Film: 10406

Feature Drama | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Continued from 10405. Female hired killers.

The younger woman finishes her tea. The two women chat in the living room, the younger woman picks up her coat. They go into the hall and continue talking. The house owner opens the doors of the other downstairs rooms to show the visitor, then they walk upstairs and she does the same with the doors. The houseowner starts to walk downstairs, the other woman is just behind her and suddenly delivers a karate chop to her neck, she falls down the stairs. We see her hand scraping the banisters. The younger woman looks down with satisfaction as we hear the body fall down the stairs. The body rests upside down at the bottom of the stairs. The killer walks downstairs, checks the victim's pulse and takes off the dead woman's shoe and throws it on the stairs. She takes the tea tray into the kitchen and washes up the tea things at the sink, wearing rubber gloves. She dries the crockery with a tea towel, replaces everything on the tray, removes the rubber gloves and puts the tea towel down. She goes into the hall, puts on her coat, picks up her bag and clipboard and leaves the house. She walks up the garden path and away down the road, the camera pans back to the house.

Two men followed by a woman come out of a house that one of the men went into earlier, one man goes one way down the street, the other two in the opposite direction, we see they are being watched by the same woman as before, she writes more notes.

A copy of the Evening Standard newspaper lands on top of another one, the headline reads "Disaster On Tube: 20 Die".

Tinkly piano music in a bar, the woman in the fur coat and a man sit at a table, watched by another man who puts down his glass of wine.

A woman dressed as a nun whips a man wearing boxer shorts, he is on his knees and begs for forgiveness. This continues for a couple of minutes, he pulls up her habit to reveal stockings and kisses her thighs. She demands that he marry her. They move to the bed, he calls her a cheap tart, she is his mistress. Shot of her crucifix on the bed.

We return to the bar, the couple finish their drinks and get up to leave, still watched by the other man who then finishes his drink and leaves.

A couple lay in bed, the woman (who was dressed as a nun) is smoking a cigarette, the man is smoking a cigar, her breasts are visible, she asks why he will not marry her. Another shot of the crucifix.

Shot of pesticides on a shelf, a woman takes one from the shelf and recommends it to another woman, one of the murderesses wearing glasses with her hair in a bun, she pays for it, gives the woman a package which she puts in her pocket, then leaves. She comes out of the florists and looks around. Shot of potted plants outside the shop. Another newspaper falls to the floor on the pile of others, with the headline "Bunny Girl Murdered".

Glamour photographer takes photos of a model, she lies on leopard skin rugs and cushions and a man smoking a cigar watches. Photographer says "hold it", "that's nice" etc. Model is wearing underwear, a boa and a dark negligee. Various shots of the photographer and of the model on the rug. Shot of the man smoking. The model gets off the rugs and talks to the man, he offers her a drink, she goes to get changed. He stares after her, still smoking. There is some very 70s tinkly music playing.

Two women sit in the café with the wicker furniture having tea, one of them lights a cigarette, the other one asks the smoker (in a veiled way) to kill her husband because of his affairs.

Roger dictates a letter to his secretary in his office, he answers his phone, sends the secretary out and continues the phone conversation with the woman who he has asked to kill his business partner. Shots of the woman on her yellow phone and of Roger looking worried, but he agrees to go ahead with the plan. The woman with the yellow phone discusses with another woman who the killer should be.

The model and the man with a cigar are sitting in a bar with drinks. We return to the murderesses, Joan and her friend, Joan decides to do this job herself. Another shot of the couple in the bar, the man is complaining about a "tart", the actress says they should go.

A woman dressed in Egyptian costume says "Oh Caesar, what a wounding shame is this". The actress, wearing a fur coat, and her companion enter a hotel room, there is a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, he starts to undress, still talking, while she puts her coat in the wardrobe. Shot of another woman wearing a fur coat. The actress is in bed, the man gets on the bed wearing only pants and socks and pours her a glass of champagne. He talks about women being nymphomaniacs, his companion says nothing. This is interspersed with shots of the woman in the fur coat and the woman dressed as an Egyptian. The man kisses his companion's breasts. He is asleep in the bed, she carefully moves his arm away from her, picks up a pillow, turns over (we see her naked buttocks) and smothers him, he struggles, then lies lifeless. The Egyptian woman says "Get thee hence". The woman dresses, empties her champagne into the ice bucket, takes her coat from the wardrobe. Shot of Joan talking to another woman. The woman leaves the hotel room. She closes the door and walks away. Shot of "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. The man lies dead on the bed. The blonde woman in the fur coat touches her finger to her lips. Another Evening Standard newspaper, this time with the headline "Assassin Slays King Faisal" falls.

Roger's business partner, Mr Webster, is talking on the phone in his office. His secretary, Penny, comes in and says a lady is waiting to see him. He touches Penny's hair and tells her to come in if he buzzes. Penny leaves. Mr Webster checks his desk diary. Joan comes in and introduces herself as Mrs Brown. She tells him she represents a client who wishes to invest ten million pounds and wants him to handle it discreetly. He offers her a cigarette from a case. After their conversation she puts on her white gloves and he shows her out. They walk onto the landing, she goes downstairs and he makes up a story for Roger and a woman who are standing there. Another newspaper with the headline "Guilty Men of Death Square".

A doorbell rings, a middle aged man opens it to a nurse, who says she's come to give him a massage. Despite the supposed mistaken identity, he invites her to stay to give him the massage anyway. He fixes her a drink, a Bloody Mary, from the drinks cabinet, pays her to enrol in the health club she supposedly represents and shows her the way to the bedroom. She tells him to undress, puts her oils and equipment out and tells him to lay on the bed, she plugs in an electric massager, uses it on his chest then rubs oil over his front then his back.

Cut to a woman in a black hat, smoking a cigarette in a cigarette holder, saying "He's a beast, a monster. Please, you must stop him, I can't go on like this I've got to get away from him…"


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