Film: 10621

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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From above, the diver descends below the surface. Underwater shot, mid-distance, of diver plumping onto the sea bottom, on his seat. Close shot of him struggling to his feet. He stumbles over to the package, and lifts it. He struggles towards us, past the ship's screw. He removes an object from the bundle, and moves the metal frame towards us, which is disclosed as a sign reading 'DANGER. MEN AT WORK'. He assembles some items, by the screw. He hammers at something, immediately below the propeller. He puts down or drops the hammer, then holds his hands out like he's searching for something. On the sea floor he rights an upended bucket, then appears to wipe his hands, before picking up the bucket and 'emptying' out the water; with his left hand he picks up the sign.

On the beach, heated tribesmen run towards the sea. The chief, in feathered headdress, issues orders to his men, who run off.

Viewed from the sea, the tribesmen start to launch canoes.

By the ship's screw, Keaton fiddles with a wire or string. Close-up of a lobster hanging onto Keaton's right leg, as he reaches down and pulls it off. Holding the lobster, he uses its pincers to cut the wire, then discards it.

Mid-distance shot of him doing something with the bundle as he is attacked in the rear by a small swordfish or marlin, swimming in from R. Keaton grabs the marlin by the snout and body, and struggles with it. Closer shot of him wrestling with it. A larger swordfish swims in from R, and - still holding the first (using it as a sword) - Keaton fences with it, then it swims vertically off screen.

A canoe with an outrigger, containing five tribesmen, takes up position by the ship and the tribesmen ascend the ladder.

In centre shot the girl continues to wind the windlass, not seeing the tribesmen approaching her from behind, spears raised; they grab her, and she struggles; breaking free, she tries to pull on the diver's cables, as a tribesman raises a spear to cut them. Close-up of her hands shaking as she holds the severed ends. Still struggling, one tribesman grabs her round her chest and they drag her away, to rear.

Keaton, holding a big mallet, realizes something's happened and starts to reel in the cable or hose.

With the girl captive, the tribesmen descend the ladder to their canoe, push off, and paddle away (viewed over ship's side).

Keaton, reeling in the hose, comes to the severed ends and looks aghast, throwing back his arms in horror. Looking upwards, he appears to try to climb up the ship's side (some of this action is not too clear, as underwater sequence quite dim). Closer shot of Keaton struggling to take off the belt of lead weights. Panicking, he clutches at his helmet, then falls to his knees.

An octopus squirms towards L. Keaton, lurching towards us, is grabbed round the neck by an octopus tentacle, stretching in from L. Struggling, the octopus squirts ink at him, and he falls back behind a cloud of inky water, as he grabs his knife. Obscure scene, apparently of Keaton fighting off the octopus behind a rock. He re-emerges from behind the rock, both arms out, one holding the knife; no sign of the octopus.

Facing the ship, the warriors land with their captive; others, brandishing spears, cheer them. They carry the girl in, and dump her before the chief. Close-up of the girl looking round anxiously. What she sees - pan round a group of hostile painted faces. Close-up of her view of the chief as he bares his teeth at her. Close-up of the girl, pleading with him and shaking her head, terrified.

Long shot of the sea at the beach, as a diver's helmet begins to emerge from the sea, as Keaton walks towards us. The tribesmen look startled, as the girl drops to the ground. The diver walks onto the beach, straight towards us, then stops, arms out. The tribesmen look on. From the sea, Keaton takes three separate paces towards them, and with each step they took take a step back; seeing the effect, he shakes himself fiercely, and they all run off. Viewed from the front, closer shot of the diver (sea monster) shaking himself. Medium shot of the tribesmen running off, L to R.

Standing over the girl, the chief looks round, throws down his club, and runs off; she stands up. Turning around to see they've all run away, she runs towards Keaton, her arms open (viewed from sea, behind Keaton). Medium-close shot of her clasping him and twice kissing the visor of his helmet; he puts up his hands to stop her, then after she speaks to him she goes round behind him, to help him get out of the diving suit. Long shot of her trying to disrobe him, he on his knees.

The chief looks out from behind a tree, and is followed out of hiding by a couple of other tribesmen. Apparently unable to help, Keaton clasps the girl's hand as she crosses in front of him and picks up a discarded spear. Holding hands, Keaton at left, the girl using the spear as a walking aid, point down, they walk away into the sea, in the direction of the ship; then Keaton lies back as the girl mounts astride him and begins to paddle with the spear. Looking down on the girl paddling, astride the diver, face-up. Close-up of Keaton's face through the visor, as he mimes something about breathing. After fiddling with the helmet's attachment, she paddles on frantically.

On shore, the tribesmen begin to emerge from behind trees.

Astride Keaton, the girl has reached the fallen gangway at the ship's side. Closer shot as she gets a footing above him, unscrews and removes his helmet, with his help; Keaton gasps for air, then slips below the surface, as the girl drops the helmet in the sea; franticly, she fishes around for him, then pulls him back by the hair; gasping, he holds onto the ropes as he looks up at her. Longer shot as, standing feet astride the gangway above him, she tries to pull him up; Keaton, indicating his bloated suit, takes his knife and slashes the front, water pouring out; as she bends over, holding him, he squeezes the suit to speed up the emptying; she starts to climb further up the gangway.

