Film: 10434

Science | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Ghosts, witchcraft and the paranormal

A still showing a woman wearing a mask of a goat, it represents the horned one or devil. Another still of a chicken with a bull. A still showing naked people participating in a black magic ceremony. Still of a satanic altar. Still of a man involved in a voodoo ritual in Haiti. Still of a ritual sacrifice, a cow is used. Multicoloured lights fill part of the screen. Einstein's energy equation (E=mc) and other formula appear written on paper. A close up of a telescope . View of the telescope. Computer generated images of nebulas or galaxies. Still of an ancient representation of the sun god. An ancient temple is viewed against the light. A stream glitters in the sun light. More computer generated images of the cosmos (galaxies and nebulas). Night lights. Partial view of the moon at night. View of the moon as seen from space. Telescope or satellite images of the surface of the moon. Close up of the surface of the moon. Still of a séance (1920), a medium is materializing ectoplasm from his mouth. Still of a séance taking place around a round table. Still showing a psychic surgery used to removed a tumour. Still of the medium Marjorie Brandon (spelling ?) producing a dark coloured ectoplasm from her mouth. Still of a painting describing the devil tempting a painter with a woman. Still of one of Aleister Crowley's assistants, the mark of the devil is clearly seen on her chest. Still describing a "black coven" raiding a graveyard (photograph was taken last century). Still showing a burial in Haiti. Still of Elsie Wright (spelling?) with a fairy, the photo was taken by Frances Griffiths (spelling?). Still of a ghoul. Still of a Sri Lanka boy walking like an animal. Still showing a cast of Gig Foots's foot. Still of Big Foot in the Himalayan mountains. View of a villa's courtyard (it resembles a convent's cloisters). Water fountains in a manor house garden. Another view of the manor house fountains. Close up of the water sprouting in the fountain. A water fountain illuminated at night. A ball falls from the sky to the ground, it falls on grass among the trees. Close up of the ball which is red. Another view of the ball rolling through the grass. Close up of three black balls and two red balls rolling in the grass. Close up of a water fountain illuminated at night. Water fountains in the manor house garden. More views of the garden and of the water fountains. Computer generated images of deep space, galaxies and nebulas. A bright light flicks on and off in a pitch black sky. Close up of a space probe, either Voyager or Pioneer. Computerized image of a surface of a planet, may be Mars. Animation showing the space probe in space. Animation or computerized image of the space probe landing on a planet.

A train waits in a deserted station. View of the front of the train, this is the ghost train that ran between New York and Los Angeles. Another view of the train waiting in the station. Close up of the front of the train. View of the train moving. An image of the passengers. A train moving at night. View of the passengers. View of a train going through a station at night. More night lights. Close up of a reading lamp. Close up of a desk full of papers. Close up of a desk clock. Close up of scientific formulae written on papers, they are mainly energy equations. Night lights. A building in New York. View of some New York buildings. A New York street. Close up of people's legs walking on the pavement. More views of sky-scrapers in New York. Night lights. Still of a man impersonating a ghost in a traffic jam in London. Still of a Victorian photograph showing the ghost of a mother hovering above her child in bed. Still of a "genuine" ghost photo, the ghost is sitting in the back of a car. Still of a photograph taken of a ghost ,the Brown Lady, standing on a staircase, the ghost is transparent. Still of a mummified body in the church of St Giles, London. Still of a family being haunted by poltergeists, a pan and scissors are flying about the house. Still of a haunted house in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., the owner stands in front of the house. Still showing a phantom on a stair case in Queens House Greenwich, England. Still showing a ghost in the altar of St Nicholas Church in Arundel, England. Several space images showing galaxies and nebulas. Image of a meteor. More images of space/galaxies/nebulas/planets. Close up on a planet. Close up on the planets surface . Another image of a large planet with a satellite planet. An image of may be Saturn. Image of a ring around possibly the planet Saturn. More images of galaxies etc. A rocket launching site. A 1922 photograph of a New Jersey girl with the ghost of her uncle visible near her elbow. Still of an Egyptian corpse. Still of miniature gods of the dead (African Tribe). Still of a spiritualist medium in a trance. A 1947 photograph taken in Cornwall showing a woman with a young child, in the clouds there is a ghost. Still of icons of the spirits of the dead. Still of a corpse with coins on his eyes. Still of a boy lying on a floor while a Psychic brushes away the evil spirits. Still of a diagram of a U.F.O. (1973). View of a radio telescope. Animation of a space probe next to a planet or a moon, the planet vanishes, focus on the space probe. Space with solar system planets and their orbits around the sun. Telescope recordings. Animated image of the sun showing a hot exterior and a cool interior. Space images describing cosmic forces. Computerized image showing electromagnetic radiation bombarding the earth. A probe is launched into space. Image of a space probe in orbit. A space image. An ancient temple. View of a telescope. View of an astronomer working with the telescope. The NASA control room . President Nixon is touring the NASA facilities. A village in Japan. Close up of a Japanese window. Another view of a Japanese house. Close up on the Japanese window. Close up of white tulips in a Japanese garden, followed by another view of the windows. View of the earth as seen from space, the image becomes a dandelion flower that is blown in the wind. An image of space. Close up of an insect eating a larva. Close up of invertebrate life forms. Close up of a snake eating . Close up of a turtle eating. Close up of a black widow spider. Close up of a sea worm. Close up of a frog. Close up of a bee on a flower. Close up of a ladybird. Insects on a leave. A spider in the middle of its web. Close up of a snail moving. Close up of a dead tree trunk. View of the western desert (U.S.A.). Men are riding horses among trees. An extract of an early B/W silent film showing a man and a woman mining for gold. The same man is mining near a stream, he throws his pan away and looks disappointed as he fails to pan for gold. He prays and then carries on digging, he searches in his pan and this time he is lucky, he washes the pan in the stream and runs to show his wife and children his findings. The children are very happy. The man shows his wife where he found the gold. More mining for gold in the gold rush. A 1970's gold mine with a miner inside drilling for gold. Close up of the drilling. Close up of dynamite being put into the rock. The dynamite detonator is turned on and the detonator shakes. Mining wagons are filled up. More miners working in the mines. Mining machinery. A miner puts rocks into a wagon. A mining train full of rocks. The wagons are emptied.

Still of a medium levitating a table. Still of a man levitating during a psychic convention in L.A. Still of a medium producing ectoplasm through his mouth. Still of a medium with a ghostly ectoplasm stuck to his face. Close up of a still showing ectoplasm. Close up of a still showing a ghost. stills of a ghost in a room in Pennsylvania. Still showing two people smoking opium. Still of a hand with a mystical pattern believed to be the mark of the beast. Still showing a worshipper in a black mass in the U.S.A. Still of a young woman lying on a altar in a ritual sacrifice. Bones from an Egyptian tomb. Still of a vampire (1930's Germany). Still of a woman lying on the floor with a crucifix next to her. Still of a man in the mountains of Tibet, he looks at a foot imprint of Big Foot. Still of Sir Edmund Hillary (spelling?) looking at a cast from a Big Foot's foot. Space image and computer generated images of the space probe's data on the way to mercury.

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