Film: 10582

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Story of an American doctor who moves to Norway and gets lost in the wilderness.. His practice covers a huge area in the Telemark region. He is a flying doctor, using a sea plane to visit his patients.
Mountains, reindeer herd running over mountain plateau . Fjord. Waterfall. River with snowy patches on the rocks around it. Doctor fishing. Doctor called to the telephone. Doctor must go and see a patient. Kisses wife goodbye. Doctor takes his sea-plane aircraft up. Takes off from fjord. Flies over mountains. Air currents bump the aircraft. Lands on fjord. Walks up rocky shore to meet the father of the sick little girl. Doctor attends the sick girl, she has acute appendicitis. Doctor has to operate on her there and then. Doctor leaves and little girl will be alright. Takes off from the fjord. Aircraft looses oil. Doctor has to crash land in a fjord. Doctor realizes he is in a fix as he has no food or water. He starts walking on foot. Jumps over a stream. Scrambles up a glacier. Mountain peaks. Reaches plateau. Avalanche ahead. Walks over glacier. In the morning the wife raises the alarm and search parties are organized. Doctor jumps crevices in the glacier. He falls and starts to slip into a hole and scrambles to safety, his hands scraping the ice. Wolf. Doctor manages to get off glacier. Other sea planes join in the search. Dog and sled teams. 5000 square miles need to be searched. Doctor dries off in a cave. Two bear cubs come in. Doctor runs out of cave when he sees mother bear. Mother bear chases doctor but slips down the mountain. Fox. Sea plane, and dog sled teams. Forecast bad. Aircraft ordered back to base. 48 hours later local walkers and guides join in the search. Mountain trail. Skiers. Reindeer. Doctors abandoned aircraft is found and the note he left saying where he was heading. Doctor with two bear cubs. Doctor tries to catch salmon. Cubs catch salmon. Bear cubs play in the water. Doctor takes salmon off bear cub and cooks it. Doctor plays with bear cubs. Lemming. Cloudberries. Doctor catches a fish. Cubs climb a cliff after bird eggs. Weeks pass. Doctor plays and washes bear cubs. Sea plane. Finally spots doctor after 26 days. Aircraft lands and Doctor is saved. Bear cubs wander off.
Story told as if it is factual, but doubt whether it is, mainly because bears do not live in the Telemark region of Norway.

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