The chief, reasserting himself, orders a detachment of men off R.

She helps Keaton onto the deck, and he waddles across to the ladder, ascending a few steps with great difficulty as she holds onto him; he leans back. Close-up of water gushing out of the suit as Keaton hangs upside down by the ladder. Close-up of the girl looking down, and her mouth dropping open in shock. Keaton's head invisible beneath the torrent of water pouring out of the suit. She helps him into a sitting position at the foot of the ladder, sitting beside him and fiddling with his suit.

From the sea looking to the beach, as the tribesmen launch two canoes.

Standing above him on the ladder, the girl holds the feet of his diving suit as Keaton, upside down, shrugs himself out of it; he stands, as she throws down the suit, then Keaton picks up suit and collar and dumps it at L, sitting down, his head in his hands, as the girl sits beside him.

Three canoes, two men in each, reach the gangway, and the men begin to climb up. Keaton and the girl seated, discussing what they can do, as they hear something. Keaton and the girl, at the top of the gangway, look down at the ascending tribesmen; she seems to be trying to untie a rope, then they run off, inside.

Inside the storeroom as Keaton runs across from L, barrels and a broom at rear; he grabs an axe and runs back, pulling himself to the floor as the axe snags on a barrel, getting up and running out to L.

He and the girl change places at the head of the gangway, as he starts to wield the axe. Keaton and the girl, as he swings the axe and cuts the rope holding the gangway. The gangway falls into the sea, as do all the tribesmen; Keaton and the girl run and get a bucket of water each, and throw them over the men below; they repeat this, as a couple of men regain their canoes.

On deck, Keaton and the girl run across each other's paths, and Keaton trips and sprawls headlong in the pool of water from his suit; he gets up again.

Close-up of the chief, wielding a club, as he issues orders to his men. Several more canoes are launched.

Watching on the ship, Keaton and the girl run to L. From the beach, a small flotilla of canoes heads towards the ship.

Keaton struggles out of a doorway with a huge crate of fireworks, and lugs them off L.

Lateral view of more canoes setting off, rocks at rear.

The girl frantically gesticulates to Keaton about what she's seen, then jumps and runs off R; meanwhile Keaton is preparing a battery of rocket launchers.

The approaching canoes, seen through ship's rigging.

Keaton standing confidently, one hand on hip, the other holding a smouldering taper. The anxious girl, standing beside the ladder, also holding a smouldering taper; a crate of fireworks remains at L. Keaton starts to light rocket fuses.

Smoke from the rockets, above the frantically paddling tribesmen. Keaton lighting fuses. View from the side of the ship as the rockets are fired and the tribesmen paddle away. Closer shot looking down on three canoes as rockets fall among them and men fall or jump in the water. Men jumping in the water as rockets fall. Close shot of one canoe, viewed from the outrigger side, as a rocket strikes, and all four tribesmen simultaneously jump backwards into the sea. Long shot of eight canoes paddling away, amidst smoke trails. Short panning shot of three canoes.

On deck, the girl lights fuses, stationary at rear, while Keaton runs towards us, also lighting fuses.

One cane has reached the hanging rope ladder, and two men start to climb it.

Viewed from behind, Keaton, holding the axe, runs to the side and looks over, then takes a mighty swing with the axe to cut the ladder rope - but misses, bending down to lever the axe out of the decking; he takes another great swing, but only succeeds in throwing himself headfirst over the rope; he gets up and takes a third swing.

The ladder, with the two men on it, falls back into the sea with a splash.

Keaton goes to the side, grabs a smoking firework, and stands with it, impatiently.

Two canoes reach the boat, bearing between them a whole palm tree, leaves, branches and all. Using their spears, six tribesmen standing on one cane raise the leaf end of the tree. Longer shot of the two canoes, as the men raise the tree vertically.

On deck, Keaton is gathering armfuls of fireworks as the tree fronds appear behind him; looking round, he drops the fireworks and goes over to investigate.

Over the side of the ship, men are seen shinnying up the tree trunk.

Keaton initially pulls back behind the palm fronds, then spots a coconut, and pulls it off.

The men climbing the tree. As the first head appears over the side, Keaton neatly bounces the coconut on it, and it falls back. The tribesman slides back down the tree, knocking the other two off it; the other three in the cane jump in the sea.

Viewed from above, Keaton lobs coconuts at the men below; one dives off from the top of the vertical cross piece which holds two canoes together.

Close-up of a monkey in the palm fronds, helping itself to a coconut, which it throws. Walking past, Keaton is hit on the head by the monkey's nut, and falls on his back, then gets up, staggering as he nurses his head, then looks over the side again.

Viewed through a frond, the chief brandishes his club as he is paddled L to R in the biggest outrigger canoe.

Keaton rushes towards us and grabs a large oar, which he puts to the tree then presses on with all his might, pushing the tree away. Seen from above, the tree trunk falls dead centre on the canoe, tipping the chief backwards into the sea, all the other tribesmen also diving or falling in.

