Film: 10635

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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[Part Two] see 10634 for part one

The Yellow Man attends the girl in bed. She sits up and reaches for her hair, as he looks away.
Intertitle: 'She seems transformed - into the dark chambers of her incredulous, frightened little heart comes warmth, and light.'
The girl sitting with her legs over the edge of the bed, as the Yellow Man ascends the stairs into the room, at rear; as he approaches, talking to her, she lifts her lega back onto the bed and pulls the bedspread across; he picks up her hair-band and puts it on her.
Intertitle: 'Blue and yellow silk caressing white skin - her beauty so long hidden shines out like a poem.'
Close-up of Lucy in bed, from waist up, as he attends to her; he passes her a mirror, and she looks at her reflection in surprise. Close-up of her face as she looks in the mirror, pointing to her face and talking to him. He looks on, dotingly. Close-up of her looking doubtful and coy, and patting her hair.

He shows her a small object, talking about it. It appears to be perfume, as she sniffs at it rather dubiously. She points to something, and he puts down the scent bottle, and picks up something else. Close-up of a vase of flowers in his hand. She claps her knuckles together in delight. Close-up of Lucy selecting one flower and admiring it. The two of them, as she feels its petals. Close-up of Lucy talking, and getting drowsy.
Intertitle: 'He dreams her prattle, her bird-like ways, her sweet self - are all his own.'

Close-up of the Yellow man, lit from the right, in reverie. The two, as she talks, and he looks away; she tentatively clutches at him, then strokes his cheek.
Intertitle: '"What makes you so good to me, Chinky?"'
He smiles as she talks, puts down the vase, turns and walks away.
Intertitle: There he brings rays stolen from the lyric moon, and places them on her hair; and all night long he crouches, holding one grubby little hand.'
He stands, stretching up clutching at moonbeams, then down where they're shining on the floor, then carries them to her, cupped in his hands, and sprinkles them on her head; he gets down on his knees beside her bed, clasping his hands beseechingly, then takes her head, pressing it lingeringly to his cheek.
Intertitle: 'Breathing in an amber flute to this alabaster cockney girl her love name - White Blossom.'
Lying in bed, she eats from a steaming bowl, as the Yellow Man, seated left, plays to her on the flute.
Intertitle: 'Now there is one, a friend of Battling's, having some business in the Yellow Man's shop.'
The Yellow Man descends the stairs into his shop, and crosses to L behind the brightly-lit counter. The front of the shop, as a man in jacket and derby hat crosses L to R and enters. Inside the shop as he enters, exhaling copious smoke, and talks to the Yellow Man. Close shot of the two at the counter, as the shopkeeper shows his customer something bright and floppy.
Lucy, in Chinese costume, gets out of bed and goes over to listen to what's happening below. The customer hands over a coin, the parcel now tucked under his left arm.
Intertitle: 'Change for half a crown.'
Cheng Huan and the customer, the former looking troubled; the customer gesticulates, and the shopkeeper smiles and nods. Longer shot of the two, as the Yellow Man rounds the counter, crosses his shop and leaves, as the customer leans on the counter.
The street in Limehouse, as Cheng Huan crosses to the pub opposite, passing between some people walking in the road.

Lucy walking around upstairs, looking restless and inquisitive. The customer leaning on the counter. Lucy stumbles against a bedside table, draped in a fancy cloth. Close-up of the pot she has knocked off breaking on the floor. The customer (who has a moustache) looks round at the sound. Lucy picks up the pieces, and climbs to sit on the bed. The customer walks to the foot of the stairs, looks round furtively, then darts up them. The girl reaching down, from the side of the bed. The head of the customer peering in surprise over the bannisters. Close-up of the girl looking drowsy. The bedroom scene, the intruder at rear, unheard by the girl.
Close-up of the man, looking gleeful as something occurs to him, and he covers his mouth with his hand. The bedroom scene, as he starts back down the stairs. The shop, as he crosses to resume his position leaning on the counter, now laughing to himself.

