Film: 10803

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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1950s Science fiction. Aliens invade California and raise zombies from the grave in an attempt to take over the world.

A group of mourners stand around a freshly dug grave for a funeral. The two grave diggers sit to one side, waiting with their shovels. The mourners leave the graveside and the grave diggers return to complete their job.

Aircraft in flight. Footage of the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit. They radio to Burbank ground control. The pilots are suddenly startled by a bright light that fills the cockpit. Outside they see a UFO. A stewardess joins them in the cockpit and is amazed by the UFO, which then flies off. The co-pilot radios in a may-day call and the stewardess, after receiving instructions from the pilot, leaves the cockpit. The very shaky UFO makes a landing in the cemetery. The grave diggers hear a noise and bid a hasty retreat. As they leave they meet a female zombie – excellent wooden acting.

A man dressed in black, grieving for his wife, leaves his bungalow. He walks way head bowed. Cars head towards the camera down a street (sirens sound).
Mourners leave a crypt in the cemetery, having attended the funeral for the grieving man. A couple chat outside the crypt, while a zombie woman lurks in the shadows. They walk past the gravestones and the woman screams (very animated) at the sight of the grave diggers lying on the ground. Police come rushing from the police station. Police at the scene in the cemetery. Detectives turn up wearing long macs and hats – looking like a Columbo cliché. The Inspector gets a torch from the police car and wanders around the misty graveyard in the dark. Very suspenseful in a B movie way. Policeman and a detective wait by the bodies.

A couple sit on their patio and comment on the police sirens they keep hearing. The woman gets up and pours herself a cup of tea. She sits next to her husband as he tells her about his experience with the UFO on his flight that day. He is a pilot. The frustrated man stands up. Suddenly a huge flash of light brsts forth and they both theatrically dive to the floor, chairs tipping over. The husband hugs his wife in fright and the UFO bobs around in the sky!

Back at the cemetery the bodies of the grave diggers are being removed when the UFO strikes again! The bodies and police fall to the ground with overly theatrical gestures. They get up and brush themselves off as the UFO hovers above. The Inspector armed with his torch, walks through the cemetery. A crypt door opens and a cloaked man, looking very Dracula like) exits and follows the Inspector. Startled the Inspector finds himself standing between the cloaked man and his zombie wife – very Addams family. He shoots at them to no avail and the zombies approach closer. Close up of the Morticia look-alike zombie.

The other police in the cemetery come running at the sound of gunshots. They find the Inspector dead on the ground. The Inspector’s funeral as policemen and other mourners stand around his grave. The female zombie watches on as the funeral continues. Very poor UFOs zoom across the sky.

A car travels along the freeway as UFOs hover over the city. Those in the car point animatedly at the UFOs as they fly over Hollywood Boulevard. Newspapers being printed. The headline reads “Saucers seen over Hollywood”. Flying saucers hover over the CBS building. A woman looks up from a telephone box. UFOs hover over the NBC building. Back to the woman in the call box who is now phoning the police. The newspaper with its sensational headline lies on a table next to a coffee pot and cups. A man picks up a newspaper discarded on the ground and he staggers away with it. Hollywood at night with neon signs for ABC and still a UFO hovers. A man who has been drinking looks up at the saucers and puts his bottle of booze down.

Aeroplane in flight above an airport. A satellite receiver spinning.
Army convoy of vehicles out in the desert. One truck armed with missiles comes to a halt. The alien UFOs buzz around in the sky. Soldiers load the rocket launchers and align sights. The colonel looks through his binoculars. Missiles are fired at the alien spacecraft amid dramatic music. Hundreds of missiles are launched but they just bounce off the UFOs. The Colonel looks on with the same impassive expression. The army stops firing and the flying saucers leave. A spinning radar dish. Fighter jet briefly appears on screen, as if on a bit of string, before being pulled away.

The Colonel talks to his man holding the missile trigger and explains how aliens have visited before. Fighter jets over the desert. The conversation continues between the two army men.

The UFOs hover around in space. The aliens, (actors who look completely human but are just wearing shiny satin outfits), report to their boss about their attempt to visit Earth. They talk about raising the dead. They are dismissed by the boss and give an awkward cross armed salute. They discuss their actions in the corridor outside the boss’ office. UFOs hover around in space again, looking very clumsy and flimsy.

The film returns to the pilot’s house, where he is saying goodbye to his wife before leaving for work in his uniform. They hug and kiss and the wife promises she will be safe. The dialogue is woeful – “the saucers are up there, the cemetery is over there, but I’ll be locked up in there”. They kiss again and he walks to his car. They exchange a final goodbye and the wife closes the door of the house.

In flight at night our pilot talks with his co-pilot in the cockpit. The stewardess enters and joins in the conversation. A flash of lightning lights up the sky.
In the cemetery, the dead man appears, dressed more like a vampire than a zombie. He is next seen approaching a house. The pilot’s wife lies asleep in bed. The ringing phone on her bedside table wakes her and she answers it, talks briefly and hangs up. Dead man walking enters the house and goes into the woman’s bedroom with cloak drawn across his face. The woman slides off the bed and runs screaming from the room, as the zombie slowly follows her. She runs out of the house and falls in the dark. Zombie woman watches on from behind some bushes. Of course she runs towards the cemetery, where zombie Inspector is rising from his grave! Cue dramatic music, lost of mist and damsel in distress in a nightgown. A cowboy in a convertible car stops and rushes to the woman’s aid. He picks her up, puts her in the car and after some struggle restarting the car he drives off. Zombies return to the cemetery.

The police are back at the cemetery. Zombie Inspector and woman walk with hands raised as if in a B movie gothic horror.

The aliens watch activities from inside their UFO and open the door to let in the zombies. The vampire looking zombie is seen entering the UFO from the outside. The police continue to search the graveyard in the mist. They find an empty grave. One policeman lights a match and reads the Inspectors name on the head stone. End of Part One.

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