Seen from above, a tribesman climbs a rope stretched across to his canoe.

Keaton runs R to L across the deck, sees something, and drops his axe, before pulling on a looped line which pulls out a small signal cannon; looping the line round the base of the cannon, he reaches for a match and bends over. Close-up of Keaton setting the match to the cannon, but catching his foot in a loop of the line as he stands up again. Looking out to sea, he walks off, then stumbles as the line catches and starts to tow the signal gun, which he sees is pointed straight at him; he runs back and forth away from it, but it follows him, pointing at him all the while; he runs and hops towards us, then away, then falls on his rear and gets up, then runs behind a stairwell, the gun following. He tries to hide behind a coil of rope, pushing the cannon away, then runs up a slope covered by a tarpaulin, still dragging the gun. The tribesman reaches the deck and raises his spear, just as Keaton runs in from L, trailing the signal gun; Keaton drops forward to the deck just as the gun fires, straight at the tribesman. The latter falls backwards into the sea, with a splash. Keaton sits up, looking round at the gun, finally disentangles himself from the rope, stands and pats the gun in gratitude, and goes off L.

The girl, standing in front of the crate of fireworks, points two lit roman candles in front of her, then puts one arm behind her back just as the firework explodes; she turns and throws down the fireworks. She runs to, and up, the ladder. Keaton runs in from R, and into the doorway, as the girl descends the ladder, looking round for Keaton. Keaton emerges from the other door, right by the crate of fireworks, only to be hit by one on his right shoulder; he falls, and puts up his arms protectively. Close-up of all the fireworks in the crate going off.

Keaton gets up and rushes back inside. The girl stands, legs apart, in front of the other door, as Keaton rushes out of it, diving straight through her legs and tripping her up; they get up and rush off R.

Tribesmen swarming up the Navigator's anchor and chain. The ship's bell in centre screen, as Keaton and the girl look L & R for somewhere to hide, before taking refuge in a recess below the bell; tribesmen swarm over the ship, but don't find them. Close-up of Keaton holding onto the girl, as she in turn holds onto a wall-mounted life belt. After a tribesman jumps down to the deck immediately in front of them, they leave their hidey hole and rush to R, holding hands.

From above, they are seen rushing to the side, as Keaton prepares to throw over the lifebelt, tied to a coil of rope; and empty canoe is at R.

Tribesmen swarming over the ship and climbing the rigging.

Keaton pays out rope as he lowers the girl, seated in the lifebelt, down the rope tethering the canoe; she splashes in the water, short of the canoe. Hand over hand she pulls herself along the rope to the canoe, and starts to climb in.

Close shot of five painted tribesmen with spears, seeing what's happening, pointing.

Keaton slides down the rope using his hands, quickly gaining the canoe - but the girl has fallen off, her head in the lifebelt; Keaton sees, dives in and swims to her. Close-up of the two, as Keaton swims back, holding on to the lifebelt with her in it.

Tribesmen start diving and jumping in after them. Keaton and the girl, still in the sea, look around. More tribesmen jump in. Keaton and the girl, turning to see the approaching tribesmen. Canoes paddling towards us, as a couple of tribesmen dive from them.

Keaton and the girl looking anxious; without warning, Keaton flips the lifebelt over her head. Mid-distance shot as the two sink below the surface, leaving just the empty lifebelt visible.

Embracing, they unexpectedly start to rise back out of the sea; to R is a periscope; still rising, they are seen to be standing atop the conning tower of a tiny submarine.

The girl climbs down to the open deck of the sub. Close shot of Keaton looking at the periscope, then around. The hatch of the conning tower lifts up, throwing Keaton headlong into the sea at R; the emerging submariner indicates to them both to climb down after him, back into the conning tower; the girl does, and Keaton bends over to follow.

Numerous swimming tribesmen reach the sub; Keaton sees them, and hastily gets into the conning tower, closing the hatch behind him, as they climb aboard.

Inside the sub, Keaton falls on a mariner below, who is naked to the waist; they stand up, and the captain gives an order; the mariner, facing us, pulls a heavy leaver, and the scene tilts in parallel with it.

Jubilant tribesmen aboard the sub - only it submerges beneath them.

Inside the sub (the girl and Keaton at L) the captain issues another order and the seaman straightens the lever then goes to the wheel.

Keaton turns to the girl and shrugs with exhaustion; impulsively she clasps his shoulders and kisses him quickly on the lips, then turns away looking troubled; he keels backwards against the control lever, pushing it sharply back.

He looks round, startled at the reaction. Over two shots, everyone falls about as the sub rolls through 360 degrees (as does the picture); till the seaman manages to straighten the lever, pressing his foot against the cabin wall for extra leverage.

The seaman breathes a sigh of relief, as the captain enters, very dishevelled, taking off his cap and remonstrating with the mariner, who points at Keaton; at L the angry stoker enters, holding a shovel and a crushed bucket; the seaman retreats from he as he too berates him; the seaman again indicates Keaton; Keaton and the girl are seated together on the floor, her arm round his neck; as the captain dons his cap, the stoker displays the bent condition of his shovel and bucket.

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