The Yellow Man crosses back to his shop. Inside, he crosses to the customer and offers him his change. He hands him the money, the customer looking pensive as he pockets it, then reaches to the Yellow Man's tunic to brush off a fly; he then turns to the counter, picks up his parcel, and starts to leave. He leaves. Outside the shop he stops, looks round furtively, then up at the bedroom window. The street scene as he walks quickly away, and two sailors walk towards us.
Intertitle: 'Across the river, where Battling is training for his fight, before the munition workers, comes the Spying One.'
A boxing ring, men sparring, as a couple of others look on. At the end of the bout, Battling comes over to the ropes, smiling as, his second drapes a large towel over his shoulders; the other side of the ropes, the Spying One (the customer) talks to Battling, gesticulating.
The bedroom scene, as the girl dozes.
Battling looks at the Spying One in consternation, then lunges at him, being restrained by his second.

Intertitle: 'Battling discovers parental rights - A Chink after his kid! He'll learn him!'
Battling talking to the man in the ring and the Spying One. Longer shot of the group leaving the boxing ring, to L.
Intertitle: 'Above all, Battling hates those not born in the same great country as himself.'
Now dressed, the men re-enter the ring. Battling steps through the ropes to talk to the Spying One; his manager steps through the ropes behind him. The men leave to L, leaving two others talking in the ring.
Intertitle: 'The girl moves to go home - '
In the bedroom, talking to the Yellow Man, Lucy starts to rise from the bed.
Intertitle: ' - but decides to wait until tomorrow.'
Close-up of the two talking, as she leans back on her pillow. Inside the pub, Battling and the three others enter and go to the bar, as two sailors leave. The four men at the bar, Battling, in his check cap, talking angrily.
Intertitle: ''"Wait till I'm through with this fight tonight - I'll get 'em!"'
The four men, Battling talking and gesticulating, then finishing his bear. In the bedroom, the Yellow Man offers Lucy a doll, and she takes it. Close-up of her looking at it admiringly, then looking puzzled when she finds she can move its arm. The Yellow Man looking pleased at her response. The girl plays delightedly with the doll, moving its legs. Cheng Huan looks pensive. Lucy cradles the doll like a baby, pouting her lips as if to kiss it, and lifting the doll's arm to touch her face. He goes over to the table, lifts the vase, fingering a flower; he addresses her, then puts the vase down again; he goes downstairs, as she seems more interested in the doll than in him; she throws back the covers as she continues to nurse the doll.
The boxing ring, specators' seating now full, as the opponent, in white dressing gown, enters at the far left corner and takes a bow; he goes to his corner as Battling enters and the audience goes wild, waving their caps. Battling, in fancy gown, smiles round, enjoying the adulation. In the ring, the preliminaries begin. The opponent, seated confidently in his corner, as his second massages his legs. Battling, smiling and sneering in the opposite coner, as he talks to he second. The referee introduces the boxers, who stand and bow. The boxes shake hands. Seated outside the ring, the timekeeper, beside his bell, talks to the men. The men shake hands and return to their corners. The boxers take off their gowns, and the seconds leave the ring. The timekeeper shoves a cigar in his mouth and crosses his legs, as someone strikes the bell. Close-up of the bell as it strikes. Boxing action commences. Closer shot of the boxing. The audience, the men in the front row eagerly shadow-boxing along with the action. Three on a bench in the front row, following the match. The pace of the boxing gets frantic. The excited audience. Two seconds, leaning on the ropes. Boxing action. Longer shot of action. Close-up of bell ringing. The men return to their corners, the seconds enter, and one flaps a towel vigorously.

The girl clutching the doll, as Cheng Huan re-enters the room. Close-up of Lucy talking to him. Close-up of him approaching her looking diffident (the actor working hard at looking inscrutable).
Seconds flapping towels in the boxing ring; the match resumes. Close-up of vigorous action. Three middle-class men in suits, ties and hats, in front row, watching. The action; the opponent decks Battling with a right hook; Battling starts to get up. The audience egging him on; one man in front row rises to his feet in his excitement. The timekeeper, on his feet, beats out the count (3) with his right hand, then sits. Battling gets up and floors his opponent with a sweeping right hand; caps are waved jubilantly, but the opponent rises and the fight continues. Longer shot of the fast-paced action.
In the bedroom, the Yellow Man approaches Lucy, fawningly. Close-up of his face approaching hers, like he wants to kiss her. Close-up of Lucy's face looking apprehensive, and shrinking from him somewhat. He pulls back a bit, realizing his mistake, looks down, then lifts the cuff of her tunic and kisses it; he turns away.
Intertitle: 'His love remains a pure and holy thing - even his worst foe says this.'
He leaves her and goes downstairs.

