Film: 10423

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A feature drama filmed at Hintersee in Berchtesgarten, Bavaria, Germany. Featuring lots of shots of alpine landscape, traditional clothing (Lederhosen, Dirndl dresses) and rustic interiors.
In a mountain village where rural life is rife with petty jealousies and quarrels, it takes a natural disaster to bring the community together.
A rustic bedroom in a fine country estate. Washing his face in a basin, Anton Purtscheller (Fritz Kampers / AP) teases his wife Karlin (Maria Andergast / K).
The cosy dining area downstairs. The maid Caecil (Kaete Merk / C) pours a man a shot of schnapps. He's not interested in the drink and plays with AP and K's son.
The foundry. Schorsch (Gustl Stark-Gstettenbaur / S) and Martl, the blacksmith and his apprentice, work on a cart. Martl picks up coins that S has dropped - money, he explains, that he won playing cards. S counts the money out and tells Martl to pay off his debts for him.
Back in the dining room, AP, now wearing Lederhosen, gives advice to his guest by the chimney over a glass of schnapps.
01:47:07 The stables. Farm hand Alisi (A) calls over to C. They watch Vroni (Hansi Knoteck / V) drive a man up to the house in a cart drawn by a bull. AP comes outside to welcome the visitor, Mathes (Paul Richter / M), who has come to work on the farm. C shows M to his room.
AP greets V warmly, helps her out of the cart and gives her a playful squeeze. They enter the house. Inside, M unpacks his belongings in the guest bedroom. C asks him if there's anything else he would like. He tells her to get lost, which she does - in a huff.
Downstairs at the table AP and V chat amicably over a glass of wine. S enters asking for payment and exchanges a few harsh words with V. V excuses herself. AP pays S, who makes a swift exit.
04:33:24 In the courtyard. S takes a pot of flowers from a window and presents it to V. A quarrel ensures. He tries to kiss V but she pushes him into a water trough and escapes. A bedraggled S watches her go.
On the farm, M orders A to help harvest the hay. He pats a black horse and exchanges a few gruff words with the unfriendly Gabler (Ludwig Schmid-Wildy / G).
AP marches out of the house in great haste, climbs into his trap with G and rides off.

A forlorn K sits in a rustic drawing room at a table with a coffee pot. M enters the room and rummages in a cabinet for a key. K asks him to join her, gets up and fetches a second cup from a rustic wooden cupboard. They sit down intimately by the window. K pours M a cup of coffee and pours out her heart - she's worried about her husband's plans to buy more property. M awkwardly comforts her and returns to work. C enters the room with AP and K's young son.

08:03:05 Uplifting music. Stunning views of alpine mountain landscape. S and Martel walk through the woods. Up on the snow tops, S removes his coat, rolls up his sleeves and climbs a rock face. Martl sits down on a rock and unpacks his lunch. Tilt of the massive, craggy rock face. Clinging to the rock face, S plucks two Edelweiss. S and Martl clamber about the rocks and think they hear the sound of water in the mountain.

Back at the house M descends the stairs and pauses at a door. It is ajar. Inside K and C are folding the washing, C is scolding her mistress. M enters and shouts at C, she stomps out of the room. Returning home, AP bumps into a sobbing C on the stairwell. Downstairs M and K talk. AP enters the room and exchanges harsh words with M - he has no right to treat other people's servants like that. AP paces around, passing a grandfather clock, mounted antlers. He raises his fist at K, M intervenes. AP tries to make peace with M, K cries. M leaves the room.

13:52:23 In the courtyard, S sits on tractor and plays a sad tune on his horn. A mountain range rises up in background. Martl sucks lemons. M approaches in hat and coat, his bags are packed. All three sit by the fountain, S asks why M is leaving. S shows M the Edelweiss he has pinned to his hat and tells him about the water. M is alarmed, he asked to be taken to the mountain.

Bold, uplifting music. Wide pan of snowy alpine mountains. S and M make their way through the woods. The two men investigate the rock crevice - they think there might be a lake inside the mountain. The music becomes menacing.

In an inn, M and S seek the advice of Berghofer.

16:32:18 AP commands a servant to get S to repair the cart.
In front of the foundry, S and Martl wear leather smithy aprons and work on a wheel. Inside S's assistant Steffel (Hanns Schulz) is eating. S and Steffel have a disagreement, S throws Steffel out.

The stables. AP admires his horse, which is led off by a farm hand. AP and C talk.

S and Martl work at a table while eating their meal. V enters. Shot of the interior of the room. V hands her axe in to S for repair. S returns to the table and finishes his soup, V exits.

19:51:40 Close up of axe. S sweats in foundry. V returns to collect the axe. S heats metal and hammers into shape. S and V flirt. V pays and leaves.

A group of men smoke around a table in an inn. S leans against wall and plays a folk song on his guitar. S pays and takes his leave.

At home, Martl covers up a canary cage, tidies up, smoothes down the table cloth and blows out the gas light. S enters the house in the dark, sits down and removes his shoes. He trips over Martl and relights the lamp. He's astonished, Martl has cleaned and decorated their house. S discovers the canary and is delighted. S shakes M's hand and thanks him.

25:41:13 Harvest time. Men and women in traditional dress help to collect the hay in the mountain field with wooden tools. A loud noise. The music signals danger. Suddenly water comes crashing down the mountainside. The landslide brings down trees and rocks. The workers and shaken and run to the village. Some houses are damaged.

AP looks over his private papers in his house. G enters and the men discuss business. They shake hands.
V goes to the foundry to ask S and Martl for help. Martl sneaks off to show V the improved house. She inspects the new furnishings, clearly impressed.
AP drives by with his horse and cart and picks up G.
S and V talk intimately in a doorway. S seems overjoyed. He leaves with Martl.
33:59:21 In the inn a group of men in traditional clothing play folk music on wind and brass instruments. S packs up his horn and leaves.
An old woman tucks V into bed. She snuggles down. S approaches V's house with a ladder and climbs up to a bedroom window. S can't see the bedroom is empty. A black cat jumps onto the bed. Various shots of S calling softly and the cat listening. Getting no reply, an angry S climbs back down again. He begins playing his horn. In the other bedroom, V hears the music and is delighted to be serenaded. The old woman wakes up and berates S for keeping the village awake.

37:35:00 A large clock face in the inn shows midnight. AP is drinking wine and playing a round of cards with a group of men.

A sunny morning. M bumps into C in front of AP's house.

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