Film: 10804

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Science fiction, aliens invade California and raise zombies from the grave in an attempt to take over the world. Part 2 – see film 10803 for Part 1.

Aircraft in flight over the Pentagon, Washington DC.
A military General sits behind a desk in his office, talking on the telephone. There is a knock on the door and a colonel enters. They salute each other, before the colonel sits down. They talk about the recent flying saucer attacks over the USA. The General lights a cigarette during the conversation. The General stands up and starts a tape recording of alien communications. The office is decorated with pictures of the galaxy and planets and model rockets. The two men share a number of confused and concerned glances. The General closes the lid on the tape playing machine. They look at a wall map together. The General opens his desk drawer and hands the Colonel a satchel. They salute and the Colonel leaves the office, closing the door behind him. The General sits down again and start looking at paperwork.

A UFO in space. Inside the spacecraft aliens report back to their commander. They wear shiny silver jumpsuits and repeatedly do their odd crossed armed saluting gesture. The female alien pulls back curtains to reveal the police inspector, now turned zombie, to their commander. The zombie slowly walks towards the male alien and starts strangling him. The woman fumbles with her electrode gun, but it is stuck. The commander tells her to drop it. She throws it to the floor and the zombie stops. The male alien exaggerates his injury as he chokes and gasps. The commander returns to his desk chair and looks closely at the zombie. The female alien takes the zombie out of the room, with her electrode gun pointed in his back. The smug commander issues orders to the male alien before leaving through the curtains.

Back on earth a police car heads along a country road. They stop and get out and approach the couple who were attacked in part one. The couple are sitting on their patio and the policeman introduces them to the Colonel from Washington. They shake hands and the Colonel interviews the couple about their alien encounter. Meanwhile the UFO hovers over the cemetery. The zombie exits from the spacecraft and with cape raised he walks through the cemetery. The interview continues back at the couple’s home. The policeman suddenly looks up upon hearing car horns. He shouts to the officer standing by the police car. Cue startled and confused faces on everyone, as the officer beside the car is approached by the zombie. More over acting with facial expressions. The zombie walks onto the patio and is repeatedly shot as the husband clutches his fearful wife. A glow appears from the graveyard and a laser beam is shot. The zombie falls to the ground and under his cloak, he is nothing but a skeleton. Cue more shocked faces. One of the policemen has fallen over and the others kneel down to assist him.

The Colonel, detective, policeman and the couple emerge from a car, having gone to the cemetery at night. The woman stays at the car with the policeman, while the other 3 wander off to the graveyard. The policeman smokes a cigarette leaning against the car. Zombie woman passes in front of the camera. The male alien enters the spaceship and reports to his female colleague that the men will soon find their ship. She opens the very poor sliding door on the UFO and leaves. The male zombie walks towards the camera. The three men stand talking in the cemetery. Bright lights come from behind the tree line. At the police car the male zombie walks up behind the officer. He is grabbed as he turns to face the monster. He screams and falls to the ground behind the car. The woman screams in the car and appears to faint when the zombie opens the door.

Meanwhile the other three men find the UFO and approach the door. They try to find a way in. Inside the aliens are aware of their presence. The female alien opens the doors using knobs and a dial. The men outside debate whether they should enter and pull their weapons. They go in and the door closes behind them. The men come face to face with the aliens and stand pointing their guns at them. They talk and the male alien moves to turn on a screen, but one of the men shoots at the equipment. They all turn to look at a monitor screen, which shows the fainted woman being carried by the male zombie. The male alien calls the earthlings idiots and lectures them about their use of bombs over the decades. He warns them of the next bomb to be developed, one which explodes particles of sunlight. One of the men gets angry and pistol whips the alien. He stumbles before continuing his lecture about the violence of humans. He tells them humanity must be stopped before they cause the explosion of the universe itself. The female alien steps in calling man’s actions mad and berates the men. The male alien in an overtly sexist way pulls her roughly aside. Her place is not to fight a man’s battle. Her reaction is overly theatrical and one of the men steps in, in a protective manner.

A police car pulls up beside the other police car in response to the policeman’s call for help. He is sitting in the car and tells the other officer how he was attacked by the zombie – the dead inspector. The two officers argue before heading off to search for the others. The zombie still carries the woman. The male alien gazes nostalgically out the window of the UFO. The detective tells the aliens they must come with him to the police station but they laugh. He points for them to look out the window, where the woman is still held by the zombie. The other two officers are wandering aimlessly through trees in the dark. They are startled to see glowing lights, exclaiming “Holy Cow”. They then spot the zombie with the woman and discuss a rescue plan. The policemen approach the zombie from behind and hit him over the head with a stick. He falls and drops the woman. She comes around and claims to be OK. The policemen move on to the spaceship and try to get in. Inside, a fight breaks out between the men and the aliens, who try to reach their control switches. A table is over turned and punches are thrown. The Colonel tries to open the door and the female alien twiddles with dials. A fire starts as a control panel is pulled from the wall, with wires trailing. The detective stands amusingly inactive during this whole scene. The door is opened. More struggling before all three men flee and more smoke explosions go off in the ship. The female alien screams a little and tries to help her colleague. The humans have regrouped outside the UFO and watch the spaceship lift off shrouded in flames. They suddenly notice a skeleton on the ground, which used to be the zombie. The Colonel feels satisfied that for now the aliens are beaten. The alien ship in the sky and on fire, with shots of the inside filling with smoke. Suddenly it explodes and you just see the city’s lights below.

The narrator, with the worst slick hairstyle, tells us how we are being watched from outer space.

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