Film: 10818

Feature Drama | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Religious drama set in a Mennonite community.

Passenger trian interior in the 1970s. Exterior, the landscape is very drab. Two Vietnam protesters argue in a carriage. One looks like a bum, with a toque and long hair, and a mustache. They arrive in a train station in Lancaster Pennsylvania, one walks very agressively, a couple of Amish people are in the statioin as well. Ely, a friends comes to pick them both up. The bum-looking man, Eric, is very bitter that his friend, John, was killed in a shoot out between hippies and the police in New York in violent circumstances. The homecoming is a little awkward, the parents look concerned as their son, Jim, has left the mennonite community and appear a little scared of Eric.
Eric comes down in the morning, looking very lost. The mother asks Eric about her son who left for New York for university. There is a bit of a confrontation as all the Mennonites look scared of Eric. Eric then gets Ben's back up. He seems to be always putting his foot in it. Eric thinks that action, violent or otherwise, is the only way to change things. A Mennonite meeting, with quiet and calm people, though the uncle is all worked up about John breaking the pacifism of the faith.
Eric beats up two guys who are taking pictures of some of the land ofr an unknown reason.
John's burial. Eric doesn’t attend, the uncle is all up in arms about burying John. John's younger brother, jim, walks Eric around some of the area that John used to love.
Hazel comes over to visit. Eric trims his beard.
A mennonite Barn raising, yeehaw! Gets a barn built in one day. Lots of hammering nails. All the men wear overalls or suspenders. Some of the men have long beards and wear hats, these are Amish.
Eric goes over to Ely's house for dinner, where he tells them what happened to John. The family is huge!! It makes up a whole choir!
Eric runs off with the car in a big rush. He goes back to Ely's house, and wanders around like a robber. He tries find Hazel's room. He looks like a mad nutcase. He finds hazel asleep, but asks her to wake her dad!
Eric tries his hand at farm work. Goes to the stock yards, John's dad makes a good bargain. Eric says a few words at the Harvest service.

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