Film: 10790

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The nurse's boyfriend comes back from looking for her. He leaves to go to the constable. The boys discover a book about Dracula and believe that Lugosi is one. They head up to grab the other two boys to leave. Lugosi comes in after they leave and lets the midget out of his bed ( in a cupboard!) and appears made that the boys have been reading about him. He goes up after them, and they trick him and runaway. The boys creep around the house trying to find PeeWee. Skinny disappears in a wardrobe. One runs away, mugsy and another boy go up to the attic. Lugosi is loose again.
The camp director rushes into town and they decide to get a search party out for everyone. The gas station man overhears all this. Mugsy find PeeWee who is still in zombie mode. There are standing coffins and people start popping out of them, obviously lots of secret passages. Everyone creeps around the house looking for each other. An extremely fake spider hangs from a fake thread. One shoots a gun off by accident. Two boys go down the laundry shoot. A suit of armour walks. The doctor finds the nurse. Mugsy in the suit of armour. Two of the boys in suits of armour. A kid backs into a skeleton. A secret passage! The posse leaves from the sheriff's office. The doctor and the nurse start looking around the house. The boys scare lugosi with a skull and a black blanket. Good hand wringing and yelling no! the skull hits lugosi on the head by accident, knocking him out. They run into Peewee's bedroom to find him safe and sound. The posse arrives. The doctor is the real killer and he has the nurse locked up in the house! Good close up of her face with wide-eyed fear. The posse walk in to find lugosi and the boys having a good chat. The girl finally screams, ( good Shot) with the guy looming over her. Bit of a shoot out through the door. He runs out of bullets and turns on the girl again, mugsy climbs through the window, the girl runs for the door to open it and all ends happily. Lugosi was a magician. He gives a magic show for everyone.

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