Film: 1050

Railways | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Waterloo Station, London, just after World War Two, a day in the life of the railway the commuters in the morning and with other passengers througout the day 1940's

Shots of trains in and out of Waterloo with a lot of steam. Passengers on the concourse with shots of the clock. Cs train's wheels and top shot of station with vans/taxis actually in the station.
Night time -paper train at 11pm being loaded (male and female workers) going to Plymouth. On another platform, arrival of train from Grimsby with fish. Unloaded and taken on electric carriers to local trains to go to the suburbs.
More shots of newspapers being loaded onto Southampton train.
Van arrives which says Mirror on the side of it.
At 2'10" shot of night mail arriving. Some passengers arrive as well as the post and a dog. Then the outside of station is cleaned.
2'49" first trains in morning bring workers - commuters get off train.
At 3'24 the first of the business trains comes in - ticket barriers are busy. Station is busy with people at newspaper stalls and refreshments.
At 4'09" 2 trains seen leaving station from outside the station, Another train comes in with doors opening and people jumping and rushing from the train. People looking at the timetable board. Taxis outside and porters. Female train announcer is heard in background, whilst people and porters with suitcases are busy getting to trains. A Southern train is seen leaving with a few people waving from it, Soldiers marching off platform to tea trolley, one of them eyes up woman and says something to her.
A long distance train comes in and porters are on the platform waiting. Passengers walk down the platform. Then the post train from Southampton arrives (v/o with passengers from far off lands) Mainly seems to be soldiers and families arriving.
The afternoon is much more peaceful - men sweeping, checking rails etc… Lots of luggage, parcels and sacks are transported about the station, policeman on duty.Royal Mail van arrives, men carry sacks to post train -background woman announcer says that the post train to Southampton is on platform 11.
Shot of Ocean Liner Express at station, with waiters in short white coats standing on the platform. People saying good'bye. Top shot of Waterloo station and train leaving. People on platform watching tarin pull out with much steam.
At 10'00" station gets ready for commuters going home (v/o re staggered hours has done much to reduce crowding) Some people running to get on departing train. (patronising v/o re not taking any un-necessary risks to get home to your loved ones)
V/o when thinking of the future …. With poster for National Savings. Thrift will bring you National Savings (not luck apparently)

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