to be a financially independent woman in the "savage Seventies", this is why she does the job, Roger explains his financial difficulties and that the only way to save the company is to kill his partner. We see him speaking though the wicker chair.

Two old ladies sit at another table having tea.

A man and woman lay in bed, he assures her he isn't sleeping with anyone else, he tells her he loves her and strokes her breasts, she protests.

A place is set at a table with cutlery and a glass. A woman sits in a living room in an armchair watching television or listening to the radio, we hear a man's voice and he comes into the room carrying a briefcase and newspaper, kisses her and gives her the newspaper, he sits down and says he has to go away on business, she is not happy about it, she gets up to get his dinner, he picks up the newspaper, puts on his glasses and reads, there is still the sound of singing from the radio.

Black woman on a television screen wearing a head band. A man sits in a chair in the same scene. The black woman talks to him. We see a man sitting on a sofa watching the television, drinking, there is a bowl of fruit on the coffee table, a woman wearing a long kaftan dress comes in and sits down, the man complains that she goes out dancing too much. The couple on TV are sitting on the sofa. The man watching TV continues to complain about his "bird", he tells her to shut up and swears at her, she leaves the room. Shot of the TV screen, the TV couple argue and the man slaps the woman.

Woman sits at her dressing table which is full of bottles and boxes, she is wearing a dressing gown, rubbing cream into her neck and telling her husband off for groping younger women. Her husband closes the wardrobe door and pulls back the bedclothes, they are still arguing. He puts the eiderdown on the floor. She gets up. She goes to the bed and takes her dressing gown off, she is wearing a long pink nightdress. He switches the light off and they get into bed, still arguing, he smokes then puts the cigarette out and switches off the bedside lamp. She switches off her lamp.

A copy of the Daily Telegraph lands on the floor with the headline "London Blitz by Bombers".

People pass each other in a residential London street, a man goes up steps and into a house, cars and a black taxi pass by. Somebody watching looks at their watch and writes on a notepad. The Evening Standard lands on top of the Telegraph with the headline "A Triple Killer Heiress's Kidnapper".

A hallway, the doorbell rings and a woman opens the door to another younger woman. Alternate views of both women. The woman comes into the hall and writes on a clipboard. They go onto the living room and sit down. There is a fireplace with a gas fire. Various shots of both women talking. The older woman gets up to make tea, the other one writes notes.

The woman in the antique shop is flicking through a catalogue, she speaks to someone and puts the catalogue down.

'Biba' shop also features. (see 10406 and10407 for the rest)

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