Film: 1055

Road Transport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The last trams of London. Festival Hall. Southwark.

Lights of Piccadilly at night. Model elephant - inn sign. Caption says that something is missing in the streets below. Tram crosses Westminster Bridge, with Big Ben in background. Tram driver operates tram. Tram passes. POV of driver. Close up of diver's leg operating foot mechanism, bell rings. Over driver's shoulder, going down street, with double-decker bus in front. Tram stops. Mechanical "arm" being raised and clipped onto overhead cable.

Tram workers change tram between lines. Arm is unclipped from overhead cable. Interior of driver's cab. Uniformed guard operating lever at side of road. Passengers inside tram. People queuing up to get on tram - it has "Last Tram" on it. Tram goes through puddle. Smoking industrial chimneys (Battersea power station?) see from tram. Tram going past bomb site in the streets of South London. Elephant and castle.

Old couple in tram. Tram into Kingsway tunnel, Holborn. Close ups of old couple. Royal Festival Hall and Thames seen from tram. Boats on Thames seen from tram. Old woman on tram waves. Embankment seen from tram. Conductor comes up stairs to top deck. Conductor collects fares from old couple. Interior of tram - conductor collects fares. Passenger standing up to get off. Inspector stands at side of road, watching tram. Tram worker fixes destination board to side of tram. Trams going down busy street. Old couple on tram. Driver's cab. Conductor goes down stairs. Conductor switches on light. Tram goes down street at night. Line of trams at depot or garage. Tram leaves garage. Children in tram. Boy on tram writing tram numbers in notebook. POV of car driver waiting for people to get in tram. Tram going down crowded street, from high angle. Close up of driver. Discarded tram topples onto its side. Tram car burning. Old footage (1900s?) of street scenes with horse-drawn trams. Crowds at night lining road, waving Union Jack, giving last tram a send-off. Lord Latham, Chairman of London Transport, at New Cross depot. Last tram comes into depot, surrounded by crowds. Official makes speech. Crowds sing and give three cheers. Empty street at night.

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