Film: 10602

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Tale and melodrama of a country girl and sheep farming the 1920's. Filmed on the Sussex Downs near Arundel, with its famous one take sheep round up.

“ On the gentle slopes of the Devon Countryside, an old Shepherd passes the evening of his days”
George Firle (GF) dresses in a farmers smock, straw hat with a shepherd’s crook herds a large flock of sheep up the hill, his old English sheepdog working with him.
“ His grand daughter had inherited his firm loving control of the flock. “ Tansy, wearing a brown woollen dress and black stockings sits on the slope picking daisies. GF sits by a pond as the sheep drink. Tansy runs to him. She gives him a basket with his supper and picks up his crook
“A strolling harvester, moving constantly from farm to farm” Clem, a moustached man in overalls with his cap at a jaunty angle, at the wheel of a steam traction engine with a belt running, climbs down from the engine to talk to the esquire farmer. Tansy with GF by the sheep pond. Clem jumps over a five bar gate on a country lane. Tansy meets him at the edge of a swaying corn field. They embrace and kiss, he holds her hands. FB sends the sheepdog off and stands up with stiffness using his crook. At the traction engine, esquire is waiting for Clem’s return, he looks at his fob watch. Clem, with his arm round Tansy, walk down a country lane, she sits on a gate.
“Come along this evening Tansy and give me hand with the cooking of supper” Tansy nods and they climb over the gate. They both arrive at the engine, Esquire is not happy.
“Twenty miles away, the Wilverleys had owned Fair Mile Farm since any man could remember”
A dining hall with a set table, a very old man is greeted warmly by two young men. A butler brings in a cake.
“Firle leaves for his evening glass of ale and Tansy sets off to meet her sweetheart”
GF walks out of a house along a road, Tansy comes out of the house and take the other direction.
“You seem to be in a mighty hurry, Miss tansy – don’t let me detain you “
Tansy meets esquire on the road.
“ The elder of the two sons was a man embittered by the loss of his young wife”
Joad stands before a grave stone brooding
“The younger son had always been under the domination of the two older men”
Will walks quickly along the village street. Tansy is bell ringing in the church tower. A fisherman packs up his tackle. Two brothers walk arm in arm.
“ In the dark years following the death of Joad’s wife, the bond between the two brothers had grown stronger” Joad looks at his fob watch
“Father will be waiting Will. We are two minutes late already”
Tansy and Clem outside a shepherd’s hut, supper things laid on a bench, Tansy ascends the steps of the hut, Clem follows looking around himself, he shuts the stable door behind him. In the Public house GF, with drinking companions behind him gets up. He leaves the pub. He walks back to his house. GF inside his cottage he looks for Tansy.
“ Alone with Tansy, Clem’s base nature shows itself” oo-er, sex rears its ugly head ! While Tansy is drying the dishes, Clem comes on strong in attempted rape, grabs her, she screams and struggles to keep her virtue intacted. But GF is banging on the hut’s door. Clem lets GF is, Tansy looks embarrassed and Clem guilty, Tansy runs to GF and GF goes for Clem with his crook with Tansy holding him back., Clem looks less guilty and puts his hands in his pockets in defiance, GF and Tansy leave. A miserable Tansy descends the hut steps with GF behind.
“While, in the distant village, the brothers are searching everywhere for a shepherd”
Two brothers watch a shepherd herd sheep. Tansy at the cottage cries on the kitchen table while GF looks on.
“You’re making trouble here, servant’s morals are not my business but I must draw the line somewhere” Esquire enters the cottage, GF attacks him
“You and the your girl can clear out – now if you like”
Tansy and GF are shocked and hold each other.
“Since the death of Joad’s wife, old Wilverley was resigned to a home without the saving feminine touch” The two brothers and old father sit at the dining table smoking and laughing together, the father rises and ascends the old wooden staircase the brother rise and watch him up the stairs, all still joking together. “Every market day Joad Wilverley drives into Marshminster”
Joad walks to his one horse trap and sets off.
“ Tansy and her grandfather are seeking other work after the dispute with the Farmer”
Tansy and GF on the streets of a small town
“How far be it to Goldringham?” asks GF of Joad
“Fifteen miles. I am going back myself later and could give you a lift”
“ Will be moving on now, the distance be nothing to us” says GF. Tansy wraps her shawl around her head and she , dog and GF walk off.