Long shot of the boxing. Closer shot as Battling swings a right and decks his opponent again. The happy spectators. Three men in the front row. The timekeeper beats a count of six. The opponent struggling, face down, to get up, as Battling stands over him triumphantly. Longer shot as he walks away, having won, and seconds enter the ring to assist the defeated man, who is half-carried away. The vicot raking the applause; initially draped in his dressing gown, this falls to the floor, and the second picks it up.
Intertitle: 'He goes to right his Honor - ?'
Battling, now dressed, and his cohorts, stand in front of the ropes of the now empty venue. Close-up of Burrows talking to Manager (or Spying One?), then walking off. Burrows, the Manager, and the Spying One walk off L, as other men walk away in the ring.
Intertitle: 'The lowering storm.'
Night-time scene of the three men walking L to R beside the river. Battling enters his room, followed by his manager, who stays in the doorway, as Battling looks round for his daughter, then goes over to the door opposite us, opens it and looks out.
The front of Cheng Huan's shop as he leaves it. He crosses the road to the pub.
Back in Burrows's room, Burrows strides back in as the manager leaves, followed by Burrows. Outside, Burrows shoves one of the men against a post, then turns the corner, followed by the other man.
The courtyards as Cheng Huan crosses, the first floor balustrade opposite prominent, as a lantern sways at top of picture. The three men approach down a dimly lit lane, then exit to right of camera.

The bedroom, Lucy dozing. Closer shot of Lucy. Cheng Huan comes into shot from R, in the street, and stops at a flower shop; the shopkeeper comes out and they talk. The three men approach in darkness, in the principal Limehouse scene. The front of Cheng Huan's shop; a watchman tries to prevent them entering, but while one man sees him off Battling enters. The three men enter Cheng Huan's shop, and Battling starts to climb the stairs. The bedroom as Battling enters, his daughter asleep. Battling rounds the table to Lucy, who wakes and starts as she sees him, cowering into the bed as he postures angrily. Battling, livid, his fists clenched.
Intertitle: '"You! With a dirty Chink!"'
The two of them. The furious Battling, pounding his fist into his hand. Close-up of his enraged face, then zoom in for even closer shot. Vignette of the top of Lucy's terrified face. Close zoom on Battling's face, mouthing imprecations. The two, Lucy cowering.
Intertitle: '"'Tain't nothin' wrong! 'Tain't nothin' wrong! I fell down in the doorway and - it wasn't nothin' wrong!"'
Lucy speaking pitifully to her father, who continues to clench his fists.
The flower-seller hands Cheng Huan a bunch of wrapped flowers; Cheng Huan pays him and turns to walk awy; the shopkeeper calls him back and gives him an envelope, as he puts down the flowers, opens the envelope, and unfolds the letter inside. Battling squaring up to punch Lucy.
Intertitle: '"I'll learn yer! I'll learn yer!"'

