Film: 10795

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Continued from 10794.
Circus acts - tumblers and trapeze artists. Clown enters ring on wobbly wheeled stagecoach and waves and smiles at children in audience. Good closer shot of a group of happy children in audience. He pulls very long gloves from hands and loses fingers and hands. Pony pulling wagon sits down. Two women do an Egyptian dance to entice men into tent. They are teasingly cut short by man. Man serenades woman with ukulele. Horse chases clown from circus ring. Jealous step-father clown doesn't want to lose his girl to handsome ukulele player. The three go to a Chinese restaurant - racist insults about Chink food - and ukulele man orders nothing but the best (Chow Mein) once he's taken a previously booked booth. Herman (the clown, now in a suit), orders Wienersnitzel and sauerkraut. Suave man sings a song in the restaurant and she is smitten. Herman is jealous and tries to distract girl with conjurors tricks at the table. She tells Herman to stop and motions for him to be quiet. Chinese fortune cookies - hers reads 'the man you are thinking of admires you very much' and suave man says 'Aha, you're in love!' to girl. She is coy. Herman has ordered what he thinks is ham and eggs, but it turns out to be ham and eggs foo yung. He thinks his dinner is phooey as waiter points out the ham and eggs to him. Herman has to leave the restaurant early, but girl and man want to stay. She is having a 'grand time'. (Things are looking ominous).
Back in the courtroom, Herman tells the jury how the girl drowned herself in shame at the seduction and at what she had done with ukulele man and that she had wrote Herman a note saying he was right. Herman is of the opinion that ukulele man was nothing but a killer - as if he had strangled or stabbed her. Jury admit it is a sorry tale, but what's the bearing on this case? Herman tells them the murdered man in this case is none other than ukulele man and he knows the accused is innocent because he knows who did kill ukulele man. It was he, Herman who shot ukulele man. The jury are shocked. Herman resumes his story. Good pan across assembled faces. Herman moves to walk out and take the accused's place but foreman stops him - and demands a re-vote, the accused is declared not guilty. Foreman knocks on door to let court know jury is coming out with verdict. He then reminds jurors they took and oath to not reveal what went on in the jury room and they all agree. (Justice best served by all keeping quiet). Jurors leave and say kind words to Herman. Foreman shakes his hand. Herman shows he is becoming more American by saying 'let's scram'. In court the verdict is not guilty and accused's girl kisses him. Herman walks slowly down court steps, a Father Christmas or Santa Claus at the base of the steps, and Herman' secret is safe.

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