“Returning home that evening, Joad overtakes old Firle now at the end of his strength” Joad’s horse trap stops alongside GF lying on the roadside, Tansy asks his assistance, she puts GF’s hat on, the bundle onto eh back of the trap and get GF to his feet. “ The rough but kindly Joad takes Tansy and her grandfather to Fair Mile Farm” Pony trap draws up at the farmhouse, Tansy jumps out. She looks at the back where her grandfather lies. Joad says” I’ve got a sick man here Will” the two men lift GF out of the back of the trap “ The man is dead” Tansy reaches for her grandfather’s hand, the dog licks his face, Tansy stands, shocked and grieved.
“ And so Tansy came to Fair Mile farm” (12.41)
In the dining hall, of Fair mile farm, the father and to brothers talk.
“This George Firle seems to have been a good shepherd by all accounts. Where are we going to get another ?”
Tansy and her sheep dog walk in, she goes up to Joad and pleads.
“There’s myself Mr Wilverly. Give the flock to myself and ol’ Aireybella here and you’ll ne’er rue it” Joad laughs his head off and father bangs his stick.
“Ay a woman for a shepherd and a woman’s critter for a dog”
Joad picks up his hat. “Come along with the dog, my girl, let’s see what stuff the two of you are made of.” The two brothers and Tansy leave with the dog. On the slopes of the fields a flock of sheep. Joad says go on then, Tansy sends the dog away.
“Since the coming of Tansy, will ahs taken his proper place in the management of the farm” Will with a large wooden wheelbarrow. “As the days pass Joad wonders what attraction draws his brother to the lambing pens” Joad and Will talk, Will looks shifty. Tansy amongst the sheep with Joad. Tansy uses a pitchfork to move the hay, Will talks to her, she carries off a load of hay. Tansy, holding her shepherd’s crook. A sheep with twin lambs. A sheep head butts a lamb away. Tansy laughs. Sheep surrounded by hazel hurdles. “ Tis the best lambing season the farm has ever seen, George, even Mr Will is takin’ an interest”. Tansy shoos the sheep between the hurdles to camera. Tansy holding a lamb, Joad tips his hat. “ Before many weeks have passed Joad has come to a decision” Joad and father sit in the hall, the butler bows. “ I’m glad that Will is not back yet, what I have got to say can be discussed by us older folk”. The butler Robert looks supersilicious and leaves. “Wait Robert, it will interest you equally to know that Faro Mile farm will have a new mistress”. Close of Joad looking determined. Close of father mouth open with shock. “I have chosen Tansy Firle” (19.45)
Robert and father look amazed.
“We needn’t tell Will, I shan’t ask her until the sheep washing is over”
“Tansy refuse me?, A girl throw away the chance to be mistress of Fair Mile farm?” Robert and father look very worried.
“She be powerful fond of her sheep” Joad fills and smokes his pipe. Tansy and Will walk up the hill with the sheep.
Title “Part Three”
“ Old Wilverley tries persuade Joad to put Tansy put of his mind” father and Joad sit close to fire smoking
“What’s come to ye Joad, to have put aside the memory of her that we all loved. What will say?” Joad puffs a lot of his pipe, nearly wiping out father.
“When Love comes again to a man of my years, nothing can stand against it. But it need not come between Will and me”. Will comes in as Old father rises, he looks at his fob watch as Joad pats him on the shoulder. “Will’s a busy man these days”
“May day bought varying degrees of happiness to different people”
Tansy outside a cottage all dressed up next to a yokel. “Master Will gave me an hour or so to go into the village. I thought perhaps us might go together” Tansy agrees but she is looking for someone. Will arrives in his pony trap, she agrees and leaves in the trap, yokel tears off his smart tie in frustration. Tansy dismounts the trap and looks in the window of a village shop. Will sits with the sheep dog. Smoking his pipe.
