Film: 10433

Science | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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This film is a documentary about ghosts and paranormal experience.

Night city lights. A boy looks up at the sky, he has an inquisitive look, there is something watching him and he wonders what it is. He is carrying a book and turns around while looking up at the night sky, he wonders what is lurking in the shade. Close up of a street lamp, we are asked if we believe in ghosts. The boy walks along an illuminated waterfront and he also passes by an illuminated fountain. He holds two brown books, one has a bright red starry blob on it. More city lights. The boy leaves the city and starts to walk into the darken gloomy countryside. He hears a sound, stops and looks up, the sky above him is a dark brownish colour. Close up of the boy holding two books under his left arm. The film title appears, the Scorpio constellation appears on the screen followed by a cave and the narrator wonders about the possibility of life after death. View of the outside as seen from the inside of a cave, there is intense focus on the bright light outside, eventually the image becomes very bright and shining. Close up of a dark window or door frame, the bright daylight seeps through, the narrator wonders about poltergeists. Close up of a museum wall which has engraved horses and naked men, the close up is followed by a partial view of the back of a large male statue. Close up on a profile view of the statue's face. Close up of another statue's face. View of a statue. Close up of a white column. Close up of an ancient representation of the sky. Close up of an ancient representation of the zodiac. Another close up of the ancient representation of the sky showing the earth in the centre of the universe. View of a set of lights shaped as a star. Lights revolving round and round, a representation describing how man saw the universe. Another view of the star shaped lights revolving . View of a blue light that is soon joined by a yellow light and by a red light, the yellow and the red light revolve around each other while the blue light remains stationary. Another yellow and red light joins in and remains stationary next to the blue light. Focus on the red light and gradually see that it is revolving around the yellow and red light. Another view of the revolving lights shaped as a star. A doorway filmed against the light, the sun shines through one of the doorways. View of a fierce bright red sky. View of the sea, it is illuminated by a bright white light. View of the sea shore. Close up of a rocky shore with waves hitting the rocks. Sea waves break on the rocky shore. The sun is reflecting light on a rock pool. View of the ocean, it has a strange colour as if it is seen through infra red light. View of a sandy shore, waves gently roll onto it, this shore also has a strange "infra red colour". Focus on the sun's reflection which is bright white.

A photograph of Rasputin. Another photograph of Rasputin sitting between two men dressed in uniform. Photograph taken in London by a spirit photographer, it includes a woman sitting and holding hands with two women standing behind her, an object that looks like a flame torch is held by the woman sitting, this woman was a famous turn of the century medium. Photograph showing a medium going into a trance. Photograph of a ghost. Photograph showing a spiritualist medium levitating a table. Photograph of a medium producing ectoplasm. Photograph of a woman . Photograph of the same woman but as a ghost!. Close up of a photo identifying the medium that materialized the dead woman. A 1920's photo of a medium. Photographs showing how some mediums faked their apparitions. An infrared photograph of a female ghost. Photograph of a woman who does automatic writing. Close up of the automatic writing . View of the solar system planets. A tour of the solar system and stopping at Jupiter. A late 70's computerized version of the solar system. View of a radio telescope. View of a space probe (probably voyager 1). Computerized image of voyager 1 going through our solar system. Another computerized image of a planet sending a message (red beam) to another planet. Computerized image of the U.S.A. satellite array as it is viewed in mission control. Another computerized image of Voyager 1, as it disappears a planet becomes visible. Photograph of an ancient tapestry which describes the story of Saint John the Divine. Photograph of a Victorian painting, the painting describes ghosts rising from their graves and haunting the entire city. Photograph of a mid Victorian widower being comforted by the ghost of his dead wife (Faked ghost). Close up of a gargoyle on top of Notre Dame. View of an exterior of a spook house (late 70's). An 1880's German photograph showing a skull and a hand haunting a philosophy student, another fake. Photo of a painting of Saul kneeling to a witch , she has a ghostly manner. Another photograph of a painting showing a lord being haunted. Photograph of the dining room at Littlecote Manor House. Photograph of a ruin in Kent. Photograph of the Drury Lane Theatre ghost. Robert Cooke's tomb in Digby. Three black men sing and play by a fountain. A black preacher is preaching in a park. A black man smoking, is trying to hypnotize another black man. Close up of the hypnotiser. Close up of the man being hypnotized. Another close up of the man in a trance. Another close up of the hypnotiser. Two black people are dancing in a park while passing people watch. A black woman dances sensually. Two black men are playing drums, people watch. More people are playing drums and more people watch. Another view of the people playing drums. Close up of feet moving to the beat of the drums. Two black people play drums. View of a church in Easter Europe. Another view of the church.

