Film: 10669

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Peter Pan. Part One
Silent version of classic children's story. Flying. Land of Lost Boys. Crocodile and tick-tock, Wendy house, Captain Hook etc.

Bedtime in the Darling Nursery. Nan the dog (person in a very realistic costume) runs a bath for Michael. Peter Pan flies to the window and peers into the nursery. Mrs Darling comes into the nursery and sees Peter Pan. Nana baths Michael. Mr Darling comes into the nursery and fusses with his bow tie. Mrs Darling ties it for him. They put Michael to bed after Nana has dried him. Nana tries to get John and Wendy to also have a bath before bed, but Nana accidentally puts her wet paws on Mr Darling's trousers. Mr Darling is very angry as they are ready to go to a party. Mrs Darling says that they must be nice to Nana as she has seen a boy at the window. She says she saw the same boy before and Nana barked at him and chased him away. Nana will protect the children. She says that the boy went through the open window but the window came down and cut off the boy's shadow. Perhaps he has come back for his shadow. Mrs Darling shows Mr Darling Peter Pan's shadow that she had put folded up in a drawer. Mr Darling seems a bit unconcerned about all this.
Michael has to take his medicine but he refuses. Mr Darling says that he will take his medicine if Michael will take his too. Michael isnt so daft as he insists that Mr Darling take the medicine first. Mr Darling only pretends to take the medicine. Michael was fooled and takes his medicine. Mr Darling puts his medicine in Nana's bowl. Nana drinks the medicine and Mrs Darling is angry with her husband. Mr Darling takes it out on Nana and insists that the dog be tied up in the garden. Mrs Darling is concerned because the boy she saw might come back but Mr Darling is not having it. Nana is tied in the garden and starts to howl. Wendy says that Nana only howls if there is danger around. Mr Darling will not be swayed and Mrs Darling wishes that they were not going out to a party and leaving the children alone (!). Mrs Darling lights the night lights for the children and puts them all to bed. Mr and Mrs Darling leave and the children fall asleep.
Tinkerbell flies through the open window and whizzes around the room. She hides in a vase on the chest of drawers. Peter Pan comes into the room through the window. Tinkerbell shows Peter Pan where he can find his shadow. Peter Pan is delighted to have his shadow back and tries to stick it onto his feet with some soap. The shadow wont stick and Peter gets very upset. He starts to cry and this wakes Wendy up. Peter explains that his shadow wont stick. Wendy is completely unperturbed that there is a boy in her bedroom and suggests that she sew the shadow back onto Peters feet. She completes the task and Peter Pan dances around the room with his shadow in its rightful place. Wendy says that she will give Peter Pan a kiss. Peter holds out his hand, confused. Wendy gives him the thimble she was wearing on her finger. Peter is delighted with the thimble and puts it on. Peter tells Wendy about fairies and shows her tinkerbell (good effects of a tiny fairy with the actors - the whole film is very well done.) Wendy still wants to give Peter a kiss which she calls a 'thimble'. She kisses him which he likes, but Tinkerbell gets very jealous. Peter tells Wendy about Never Never Land and the Lost Boys, who are boys that fall out of their prams when their nanny's are not looking. He wants Wendy to go to Never Never Land and be their mother. Wendy will only go if Michael and John can go too. Peter wakes the two boys up and teaches them to fly. Wendy, John and Michael all try to fly but Peter forgot the fairy dust. Peter grabs Tinkerbell and blews some fairy dust onto the three and they can then fly. The children all fly around the room.
In the garden Nana sees all this through the window and manages to slip her collar. She runs to the house across the road where Mr and Mrs Darling are at a dinner party. Nana points to the window and Mr and Mrs Darling see their children flying around the room. They rush back home but Peter has lead the children out of the window and they all fly off to Never Never Land.
Mermaids in Never Never Land. The Forest of Make Believe. The Lost Boys. Red Indians. A lion is shot by a Red Indian with a bow and arrow. Other Indians appear and they all dance around the shot lion.
Captain Hook looks down from a cliff at the crocodile. Captain Hook explains to his band of cut-throat pirates that Peter Pan cut Hook's hand off and fed it to the crocodile. The crocodile liked the taste of Captain Hook so much that it has been trying to eat the rest of the Captain ever since. But Captain Hook has a cunning plan. He will feed an alarm clock to the crocodile, then he will hear the ticking whenever the crocodile is around and the Captain will be able to escape. The crocodile eats the clock.
Tinkerbell tells the Lost Boys that Peter Pan has ordered they shoot the Wendybird with an arrow. Wendy comes flying into view and the Lost Boys do as Tinkerbell said and shoot an arrow at Wendy. The arrow hits her and she falls to the ground. The Lost Boys realise that it is not a Wendybird but a girl. Peter flies down and sees Wendy is shot by an arrow. He is furious when he hears that Tinkerbell made it happen and he banishes the fairy for a whole week. But Wendy recovers and she is not dead at all. The Lost Boys build a house around Wendy. Peter asks if Wendy will be their mother and she agrees on the condition that Peter be the father.
Captain Hooks ship. The Captain and his cut-throat pirates plan to attack Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.
Peter Pan and the Red Indians who promise to protect Peter. They leave an Indian girl to stay with Peter. Peter kisses Wendy and the Indian girl goes off in a huff.
Wendy puts all the Lost Boys to bed. Peter Pan and Wendy sit by a camp fire. But the Lost Boys wont be put to bed and they have a pillow fight with 'pillows' of leaves. Peter grabs one of the 'pillows' of leaves and lots of little fairies fall out. Michael wants Wendy to tell them all a story.

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