Film: 105

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A sailor sits on a chair next to another sailor of higher rank and mimes changing a baby's nappy. They are a brief comic interlude on stage in front of an audience. The standing man introduces the next act, 'Sweet Fanny Adams, The Queen of the Fairies'; there is much laughter from the audience. Bunting is draped over the stage.
The audience claps and laughs. It is made up of other male sailors in white uniform, with two female sailors in black in the middle of them 1940's

The music starts; it is bawdy and music hall like. A large sofa and chair can be seen on stage. This is a very make-shift theatre space. Fanny enters; she is a skinny man with a tutu and tiara on. A fabulous drag fairy. She immediately starts to 'camp' it up to the music, making the most of her comedy knobbly knees. She sings a gem of a song: ''No-body Loves a Fairy When She's Old''. There is much amusing innuendo in the lyrics and Fanny has a droopy old wand to add to the fun. The audience watches and smiles. The female sailor smokes a pipe in the audience. The fairy does an interesting dance: standing on her toes again and again while flashing her knickers. The song his halted while she performs two terrible pirouettes and attempts to do the splits. The audience laugh off camera. The performance ends and the audience clap. The blond female sailor wafts away the smoke from her friends pipe.
The sailor MC returns on stage and introduces 'Rosalinda'. A tall, slim character enters; it is a man in drag. She is a much more glamorous and refined lady than the one before. She wears a long, white, figure hugging dress and a hat with long, white feathers coming off it. She moves with an exaggerated show of seductiveness. She seats herself on the sofa. The villain is introduced; a man enters with striped top, large black Bowler hat and wicked moustache. He does a camp version of lasciviousness; he kneels by her side and proceeds to seduce. He talks/sings a suggestive song in a silly camp way; it is called ''Opportunity''.The lady holds his hand and smiles innocently. He does little hula -type moves, kneels back down and the song ends. This is a lovely cheeky number.
The lady hears a sound; the sailor on the chair from the start re-enters and tells her to flee as her farther has arrived. The exit.

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