Film: 1072

Railways | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Narrow gauge railways in the Levant or Eastern Mediterranean. 1960's

'Yugoslavia's once extensive narrow gauge network in Bosnia has now almost entirely disappeared, being either closed or converted to standard gauge. Shown in this film is the picturesque Dubrovnik railway now completely closed. Steam passenger and freight survived until the end in 1973, operated by the attractive 83 class locos, and it is greatly to be regretted that Yugoslavs failed to realise the tourist potential of this highly scenic line in a favourite holiday area.
Greece's narrow gauge network has survived, but steam has now vanished. The mixed gauge lines at Volos boasted standard, metre and 60cm gauges, and this film shows steam on the two narrow gauges. The 60cm Volos-Milaei line would have been another ideal candidate for restoration as a tourist line, with its seaside location, but again the authorities ignored its potential and closed it down. This in the only known film of the line extant.
In the Lebanon the Beirut to Damascus railway has a long rack and pinion section and the specially built Swiss locos ran three daily trips until the civil war closed the line. It has not yet reopened.
The Jordan railways formed part of the famous Hedjaz Railway, and their loco plates still bear the name. All the locos are steam and all photography is strictly forbidden, making this a very rare film.

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