Film: 1057

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Pirates of 1920

A futuristic vision of bandits, pirates and terrorism of the future. The pirates kidnap a woman who is rescued by Captain Jack Manley
Cricks and Martin

A futuristic airship with a wide horizontal sail or balloon decends in a starry sky with trees below. Intertitle 'Jack Manleys leap in the air'. Women and men on board the airship watch excitedly as Manley ascends a ladder up and out of the frame.

Dastardly pirates plot in their own airship nearby. An explosive goes off in the civilian ship of the previous scene and everyone falls over. Crash in a lake.

Air pirates looking through a crate of treasure? Suddenly Jack Manley appears over the railings and they grab hold of himk, ripping his hat and jacket off, they struggle. Once loose, Manley shouts at them, and they struggle with him again.

Manley hanging by a rope around his armpits takes out a knife and cuts himself free, falling into the sea, he emerges and swims for shore but collapses exausted, two men carry him away.

Meanwhile back on the pirate ship they are looking for a fresh victim. View through a binocular shaped cutout of a pretty lady standing on her balcony looking whistful as she reads a letter, she goes back inside, closing the door and shutting the blind behind her. Pirates looking excited, they lower a rope ladder and descend to the balcony. Two of the pirates seen climbing onto and over the balustrade. [perhaps a missing scene where they kidnap the woman] They are ascending the ladder with her. Onboard the ship she runs around frantically but the captain has no pitty, they struggle as he grabs her, she begs him to let her go but he just runs off with her.

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