He punches at the terrified girl, part of her Chinese clothes coming away in his hands as he pulls back; he stares at them, then dashes them to the floor, demanding she get up. She gets out of bed, then onto the floor to retrieve the doll, cowering on the floor below her father.
Intertitle: 'Evil Eye Investigates.'
Evil Eye enters the shop and goes upstairs, not seeing the two men in the shadows below stairs. Battling menacing Lucy.
Intertitle: '"Take them things off!"'
Battling turns to the stairs as Lucy hastily takes off her tunic, cowering from her father as he returns. Evil Eye comes back downstairs, exchanged words with one of the men in the shop, then walks off R, a gleeful expression on his face.
Close-up of Cheng Huan holding the letter, talking to the flower-seller.
Intertitle: 'The clonking river mist.'
Mis swirling over the riverside scene. Lucy, now in English dress, cowers from her father, who comes over and grabs her by the hair, shaking her head; he grabs angrily at the Chinese tunic she's taken off. Close-up of Battling raging over the tunic, then dashing it to the floor and stamping on it. He overturns the small table, then smahes it, and lays waste to some pots with the table leg, as Lucy protects her head with her arms.
Cheng Huan picks up the flowers again and sniffs them, as Evil Eye approaches him from R, and stops him.
Intertitle: 'Evil Eye gladly bears the news.'
Close-up of Evil Eye telling Cheng Huan what's been happening.
The bedroom, Battling still flailing around crazily, smashing things. The men downstairs go over to the door. Outside, they leave the shop.
Cheng Huan hears the last from Evil Eye, and rushes homeward; Evil Eye smiles, and approaches the display of floers. He picks up a flower and smells it, as the shopkeeper comes out; he reaches inside his tunic and pases a coin to the shopkeeper, who nods.
Battling, brandishing a vase, continues to threaten Lucy, kickong over another table.
Intertitle: '"Where is he?"'
Brandishing the vase, he beats on the bed with his left hand. Lucy cowers. He shoves her pillow away, as she crosses the room to cower at L as he turns to her again. Lucy absolutely terrified, clutching desperately. He continues to threaten.
Cheng Huan hurrying homewards.
Lucy rushes for the stairs, and Battling pursues her. She runs through the shop to the door. Outside the shop she is grabbed by one of the two associates. Close-up of her pleading with him. Battling runs through the shop to the door. Outside, he grabs Lucy's arm and pulls her off. The dim and misty cobbled Limehouse street as he drags her off L, accompanied by his two associates. Cheng Huan homeward bound. The others, seen dimly through the mist.
Cheng Huan crossing to his shop. The misty riverside as the party of four return. Lucy tries to break free as the associates part company, but he drags her to their door. Inside his room he throws her on the bed, then pushes her back when she tries to get up. He gesticulates angrily at her as she crouches on the bed.
Cheng Huan climbs his stairs and stops incredulously before the empty bed. Holding his flowers, he looks round and gasps when he sees the devastation. Close-up of his head lolling in exaggerated shock. He drops the flowers, then clutches at her discarded Chinese tunic, which he holds to his face, before looking up in despair and collapsing on the floor beside the bed. Close-up of him grieving and clutching the tunic to his face.

