Film: 1080

Adverts | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Marriot Hotel advert with Raquel Welch in crazy costumes.
Ancient South American style totem face. Welch standing nearby in front of the sun which peeps through her dynamic poses. Close up of jewellery adornment. Welch sitting on a cannon looking out to sea. Zoom out of close up on headdress . Welch striking poses in front of a battlement stone arch. Close up on coin jewellery on her hand. Welch posing between stone ruins of pillars. Out of focus close up to focused zoom out on costume. Welch standing by a waterfall and dancing behind a fire. Title of advert next to her. Welch with a beard plait arrangement! More temple shots with Welch in feathery headdress. Reflection in metal belt over bikini. Costumes with her hands tied behind her back. Coin jewellery. Low angle shot of Welch in a white dress with cut out sides

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