Film: 10791

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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'Hounds of Zaroff'. Hunting people on an island.

A ship at sea (very dark). The Captain and First Mate talk in their quarters about the route they are going to take. Four men in a lounge on board, they talk, one pours the Doc a drink to calm his nerves. The Captain comes in to discuss his fears, apparently they are passing by a dangerous island. Amongst drink and chat, they decide to stay their course. Discussion about civilisation ensues. The boat hits something in the middle of the talk, all the lights go out. Men and furniture go flying. The men in the engine room try to get away, as the water starts to boil from the heat, a very bad scream. They are steamed to death. The boiler explodes. Various things fal into the water. People, deckchairs. The ship sinks. Three men hanging onto debris. Oh no! A shark. One man screams and sinks below the surface. The doctor yells, its got me! And sinks below as well. The young man, proponent of big game hunting, decides to swim for it and makes it to the beach. He passes out on the beach. He wakes up to find himself alone on the beach. He climbs a small cliff to get a view and sees the empty sea. He pushed further inland. To find a temple to some foreign god looking suitably threatening. The door knocker is an King Kong-ish type figure carrying a girl with long hair, the man's hand uses the knocker. He goes

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