“I thought as perhaps the dog might not heed you master Will.” Yokel sits next to Will and tears up bread in jealousy. Will arrives back at the cottage with Tansy in the pony trap, she jumps down, Will admires the new white scarf around her neck.
going on, Will gets back into the trap and rides off. There’s definitely a bit of flirting “ Another day and still Joad has not put his fortune to the test” Close up of tansy in her best hat and white scarf. “After all, It was Will who was the first to speak of the matter”. Will walks down the hill to the sheep flock. Tansy dressed in her farmer’s smock and carrying her crook, Will joins her. “ I've arranged the sheep washing for the second week in May” the dog joins them. “ It is kind of you , Master Will to have come so far to tell me “ Will moves in, Tansy is shy, Will takes her hands and makes to kiss her but doesn’t. “You beant afraid o’ me any longer Master Will?” They hold each other. “I’m only afraid of waking, Tansy” He touches her hands, they walk they are happy in love, she directs the dog. “ It was not until sheep washing time that the two brothers came to the realization of what was between them” Tansy and Will herd a huge flock of sheep though a country lane with a thatched cottage in the background. Sheep. Sheep in a pond. Men push the sheep into a pond, as Tansy dips them, sheep dipping, she uses a long crook to push each swimming sheep fully under the water, another man works behind her as the other men throw the sheep into the water, Joad comes up to tansy, she talks and works, more sheep thrown into the water behind her, Joad then talks to her. Close up of Will beginning to twig. Close up of Will beginning to twig as well. The flock of sheep walk up the lane form the river. Joad, Will and Tansy talk in a group in the farmyard, yokel arrives as well! “There follow many peaceful days in lonesome valley"
forgives him and Tansy with her flock. “ I am bringing a little present for you to your cottage, Tansy – just to show our appreciation of your work” joad says in the field. “Evening finds Will outside tansy’s cottage hoping to catch a glimpse pf her” Joad comes out of the gate of Tansy’s cottage Will spots him ! Inside the cottage Tansy is looking at the patchwork quilt Joad had bought, Will enters removing his hat, Will spots the present, Tansy looks abashed, Will is stricken. “ Oh Tansy, don’t you know that Joad loves you to?” Will beseeches Tansy., she bends her head down, then falls on her arms and cries. Will turns to comfort her, he holds her, she strokes his face “I thought ye’d grown weary of me of late” Will kisses her hands. “ What a fool I have been, Tansy. We will be married in Marshminster at once” Will and Tansy kiss, he leaves, she does a bit of hand wringing. “ But out of the past looms a sinister shadow” Will and Tansy kiss outside her cottage. But Clem hovers in the shadows. As Will leaves, Clem arrives at the cottage. Tansy is packing her bag when Clem walks in, he is looking very bad indeed “We’ll take up the game again where we left off some time ago" he grabs her “Have you told Will Wilverly why your father left the last job he had?” Clem jumps her, she dodges him and runs out of the cottage. At the hall Will is talking Joad “You thought all the costly rubbish that you have heaped upon Tansy would turn her head, you failed” They push and shrove each other. “Failed! You shall see ! About this day month the bells will be ringing for me and Tams” more fisty cuffs “ There will be no this day month for you – or me. It will be tomorrow before the sun sets again that Tansy will be my wife” Joad looks shocked and holds his head. “What sort of a woman then takes presents from another man “ Will leaps on his brother grabbing him around the neck, they fight, Joad stops “Oh my god! You and I Will! Is it true? “ Will walks away. “If I leave Fair Mile Farm twill make it easier for you and Tansy” Will walks away, Joad calls Robert arm outstretched. “Tell Tansy Firle she is wanted here – now – at once” Robert rights a chair and leaves. Tansy arrives, walks up to Will and holds his arm. “My brother and I give ye a month’s money instead of notice. Do ye Understand? Now go !” says Joad to Tansy as he puts the money on the table, Tansy looks suitably offended. “Take the money and go! A moment ago I could have killed him, my brother just because of you. There ! Let that content ye!” Tansy pleads with Will. “ Tell him what there have been atween you and me so long – what you have asked me- what I have promised you!” But Will deserts Tansy and pushes her aside and walks away. Tansy sees how it is, Will is untrue and broken his engagement to her, he picks up the money and flings it at Will in her disgust, she turns heel and walks out. Robert says “If ye’d an eye in yer ‘ead, Master Joad, ye’d have seen she’s loved the lad all along” Will rather late in the day, worries about Tansy and where she will go “Off with ye, Will after the girl this very minute” says Joad. Robert watches from the window, Joad joins him “If only he may reach her in Time” Robert full of worldly wisdom says “A woman only hurries away from her lover just fast enough to be caught up” Outside Tansy, who really is having a bad day, is again pounced on by Clem. Will arrives. He rescues his damsel in distress, and throws Clem off. They have a proper western style punch up. Will brushes his hands having disposed of the evil Clem and returns to Tansy. He pleads with her, she forgives him, its happy ever after.

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