Film: 10574

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Frank Randle plays a girl’s school maintenance man in this 1949 comedy. The parts that include Frank are as follows:

He helps a girl who has fallen over to clean up her bloody knee in the boiler room. A long/mid shot of them both facing the camera while he cleans the wound and put a plaster on her knee.
An agricultural lesson is in progress, with a life size model cow at the front of the classroom. Frank and his maintenance pal (Dan Young) end up in the classroom with Frank impersonating a teacher in full cap and gown and they proceed to teach a lesson on farm animals, in particular how to milk a cow. Raucous consequences ensue. At one point a young boy interrupts the class and him and Frank argue, pulling each others hair, Frank puts the boy over his knee but fails to spank him. There is one medium close-up just on Frank as he addresses the class of girls.
Frank, Dan, and another maintenance man are having lunch in the boiler room. A slapstick skit ensues involving Frank falling off his chair several times, sandwiches being squashed and general chaos. All three of them are usually in frame for the ensemble piece, using much of the space.
In the boiler room, Frank is interrupted by a school girl and they speak whilst sitting on a bench, when she gets up, he falls off the other end of the seat. The same thing happens when a female teacher comes to talk to him moments later. Both of there scenes have just Frank and his companion in frame.
Another scene in the boiler room with Frank, Dan and their fellow worker. They try shovelling coal into the boiler but fail and end up hitting each other with spades instead. Again, they use the whole room for the performace.

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