Film: 1074

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


[Mack Sennett?]. Girl talks to cop. Dog bites her skirt and runs off with her skirt. Two other cops arrive, all three chase dog. Dog pulls box away from barrel. Barrel rolls and knocks cop over. Dog pulls cord outside police station which reads 'Riot Calls'. Ten cops exit from police station and give chase. Cops chase dog along street. Two men are fighting. Tall one punches Billy Bevan over. Billy lands in carpet hanging on line. Billy gets up and is punched down again. Dog runs through garden gate and holds it open on a rope for pursuing cops. Cops spot man hitting Billy repeatedly when carpet falls off line. Three men run from police. One falls over, and drops his bag of (stolen) money. Money flies out and lands on back of passing turtle / tortoise. Men do not notice money has flown out of bag, but dog does. It barks at turtle as it approaches lake. Turtle swims off with wad of cash on its back, and dog swims after it. Meanwhile, start of 'Policeman's Foot Face'. The cops race off and appear to chase the three men. Whilst racing they stop in a line, and fire their pistols. After three or four shots, the three fleeing men stop, turn, kneel and hold their hands in the air. The cops sweep past in their race. The cops disappear into distance. Man who was punching Billy and Billy shake hands. Big man sees bag is empty. Dog takes wad of cash out of water, and drops it in 'Salvation Army' charity pot. Woman pats dog.

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