A scene in Chile with an ambulance and three red cross men. A girl walks among an earthquake disaster area. Close up of a white face mask standing on wood planks. A woman is cooking in an improvised kitchen among the rubble caused by the earthquake. Another view of the woman cooking. View of the destruction caused by the earthquake. A queue of people all holding containers, these people look shattered. A man talks to a group of women. A Chilean woman carries a baby on her back, she is holding a bowl of food and is smiling. Another view of the woman carrying her baby. A woman is baking flat bread on a hot plate, people gather around the bread, some are eating, some are smiling. View of the earthquake destruction. View of Chilean people eating together. A naked doll is lying in a bin. A man is bent over by the weight of a huge bundle of sticks. Another view of the man carrying the bundle up a hill. Close up of this man , he also carries a knife (probably used to cut the sticks). Bulldozers are clearing the wreck caused by the earthquake. View of a man wearing a mask while he is operating a bulldozer. View of a shrine in Chile. View of a destroyed church. Another view of the destroyed church. More scenes of destroyed houses, people run along the road. View of a partially destroyed church, some people are walking about. A mother and child sleep in a tent. A child is lying next to her. A child is lying on the grass. Two women are among the family's belongings, their belongings are protected by sheets and plastics. A child and a mother sleep in a tent. A man is asleep on the grass he has a cast on his leg. Close up of the cast. A man leads a child who has been treated for head injuries. An earthquake predicting laboratory. Close up of an image of the earth's surface ( a mountain area). Newspaper footage of the Chilean earthquake. Diagrammatic animation describing an earthquake. Live images of an earthquake. Fire fighters try to put out a large fire. Thick black smoke. A man walks among the ruins. He touches the surface of a rock. A space map of California showing potential earthquake sites. Map of the world showing potential earthquake locations. A space view of the planet earth. Photograph of the tomb of Lord Byron's dog at Newstead Abbey. Photograph pf a castle in Devonshire. View of a skull standing on a table. Photograph of the tapestry room at Swanston (?). Photograph of an Australian aborigine standing next to a burial post. Another photograph of aborigines carrying posts. Photograph of food offerings to the spirits. Close up of a shattered mirror, a woman's reflection is visible. Drawing by an Indian tribe. Photograph of the Indian tribe making the drawing. Photograph of an Egyptian amulet. Another ancient amulet, a crystal fish. An ancient Mesopotamian demon. A Christian church. Close up of an image of Mary. Close ups of stained glass windows. The sea shore. The sea with glittering sunshine. The sea shore. The sunset sky. View of a statue of Buda in Japan. A group of Japanese children in a square. A tourist takes a photo of Buddha. A view of Buddha. Another view of Buddha's face. A group of Japanese children in uniform. The children are praying in front of Buddha. More children in uniform join the other children praying to Buda. View of a Japanese roof and of the temple grounds. People walk down a large staircase in the garden. View of a Japanese Garden. Another view of the garden. More views of the staircase with people walking up and down. Scene of a village in Nepal, a man is pulling a donkey, three children walk with him. A mother holds a baby and smiles shyly at the camera. Another view of the Nepal village with goats running on the road, two men walk behind the goats. One of the men is trying to scatter the goats. A goose comes down the road and a boy passes by. Close up of the goose. Close up of a Nepal man, he is smiling. Close up of a young smiling Nepal woman. Close up of an orange being peeled. Another village scene with children and goats. Another view of the village goats. An aerial view of Loch Ness. Close up of a photograph of nessie (mid 1940's). Photograph of a cage that was built in 1921, it was supposed be used to put nessie inside. Photograph of the Loch Ness monster's head rising above the water (in 1979 this photograph was thought to be genuine). Another long shot of the monster. A wide shot of Loch Ness with the monster in the foreground. Yet another long shot still of the monster's three humps. A wide view photograph of the lake with the monster in the middle. A still of two divers looking for the monster. Photograph of a creature that was pulled out of a lake near Loch Ness. An extreme close up of the Loch Ness monster. Another photograph of the Loch Ness monster. An artist conception of what Nessie may look like. Another still of nessie swimming. Another artist conception of the loch ness monster. A burial ceremonial scene in Egypt, a warlock was just buried. Close up of the mourners performing burial rites. A street in an Arabic town/village, some woman are dressed in black. Woman dressed in black walk in a desert place. The woman are walking near a pyramid. Tribe woman walk in the desert with some children. A man on a camel goes past the pyramids. Close up of the camels face. Another view of the camels face. Close up of an Egyptian's man wearing a white turban and looking very hot. View of an Egyptian wearing white robes and turban, he waves his arm around. View of three men in white robes and turbans sitting on camels, set against a pyramid, they are arguing. Another view of the pyramid and of a man riding a camel. Photograph of a ghost appearing in a English garden. A photograph showing a ghost appearing to two ladies. Two ladies dressed for a custom party are standing on a lawn, one looks at another woman sitting on a lawn holding a piece of paper. Still of a young man standing behind bars. Photograph of a close up of two eyes, the eyes transmit fear. Photograph of a dead soldier with a fractured skull and pain expressed on his face. Photograph of a woman in trance, she is possessed by a wolf spirit. Photograph of a medium. Photograph of a swinging watch. A photograph of a statue of an ancient beheaded witch. Photograph of a modern witchcraft ritual. Photograph of a priest conducting a black magic ceremony. A photograph of a witch looking very evil. Photograph of a horse carrying a mystic symbol which will protect it from sickness and disease. Photographed of crossed fingers. Photograph of the sign of the horned one. Photograph of the sign of the devil.

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