Battling picks up the whip to threaten Lucy with, hitting it on his hand for emphasis.
Intertitle: '"Don't! Daddy! It wasn't nothin' wrong!"'
As Battling crosses to close the street door, Lucy ducks into a dingy closet, and locks the door behind her. Battling storms across the room and tries the door. Furious, he shouts through the door.
Intertitle: '"Open, I tell yer!"'
He clenches his fist. Lucy, pressed against the far wall, sobbing. Battling looking desperate. Lucy looking desperate. Close-up of Battling, enraged. Lucy turns, speaking back to him.
The sorrowful Cheng Huan. He gets up, and goes over to the stairs, stopping to open a coffer. He takes out a pistol, and conceals it in his tunic. He goes downstairs. He leaves the shop. He hurries away through the mist.
Battling beating on the closet door. Lucy cowering and shaking her head.
Intertitle: '"Don't, Daddy! - Don't! THEY'LL HANG YER!"'
Lucy pleading with him, clutching her doll. Battling shaping up, Lucy in fear.
Cheng Huan hurrying round the corner, in the mist.
Battling beating on the door. He looks round, then runs over to the hearth, where he picks up a hatchet and runs back. He strikes at the door repeatedly, with the blunt end of the hatchet, knocking off a picture hanging there. Lucy tries to find somewhere safe either side of the door, finally despairing and turning in a circle on the spot. She looks upward imploringly. Close-up of Lucy's terrified face, as she turns back and forth, clutching at it. She turns round and round in the closet, her mouth agape. Battling attacks the door with the hatchet, penetrating the ood. Lucy cowers, as the wood splinters inward.
Cheng Huan rushes onward.
Battling destroying the door. The door falling in on Lucy. He throws down the hatchet, and reaches in through the gap. He grabs Lucy and drags her out. He drags her into the room. He throws her down on the bed, but she sits up as he picks up the whip. Threatening her, she pleads with him. He hits her on the head with the butt end of the whip, doing so repeatedly, and harder and harder.
Cheng Huan lurches round a dark street corner.
Battling, standing over the motionless Lucy, drops the whip, and looks round furtively and guiltily. He rounds the end of the bed and leaves through the door opposite. The back room, scantily furnishes; a basket against the wall; a small table and a single upright chair; he lights a candle on the table, then takes a bottle and sits on the end of a low couch.
Cheng Huan approaches the Burrows' street door and stops.
Battling throws his cap on the table and takes a swig from the bottle.
Cheng Huan moves on.
The girl in the kitchen.
Intertitle: 'Dying, she gives her last little smile to the world that has been so unkind.'
Lucy, lying semi-conscious, looking battered and dischevelled, her hand at her throat, her other still clasping the doll, reaches up with two fingers to force the final smile, then her eyes roll up and she expires; fade.
Cheng Huan at the door. He enters, stops as he sees Lucy, then rushes over to her. Bending over her, and reaching out to touch her, he studies her intently, and realized he is too late.
Battling stands up abruptly. Cheng Huan hears the movement and stands up in alarm. Battling picks up his cap and rushes out the door, spotting Cheng Huan as he turns past the table. He stares at him, clutching his cap. Cheng Huan stares defiantly back. Battling scowls, muttering. Cheng smiles, nodding. Battling sneers. Cheng Huan glares. Battling stares, unsure of himself. The tableau; Battling's rear foor is near the dropped hatchet. Vignette close-up of Battling's right foot stepping back and onto the hatchet handle. As Battling makes a sudden lunge at the hatchet, Cheng Huan produces the gun and fires. He fires repeatedly. Attempting to throw the hatchet, the injured Battling teeters, then makes another lunge, as Cheng Huan fires again. Seen through the gunsmoke, Battling drops the hatchet, reaching out to steady himself. Chang Huan pointing the gun. Battleing staggering, then shaping up for a fist fight and making an attempt to throw a punch; he clutches his stomach in agony, falling. The kitchen scene, as Battling falls on his back on the floor, then rolls onto his side. Cheng Huan with the gun. He goes over to look at Battling, then turns towards Lucy, then goves over to the door, which he opens; he goes back to Lucy, lifts her up and carries her out the door. Cheng Huan carries Lucy R to L across the misty riverfront. In the mist they approach and turn to our right.
Battling's two associates turn the corner and go in at his door. They enter, finding him on the floor; one goes over, lifts and body, and confirms him dead.
Cheng Huan carries the girl to his shop.
Battling's associates run out. They run away round the corner.
Cheng Huan carries Lucy's body across the ruined bedroom and lays it gently on the bed. He arranges her hands on her chest, still holding the doll, then lays the bedspread over her lower half.
Inside a police station; at L foreground are two Victorian neo-gothic chairs; behind a wooden railing sits a sergeant; in front are three standing men, two of whom are constables, one of whom is reading a newspaper. The constable reading turns to the man not in uniform, speaking.
Intertitle: '"Better than last week - Only forty thousand casualties." '
The two men speaking. The sergeant hands something to the other constable, who leaves as Battling's associates enter and approach him.
Cheng Huan looks round, and sees on the floor the bunch of flowers he had bought for Lucy; he lays them on her chest, clasping his hands piously. He turns away.
In the police station, an associate tells the sergeant what he's seen.
Cheng Huan surveys the bedroom, then looks down. Close-up of discarded Chinese textiles and broken china figures. He goes over to the overturned table.
The policemen leave with Battling's associates.
Seated at the small table, now beside her bedside, draped and with one or two figures re-established, Cheng Huan lights a candle and blows out the match. He reads, and touches the Chinese text to his forehead. Close-up of the makeshift shrine, with the statuette of Buddha. Cheng Huan nodding before the shrine.
The police and Battling's associates arrive at his home, going straight to the body as they enter; a policeman takes out his notebook.
The bedside scene; Chang Huan nods, and takes up a ceremonial hammer. He taps a suspended bell once. He replaces the hammers, and appears to resume praying before the Buddha statuette.
At Battling's house, an assoicate points out the door, and they all leave.
Cheng Huan nodding at the bedside shrine. The stretches out his hand, seen to be holding a dagger pointed at himself.
Intertitle: 'As he smiles goodbye to White Blossom, all the tears of the ages rush over his heart.'
Vignette close-up of Cheng Huan's face, first almost smiling, then the smile dropping. He plunges the knife into his chest, crumpling forward. The shrine, and Lucy's deathbed. The wider scene, with Cheng Huan slumped on the floor. The police cross in front of the shop and enter. Lucy dead beside the shrine.
In China, a priest strikes the temple bell three times. Chinese boats by the riverside, sailing at dawn.
[The End.]

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